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Chapter 99: Author's Plot Twist

Normal POV

"Well, lovelies," Foxleap announced dramatically, "I am in need of the bathrooms."

Hazeltail sighed. "I knew you drank too much pop."

"How many?" Lionblaze wondered. "Seven?"

"More like ten," Cinderheart argued.

Jayfeather shook his head. "From the amount of walking from the bar to here, about twelve."

"You're all wrong," the ginger argued. They all waited patiently for an answer. He sighed. "I haven't hit twenty yet. Nineteen."

Everyone's eyes bulged out of their heads as the ginger scooted out the gym doors. Honeyfern giggled and passed her glass to Berrynose, who teetered back to the 'bar' to grab more soda. Lionblaze sighed and sipped his root beer. "Anyone have a prank idea for Foxleap?"

Hazeltail shook her head as everyone looked her way. "Don't look at me. He sees right through me."

"I thought you were getting a prank," Cinderheart remarked, gesturing at Jayfeather. "Jayfeather," she added.

He shook his head. "I thought Hollyleaf was."

"I thought it was Lionblaze," Jayfeather's sister said with a shrug.

Lionblaze smirked. "Nope. Who did, then?"

Nobody answered. "Nobody's pulling a prank on Foxleap?" Hollyleaf wondered, letting her eyes trail to Blossomfall and Briarlight. "I thought for sure somebody would." Everyone exchanged glances and shrugged.

"Hmm," Ivypool mumbled, listening from afar. Something was wrong.


Foxleap hummed a tune to himself as he strolled down the faintly-lit hallway. He took a left, then a second left, and sure enough, the bathrooms were right there. Something felt off, though. His sixth sense was tingling- maybe someone was trying to pay back with a prank today. His hand had tapped the doorknob for the men's bathroom when he heard more footsteps in the hallway. They stopped. About a few metres away from him.

He slowly, calmly, turned to the figure.

She stood tall, hand gun pointed menacingly towards him.

"Mapleshade," Foxleap mused. "What a lovely surprise."

She made a crooked grin.


"Oh, Tigerheart," Dovewing trilled happily, twirling around in her hot pink dress. "This is so dreamy- hey! Off the train!" A girl muttered an apology and carefully stepped off the end of the diva's long dress. Dovewing hitched the end of the dress up towards herself, inspecting for any dirt. "Oh, look! A dust stain!"

Tigerheart kissed her hand. "It's hardly noticeable."

"Your whining, on the other hand, is completely visible." Breezepelt strolled over, holding two plastic cups. "Hey guys. Anyone seen Ivypool?"

Dovewing shook her head (a lot of head shaking today). "No, but she's been acting funny. I hope she's okay."

"Let's just dance," her boyfriend interrupted. Breezepelt rolled his eyes and growled in annoyance as Tigerheart lead his date away, noticing now people purposely stepping on the girl's hot pink dress. It was only a matter of time before something was spilled on it. The raven-haired boy sighed, set the drinks down at a table, and started to wander, looking around for his girlfriend.


"Can't we talk about this?" Foxleap suggested weakly, taking the smallest of steps forward, closing the distance.

Mapleshade narrowed her eyes. "I've waited a while for my revenge. I'm not sitting around to talk things out!"

"Revenge? Such a terrible word," Foxleap rambled. "On who? What for?"

The villian snorted in disbelief. "You're impossible! You were the leading role in what prevented me from carrying out my plan! I shot you, but not in the right place! You should have died!"

The ginger winced upon the memory, rubbing his shoulder. "Ouch. That hurt."

"It'll hurt less when I kill you," she snarled, taking a step forward.

"Oh god," Foxleap mumbled. Keep 'em talking. "Oh god oh god! This is terrifying! I might die! Oh god! I WET MY PANTS!"

Sure enough, the slightly-revolting trick worked. Mapleshade risked a glance at his crotch and Foxleap moved, using the distraction to his advantage. He dove to the side, grabbing for the gun. Mapleshade was smart- she didn't fire, but tugged the gun away from Foxleap. Had she fired, the whole school would've known she was there. The ginger rolled away, gritting his teeth.

Mapleshade cackled loudly and cocked the gun at his head again. "Someone's dying. Right now. Say good bye, ginger."

There was a loud bang of a gun being fired.

((I know I'm cruel, but for once I'll be nice and add a bit))

Mapleshade's dead body crumpled to the floor, giving Foxleap full sight of Ivypool, who stood several feet away, gun held high.

"Someone died," Ivypool said simply, lowering the gun. She gazed Foxleap in the eye. "It wasn't you."

Her hands started shaking. The gun clattered to the floor. Foxleap moved closer, past the villain's body, and wrapped Ivypool in a hug, the tears never coming but her body shaking all the same.


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