Warriors High

Jayfeather's POV

I drummed my fingers on my desk, listening to Spottedleaf drone on about medicine. I heard chalk on the blackboard, and I also heard Leafpool doodling on a scrap piece of paper. I couldn't see what she was drawing, though.

That's because I'm blind.

I stacked my papers as the bell rang, but with a bump Kestrelflight shoved me over and I lost my grip on my papers.

"Loser," he murmured under his breath. I sighed, and tried to find my papers.

A hand swept over mine, and my papers found themselves in my hands again. I sniffed. Willowshine.

"Thanks," I grumbled, gathering my things.

"You're welcome," She said gruffly as she walked out of the class.

I opened the door and walked out into the hallway. The hallway was packed with noises, and I was positive my ears were going to burst.

I attempted to memorize my way earlier this year, but I did not succeed. I turned to my right and nearly ran over Bumblestripe and Dovewing, too close for comfort. Ugh.

I turned the other way. The hallway was getting less and less crowded. I heard a shout, and a clatter as something fell to the floor. Sniffing, I smelled a sweet honey scent. With a bit of time, I figured out it was Briarlight on her crutches. But one crutch was on one side of the hallway, and another crutch on the other.

Laughs were made. Oh, it was Mousewhisker and his friends. Him, and Spiderleg.

"Leave her alone," I snapped, and I leaned down to pick up a crutch.

"Oh," Mousewhisker sneered. "The impaired help each other. Is that how it is?"

Briarlight grabbed one crutch and I gave her back the other. I turned to face Mousewhisker. "At least us impaired have common sense."

That struck a blow. Mousewhisker glared. Spiderleg huffed and said, "What do YOU know?"

"I know how to do this," I said, and I punched Mousewhisker clear across the face. His hand flew to his face, before he aimed for mine.

There was a sickening crack, and Briarlight's crutch flew in Mousewhisker's arm. He cringed and Spiderleg gasped.

"To the nurse you go," I said. Mousewhisker shot one final glance at me and Briarlight, before marching off.

"Thanks," Briarlight gasped, regaining her balance.

"No problem," I muttered. I turned to leave when she called after me.


"What do you want?"

"Do you need help? You look lost."

"I-" Then I realized I did need help. "I need to find… History class."

"Follow me," She said. "I have history anyway."

I followed her through the twists and turns of the complicated school, even holding her arm as she hobbled up the stairs. Heat rose to my cheeks; I have no idea why.

We finally arrived, 5 minutes late. I figured Russetfur was going to kill us on the spot, when she noticed it was me and Briarlight.

"Find a seat," She said. I sat down across from Lionblaze and in front of Briarlight. Something told me I made a new friend.

So… Whatcha think? XD I am just going to do one perspective every time, so give me your thoughts of who you want to see! Next up, Lionblaze. I also have Hazeltail, Heathertail, Squirrelflight, Tawnypelt, Poppyfrost, Berrynose, Brightheart, and Cloudtail lined up. If you want a cat in there, review!