Warriors High!

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The gun shot had provided an extremely weird and horrifying end to a supposedly happy night.

Everyone was just thankful that nobody got hurt (besides Mapleshade, but she was supposed to be in jail). People praised Ivypool for getting rid of the madness behind the scenes but Ivypool didn't want to hear it. I mean, if you had just killed someone for the first time, I don't suppose you'd want a celebration over it.

The group of friends headed up to Lionblaze's small room he shared with Jayfeather and they all crowded around the beds, tired and shaken.

Ivypool vanished into the bathroom, puked, and came back out with that same stubborn look on her face that made her want to punch everyone else in the damn room.

Breezepelt shook his head with a smile as she punched him and hugged him at the same time.

"We survived," Hazeltail said quietly. "We survived high school."

"With varying degrees of success," Jayfeather remarked dryly.

The group nodded along. "By the way," Hollyleaf mentioned, "we're supposed to show up to the gym tomorrow at noon. Apparently the creators are coming back."

Everyone exchanged glances and Icecloud winced.

Tomorrow was going to be a nightmare.

"I don't think I'll be able to sleep," Ivypool said honestly, tucked up in Breezepelt's arms.

"Me neither," Honeyfern agreed.

Foxleap got a glint in his eye. Everyone stared at him in horror. "You know what this means," Foxleap said with a cackle. It was strange, how he could rebound from being hunted and almost shot to be his mischievous prankster self. "GROUP SLEEPOVER!"

Everyone laughed, grateful for the change in mood, and several people headed out to grab some things from their own room to bring back to Lionblaze's and Jayfeather's room. And obviously, they changed, of course. Who wants to sleep in a prom dress? Once everyone had everything and had made their way back to the brothers' room, Hollyleaf herself addressed the crowd.

"Attendance check!" she called. "Honeyfern!"





"The most fabulous and amazing and awesome-"



"-and the most handsome-"




"-and obviously the most talented and gorgeous-"

"Icecloud! Foxleap! Hazeltail!"


"Llama god is present!"

"Yep, I'm here!"

"-the most devastatingly beautiful so every girl swoons upon my sight; and you can't blame them, I'm simply that marvelous-"

"Ivypool and temporary guest Breezepelt!"

"Both here."

"-and so, one day when I'm a famous movie star, you'll all be so grateful to have known me, so you can tell people, 'I know him! We were friends!' but I may turn you down and deny it because I'm too good for you, and every single one of my fans will believe me and only me because I'm that awesome, and all girls will beg to be my girlfriend, but my darling Honeyfern will be an absolute goddess by my side, but not even she can compare to me-"

"That," Cinderheart declared, "was the longest run-on sentence ever."

"BERRYNOSE IF YOU DO NOT SHUT THE HECK UP I WILL WEAR YOUR BALLS AS MY NEXT PAIR OF EARRINGS!" Hollyleaf howled, driving everyone to a terrifying silence. She cleared her throat. "Anyways, rules!"

"She's scary," Breezepelt grumbled under his breath while Fallen Leaves looked up at his girlfriend with a huge grin on his face.

Berrynose's eyes rolled back into his head as Hollyleaf started listing her rules. "One! No leaving the room because it might terrify people," she started. "Two, couples, know your limits. Three..."

This continued for a while.

"Number twenty-three, don't let Foxleap get the sugar."

"Number thirty-nine, don't let anybody else in here."

"Number fifty-seven, no alcohol!"

Lionblaze sighed dramatically. "Oh, darn. I was really hoping for a good beer." Cinderheart giggled.

Hollyleaf narrowed her eyes. "That better have been sarcasm. Sixty-one! No sleeping naked."

"Sixty-six. Don't listen to Foxleap."

"And lastly," she finally concluded, "Foxleap is the best. Wait, what?!" She glared furiously at her paper. "Foxleap!"

"Hmm?" The ginger slowly raised his head, rubbing sleep out of his eyes. He among many others in the room had fallen asleep halfway through the list of rules. Fallen Leaves, however, was a good boyfriend, and applauded her tiredly.

Jayfeather yawned. "Just go to bed, Holly."

"Fine," she said, hissing through her teeth.

Soon, everyone in the room was fast asleep, nightmares avoiding the group like plague.

The next day, the student body gathered in the gym for the return of the so-called creators. Everyone was extremely anxious. By request, Ivypool had asked for the previous night's event to not be mentioned (meaning the shooting, not the prom). Thunderstar himself stepped up on stage. "Ahem. After an extraordinarily eventful night, please welcome Miss Frost of the creators, to wish you well on your journey."

Timid applause was heard in the room as the dirty-blonde haired girl marched out on stage. Windstar politely handed her a stack of cue cards. "Eh?" Frost grumbled. "Is this a speech?"

Windstar nodded numbly. Frost turned them over in her hands before throwing them above her head like confetti. "I'll wing it. Congrats!" she said, ignoring Windstar's fallen face. "You guys have survived!"

"Heck yeah!" Foxleap cheered, earning a couple chuckles and a round of applause.

"Now," Frost continued, "I'm not going to make a huge speech about going further in life and making possibilities and stuff like that. Instead, people have asked many questions on my and my co-worker's experiment, so we're going to do our best to answer."

The creator pulled out another huge stack of blue and green cards from a jacket pocket. "Let's see. Some are for me, some are for you guys."

"I bet they're all fan letters to me," Berrynose bragged.

"First question!" Frost announced. "To Berrynose." The boy stood up with an I told you so expression on his face. "From Burrfrost. Why the heck are you so annoying and would you do me a favor and just die?"

Barrels of laughter echoed through the room as Berrynose's jaw hit the floor. "That's absurd!" he sputtered. "I'm the least annoying person in the world!"

"Hands up if you think he's annoying," Frost called. Every hand in the gym flew up, even a timid Honeyfern's. "There you have it," she added.

Berrynose slunk down in his seat. "I have better fans than you guys."

"From Burrfrost, to... oh, me!" Frost let out a giggle of delight. "All positive, too. I have more fans than Berrynose. What is your favorite box?" Some of the students raised their eyebrows but Frost approached this like a completely normal question. "I love those huge cardboard boxes. You know, the ones you can turn into houses and stuff. And if you meant book, I love manga, but I also really like Sea of Shadows by Kelly Armstrong."

She flipped to the next question. "From Nightfeather of ThunderClan; how do you find time to write these?" Frost sighed. "You wouldn't believe how difficult it is. My parents are super strict about how long I spend on my electronics, so getting time is hard, but I get ideas and end up with four stories on the go that I really shouldn't have and it's super difficult."

The principals watched her with interest. "So stressful," Nightstar muttered sarcastically.

"Watch it," Frost warned. "It's harder than you think."

The vice-principal snorted and Frost whacked her over the head with a huge hard-cover book. "The imagination is a writer's greatest weapon," she said. Frost opened the hard cover book, glared at a random page, and glared back at Nightstar.

"W-What are you doing?" she sputtered, hauling herself to her feet.

Frost glared heavily. "Nothing, yet." She turned back to her audience with a huge smile, like nothing had happened. "Except for making her panic for no reason. From badguthrie! How do you do it?" Frost sighed sweetly. "Awe, you guys flatter me. A lot of patience! And inspiration, imagination." Her eyes lit up. "1 am plot twists! Lots of 1 am plot twists."

"Next," she continued. "Burrfrost, best review and worst review you've ever gotten. Best review? Hard to choose. Everyone is super sweet and almost makes me cry with when I read the reviews."

"How?" Nightstar grumbled. "You don't have a heart."

Frost made a point of ignoring her. "The worst was probably on my Secrets Can Kill story when about chapter 17 ish, someone spouted all their anger and hate, with extremely bad grammar and no logic. It was kind of funny." She flipped to another card. "Also from Burrfrost, how many hate reviews have you received?" Frost shrugged. "Not a huge number. Probably a half dozen or so on this story, and a half dozen in total on my other stories.

"Dovewing and Ivypool!" Frost called next.

The two sisters stood up and the student body watched them curiously. "From Drizzle the Rain Goddess, how do you feel about each other?"

Dovewing stuck her nose in the air. "Ivypool's too tomboy-ish. She likes black and skulls and does nothing pretty with her clothes or hair! But she's super cool sometimes."

"Dovewing's a diva," Ivypool said stubbornly. "She thinks she's better than everyone else and like girly things way too much. A bit of a gossip. But she's fun to hang out with when she's in a good mood."

The two sisters stared at each other for a long time while the students made a collective, "Ooooooooooooh!"

"NEXT," Frost called loudly as the pair sat down again. "For me! From Starlight's Silver Dance, any ships in the story that you don't like?" She frowned. "I don't think so."

"But you like us best, right?" Berrynose called, gesturing to himself and Honeyfern.

Frost rolled her eyes. "I like one of you."

Berrynose gasped. "How DARE you not like Honeyfern!"

"Oh, I adore Honeyfern," the creator grumbled as the realization dawned on the arrogant twit and he sat back down. Honeyfern giggled and bit and patted her boyfriend on the back. Frost sighed. "I like 'em all. Even some of the ones Ivy came up with, they kind of grew on me."

"But we're your favorite!" Foxleap called, waving his hands in the air.

Frost ignored him. "From ThisNameWillSelfDestruct, how are you so good at writing? Aww!" Frost's eyes lit up. "Practice! Just keep practicing! The best writing is the best ideas. And knowing your characters."

"They like her more than me," Berrynose grumbled.

"And you're surprised?" Lionblaze asked quietly.

Berrynose was about to retort something when Frost called Lionblaze's name and he stood up. "Three questions for you!" Frost announced as Berrynose fell into a deep depression in the far corner, a blue aura hanging around him. "First, from ThisNameWillSelfDestruct. Have you ever wanted to hit someone with a baseball bat?"

Lionblaze blinked. "Many, many, many, many, many, MANY times." He glared at Berrynose.

"Second question, from Starlight's Silver Dance, did you ever like Heathertail?"

He sighed. "EVERYONE asks me this! She was cute! And a good friend for the time being! That's it!"

Everyone giggled and Cinderheart pouted as Frost continued. "This is for the ThunderClan kids, how would you plan your revenge on Foxleap? Would it involve llamas? From ThisNameWillSelfDestruct."

The ThunderClanners looked at each other. "Revenge?" Hollyleaf asked. "We can't say that out loud. He's right here!"

The ginger covered his ears and shut his eyes. "I'M NOT LISTENING!~ Go ahead!~"

The students laughed. "It may involve llamas," Jayfeather thought as he got a mysterious glint in his eyes.

"For me!" Frost cheered. "Why didn't you let Poppyfrost come back? From Star light."

The room got very quiet as she sighed. "That would be a bit too cliche for the story. It was expected enough that Icecloud would come back," she said, nodding towards the girl, "but even more so if Poppyfrost came back. I apologize, Icecloud. Nothing against you."

The girl with the white hair nodded silently and slunk down in her seat. "Last question!" Frost said as the audience grinned. "What was the name of the drink Foxleap ordered while Lionblaze and the others were talking? From Star light."

"OOOOO!" The ginger cheered, jumping up. "It's called the Super Delicious Mixer Foxleap Combo!"

"Eh?" the gymnasium students questioned.

"It's got everything!" He cheered. "Coca Cola, and bit of Pepsi (even if they're the same thing), a lot of Sprite, Dr. Pepper, Root Beer, Apple Juice, Cream Soda..."

The list continued, making several students sick to the stomach. "That's enough!" Frost called.

"Never!" Foxleap demanded. "Also Orange Juice, Orange Crush, Lemonade-"

"I'm going to be sick," Hollyleaf gagged.

Hazeltail nodded. "To believe I've kissed those lips."

"ENOUGH!" Frost yelled, and Foxleap finally shut up and sat down. "Thank you. Now, that's... that's it."

The group quieted. "Enjoy the rest of your lives," Frost said. "I really hope you do!"

Everyone started to cheer. Then, the creator screamed, "NOW, FOXLEAP!"

Gleefully, the prankster ran up to the stage and pulled a long rope by the side of the stage. One pipe opened up, and out of it poured balloons. Lots of balloons. Everyone, at first shell-shocked, laughed and started batting the hundred balloons around.

Foxleap strolled up next to the creator. "Everyone needs a good prank for a good moment, eh?"

"Key word," Frost said, grinning, as she held up her own remote. "Moment."

Hitting a button, all the balloons simultaneously exploded.

All the students of Warriors High School shrieked at the sudden explosion of noise. The shrieks lasted a good thirty-two seconds before they quieted down to hear Frost and Foxleap howling in laughter. "You should've seen your faces!" Frost wheezed.

Foxleap cackled loudly. "WE DID IT! WE MADE IT!"

This earned a hearty cheer.


"The imagination is a writer's greatest weapon."

Much thanks to everyone who has stuck with me. I just made up that quote on the spot and I'm gonna keep it! It goes up on my profile in a few minutes. I LOVE ALL OF YOU. I notice every single one of your reviews. You make my heart swell to an infinite size.

You have all welcomed me to the world of a writer and it's the most enjoyable thing ever.

"The world of a writer has no limits. The only limit is their own imagination and their willingness to improve."

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I'm almost crying as I'm writing this. My best story, coming to an end.


I may post sudden inspirations on here, like one-shots. I could never completely abandon this story. I love it- and you guys- too much. Don't expect anything- but I will try to post a little thing to light up your day every now and then.

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