Chapter 2: The First Night

I noticed that I saw things a lot clearer.

I didn't mean that in a mental sense, I meant that in a physical sense.

Like even though it was at night and I awoke at a secluded park with very little lighting, I was still able to see as if it was as clear as day, hell better than day. It was like I had highly advanced optics shrunken down and shoved in my eyes.

Well, might as well put it to use. I took a look around, I saw that there was no blood on the floor, nor was there any on my clothes.

Which was strange considering I was pushing up daisies with a hole in my stomach, you would think there at the very least be some blood staining the floor or the nearby fountain but nope, no bloodstains, floor just as pristine as secluded public park floors could get.

Huh, if I was really revived as a devil, whoever did the reviving must have some pretty convenient magic, along with the night vision I must say being a devil definitely has it's perks.

I took one final look around, taking in the atmosphere of the place I died. I began to take my leave.

Then a red window appeared.

New Quest: The First Night

Survive the walk home, and learn from the tutorial.

Reward: 5000 EXP, 5000 Yen

Survive ? ... That is very very ominous indeed. But I get good EXP and cash, EXP which can be used to power up my character and I also get a tutorial. This seems almost too good to not have any complications. But I am feeling very greedy tonight.

Note: in the future you will have the option to accept and refuse quests however this quest has been automatically started for you.

I sighed, guess all that contemplation was moot point.

I began to walk home, and new windows kept on fucking appearing to inform me of details of my new existence occasionally asking me to call up different menus like this one I had been ignoring for quite some time.

Please call up your Status menu.

I stopped, sighed once again, and proceeded to call up the menu

Name: Hyoudou Issei

Level: 1

Exp: 0/1000


HP: 230/230

Mp: 50/50


Money: 0 Yen

Strength: 13

Dexterity: 15

Constitution: 18

Intelligence: 15

Wisdom: 6

Spirit: 5

Free points: 0

Sacred Gear: Boosted Gear(Initial Form)

I noticed that there were a few new additions to the Status window and that a new window had appeared to explain what these changes were.

Money: It makes the world go round, and you can rob a bank and store the moolah in your iventory. It is a measure of how money you have stored in your iventory.

MP REGEN: The rate which your MP regenerates. Dependant on Wisdom.

Free points: you gain 5 points to allocate to your stats every time you level up. For you each pointsyou put in, you improve by a certain amount.

Note: Stats can also be increased by conventional training so get grinding you gamer you.

Now close the window by voice command.

I closed the window, took a few steps around the block, and a new window appeared.

* Sigh *

Please call up your Skill menu

With no alternative as the bloody thing would not disappear unless I did as it asked, I called up the window.

I saw in the window that I currently had three skills

Observe lvl: 1

Cost: 0 MP

erforms an analysis of the target. Details depend on skill level

Language lvl: 1

Passive Skill

An ability possessed by devils allowing them to speak any language. Higher levels will extend translation to written language as well

Gamer Constitution lvl: Max

Passive Skill

llows for usage of gamer interface.

A new window appeared, to perform exposition for my benefit.

Skills are the things you are able to do converted into a game- like form, all skills have levels, and the higher your level, the better you perform the skill.

New skills can be learnt through performing actions or by absorbing the knowledge of a book.

Note: Absorbing the knowledge of some books can also improve the current level of skills you already possess.

Now close this window and go forth mighty hero, on the first steps of your journey!

Absolutely fantastic, now if you would actually let me take a few steps without a fucking window appearing that would be great thank you so much.

Bloody tosser of a gamer interface designer.

"A few steps... a few fucking steps, is that too much to ask? "

Let me start from the beginning, after the previous window I continued on my merry way home. A few steps later, I bore witness to a kidnapping.

Yep this is my life now.

A beautiful woman was on the opposite side of the street, and was walking by these three guys who were leaning against a wall in a vague formation with a set distance in between each person.

The guy in the middle grabbed her from behind as soon as she walked past him and the other two immediately moved to back him up should she try to escape. They all then rushed her into a convenient nearby alley.

And lo behold a window appeared.

New quest: Save the Innocent? Maiden

Defeat the Three Rapist Mooks and save the maiden. Time to shine Hero.

Reward: 2000 EXP, 3000 Yen

Failure: Death


On one hand I could pick no, go home, ignore the cries of help, crawl under and be embraced by the sweet comfort of my bed and live the rest of my life with the shame of knowing I could have done SOMETHING but I did not.

But... That EXP though... And I just can't walk away ... Not after tonight.


Quest accepted.

As this is a tutorial, you will get hints on how to proceed with the quest. This will not be so once the tutorial is complete.

You have two options here, go in head on attack them or sneak and attack them with their pants down. Get it, pants down ?

Seeing as how their going to force feed her their sausages, that is not funny at all.

Regardless I will pick the option that has the least chance of death. Meaning the stealth option.

I made my way to the mouth of the alley and slowly peeked in. They were in middle of making comments on how hot she was and going through her handbag for her valuables.

Looking around, I saw a heavy looking pipe lying near a rubbish bin and picked it up. Hell better than nothing.

Taking another peek, I saw that they were still preoccupied and as such decided to make my move.

I saw that they each had levels, names, but that didn't matter to me.

They had to be stopped.

Remembering the movies and the video games I played, I crouch down low and made my way to the one on the right, going through the handbag.

The others were in the midst of tearing the woman's clothes off. I had to make my move fast.

Ignoring the window that informed about some skill or another I stood up behind the man form and with my new strength, slammed the pipe into the base of his spine. He collapsed like a sack of potatoes, his back bent at a weird angle.

I... might have just shattered his spine. Oh shit.

He started screaming in agony. Oh fuck.

His friends turned at the screams. Their faces contorted with shock and horror at seeing their friend lying broken on the floor screaming for a release from the pain. Nononononono.

I was just as shocked, I had no idea becoming a devil had granted me enough strength to shatter spines.

Shock and horror soon gave way to rage as they caught sight of me and soon they were charging. Focus focus focus.

I kicked away the one closest to me and swung at the one that was rushing with his fist cocked back.

I caught him with a blow to the temple and left him with and indent caved in to his skull. He did not get back up.

I turned to the last one and saw that he was now crouched low, charging me with a knife, his face contorted in rage.

I swung my pipe at the hand holding the knife when he got close enough but missed. He got in close, and rammed the knife into my guts.

-25 HP (205/230)


I had dropped the pipe in shock when I got stabbed. He wasted no time and rammed the knife again, screaming something about vengeance.

-25 HP (180/230)

Fuck me.

I knew I could not take much more and so I caught his hand by the wrist. My other hand Rammed into his solar plexus in an uppercut.

He hit the floor, clutching his guts and puking onto the pavement. I could hear sobs coming from him.

It's done, it's done, let it go let it go let it go.

I looked down, expecting two grisly stab wounds in my abdomen but there was nothing.

A red window appeared to perform exposition.

When you get injured, The wounds do not show on your physical body but rather, are deducted from your HP. Isn't it convenient ?

Yes, very convenient indeed.

Quest Complete: Save the Innocent? Maiden

Reward : 3000 Yen, 2700 EXP

Note: Additional 200 EXP per kill,300 EXP per stealth kill

Level Up, Hp and Mp refilled, 5 stat points given.

Skills gained:

Backstab lvl: 1

Attacking from the back allows for critical damage as well as a chance to instantly kill the victim. Chance increased with higher levels

Current Chance: 30%

Cost: 1 MP

Stealth lvl: 1

Allows you to sneak. Higher levels have lesser noise produced and faster moving speed.

Passive Skill

Physical Endurance lvl: 2

Reduces the amount of damage you take from physical attacks.

Current Reduction: 6%

Passive Skill

Melee weapon Mastery lvl: 1

Effects how well you use melee weapons.

Damage + 10%

Attack Speed + 10%

Passive Skill

Well I can level up when I get home, for now I should help the woman.

I walked over to help her up and I noticed that she was indeed very beautiful and for some reason was wearing a surgical mask.

She took the hand I offered her and I helped her up. You know for someone who was nearly raped and just bore witness to someone beating up three people in an extremely brutal confrontation, she was rather calm.

She looked me in the eyes, they seemed to sparkle in the moonlight. Any man would have been enraptured by the sight and I admit I was for a moment before I noticed something.

The look in her eyes ... they reminded me of her.

She began to speak, her voice silky and smooth like velvet.

"Thank you for saving me."

Behind that mask she gave what I assumed was a smile.

"No problem miss, but listen, I uh I have to go. " Leave.

Maybe I'm wrong, maybe I'm being biased, maybe just maybe I was projecting my fear and hatred towards the woman who scorned my love and killed me at the end of our first date onto the woman before me.

But despite all my justifications, all of the reasons I tried to give to convince myself that the woman was just a simple woman who meant me no harm.

Deep down, in the primal depths of my mind.

I just got a very very bad feeling from this woman.

And so I turned to walk away from her, leaving her alone was absolutely not the gentlemanly thing to do but deep down I just wanted to get away.


I hope I don't regret this. Yes you will. I turned around.

"Yes ? "

"Do you think I am beautiful ? "

What a strange thing to ask. RUNAWAYRUNAWAYRUNAWAYRUNAWAY.

" Yes, yes I do think you're beautiful. " RUNRUNRUNRUNRUNRUNRUN.

She ripped her mask off, showing the large slit across her cheeks. Wide open and filled impossibly sharp teeth. A manic, predatory glint in her eyes.


Oh dear God that mouth.


-5 HP (297/302 HP)

I took a step back and turned around to run but somehow she was right in front of me.

"Bad boy."

The large shears in her hands shot forth, and sliced into my cheeks.

"Fuck ! "

I fell onto my ass. My eyes still on the horrible creature in front of me.

-30 HP ( 267/302 HP)

New Quest: Defeat the Kuchisake-onna

Reward: Increased Reputation with Youkai Faction, 2000 EXP, 10 000 Yen

Failure: Death

You Cannot refuse this quest.

Oh fuck.


The monster spoke.


The monster charged, her shears flashing bright with the reflected moonlight. Aimed to take my life.

I fell beside the pipe from earlier. I picked it up and forced it in between the two blades of the shears. Hitting the fulcrum of the shears, I pushed her away,but not before she squeezed down on her shears and cut the pipe in two.

I took this time to get to my feet, still clutching a portion of the pipe that now had a sharp pointy end.

Now how the fuck am I going to this.


She charged forward, almost too quick for me to see but still too quick for me to dodge and plunged the blades of her shears into my abdomen. She continued charging however and rammed me into a wall.

"Guh... "

-150 HP (117/302 HP)

She pulled the blades out, I collapsed onto the floor.

She smiled, that horrid slit that was her mouth moved in a mockery of one.

"Now DIE. "

She aimed her shears.

[Are you going to let this bitch kill you ?]

What the fuck?

[You heard me. Are you going to die on the very first night of your new life to this creature, this monster who by all rights is your inferior. Answer ME possessor of the Boosted Gear, partner of me, Ddraig the heavenly dragon. ANSWER ME RED EMPEROR, ARE YOU GOING TO LIE DOWN AND DIE? ANSWER ME DEVIL.]

Fuck No.


The shears shot forth, but I was faster. I grabbed her hands, holding them in place preventing them from plunging into my flesh.

My grip was iron, I stood up, looking the shocked creature in the eye the entire time. I pried the shears from her loosening grip, twirled it around and plunged one of the blades into her right eye.


She recoiled from me, hands working to pull the shears from her eye.

[Call for me.]


[Imagine, imagine the strongest position you can think of, and call out your sacred gear.]

Strongest position huh? My mind went to when I was dying, my final act, my left hand in the air before she took hold of it.

My posture went straight, my head held high, my left arm in front of me, my palm open, facing my foe.

"BOOSTED GEAR." I clenched my fist.

Fire, green fire wreathed my arm. Power flowed from the depths of my soul into my left arm.

The fire died out leaving a thick, red, dragon themed vambrace in it's place. The vambrace left my fingers uncovered and in the middle was a green jewel, it seemed to sparkle with life, with pure power.


Power flowed into me and I wasted no time, I rushed forward, my hand slammed into her solar plexus and she doubled over. I grabbed the shears, ripped them out of her eye, and rammed them through the base of her neck, finishing her with my finger thrusting into her other undamaged eye at an upward angle, effectively lobotomising her.

She fell defeated, dead.

I did it, I killed her, I won. I was alive.

+ 500 EXP

Level Up, Hp and Mp refilled, 5 stat points given.

Quest Complete: Defeat the Kuchisake-onna.

Reward: Increased Reputation with Youkai Faction, 2000 EXP, 10 000 Yen

Gained new skills:

Unarmed mastery lvl: 1

Effects how well you fight without a weapon.

Damage + 10%

Attack Speed + 15%

Passive Skill

Boosted Gear Affinity lvl: 1

Effects the power and form of the Boosted Gear.

Each boost doubles all of your stats.

Current form: Twice critical(initial form) (Next Form unlocked at skill level 5)

Max no. of boosts: 1 (locked at 1 due to current form)

Mp cost per boost: 10

Physical Endurance lvl increases by 2 levels.

[Nice one partner but why is there a red window in front of us?]

Why is the vambrace talking ?

[Cause I'm in the vambrace idiot.]

"You can hear me ? "


Well, there goes the privacy of my internal monologue.

[If it helps, I can make it so that only thoughts directed at your left hand can reach me.]

'Like this ?'


'Is there any way I can take of the vambra- holy shit it's disappearing.'

The vambrace dispersed into motes of green light.

[That thing is a sacred gear, it responds to your wishes. If you wish for it to appear, it will do so, if you wish for it to disappear it will also do so.]

'How very convenient.' I internally remarked.

Well I should probably get going, I don't want to be caught at a murder scene. But first a trophy.

I went over to the man I had punched, he was softly whimpering, calling out for his mother. It made me feel sick. I took the knife that he had dropped and placed it in my inventory window.

I then walked over to the monster that I had killed, taking the overly large shears in my hand, I ripped them out of her neck

'Well let's get going, can you explain a few things for me. '

[You might want to take the scenic route, it's going to be a long story.]

And a long story it was indeed.

His name is Ddraig the Welsh dragon, one of the two heavenly dragons and he had been sealed into a Sacred Gear after being killed by a coalition of the three factions of Angels, Fallen Angels and Devils after a fight between him and the other heavenly dragon barged into their battlefield.

Sacred Gears were artefacts of great power created by the God of the Bible, gifted unto humans and only humans, so that they could perform miracles. Some sacred gears were powerful enough to effect supernatural creatures

Oh and I was now a devil but I sort of knew that already, so... yeah.

Well that was all of the information, in summary at least. I'm sure there were some details of my new existence that I missed. My best bet for more information, according to Ddraig at least was to seek out whoever it was that resurrected me.

My current information on said mysterious benefactor: female, crimson hair, beautiful.

What great info I have, this makes it sooo easy.(Obvious sarcasm)

Fortunately I made it home in one piece, no raving lunatics, no insane cut-throat mutant women, no randomly popping quests windows. Just piece, quiet and exposition given by a bad ass dragon.


My parents didn't wait up, I guess the were completely willing to turn a blind eye should I have skipped school the next day and stumbled back home at 2 pm reeking of sweat, sex and alcohol.

Mom and Dad ... I smiled with mirth.

[You should treasure them, most of my previous hosts lost them young.]

'I know Ddraig, I know ... "

Not wanting to wake them, I quietly made my way up the stairs and into my room. I stripped down to my boxers, I was just so damn tired, I didn't want to bother taking a bath. I prepared to climb into bed but yet again another window appeared.


With your gamer body, you no longer require sleep under normal circumstances. However, activating your sacred gear has drained you spiritually and thus it is highly recommended that you sleep tonight.

Sleeping will restore your HP and MP to full.

Wait hold up, if I no longer need to sleep ... I have at the very least 8 extra hours compared to everyone else to do things.

And since my stats can increase through conventional training... oh yeah it's grinding time. Well maybe not tonight, but next time.

That reminds me I levelled up twice when I came home thus completing the tutorial. I should use my stats. I called up the status menu.

Name: Hyoudou Issei

Level: 5

Exp: 3200/5000


HP: 680/680

Mp: 150/150


Money: 18 000 Yen

Strength: 13

Dexterity: 15

Constitution: 18

Intelligence: 15

Wisdom: 6

Spirit: 5

Free points: 20

Sacred Gear: Boosted Gear(Initial Form)

I'll refrain from putting points into my physical stats as I can just get them from grinding but, I have no way to grow my Spirit and how do you even train wisdom? I'll put 5 points in Spirit and 4 points into Wisdom bringing them up to 10.

Name: Hyoudou Issei

Level: 5

Exp: 3200/5000


HP: 590/590

Mp: 300/300


Money: 18 000 Yen

Strength: 13

Dexterity: 15

Constitution: 18

Intelligence: 15

Wisdom: 10

Spirit: 10

Free points: 11

Sacred Gear: Boosted Gear(Initial Form)

I will leave the other points in reserve just in case I need that sudden boost... Wow the new wisdom was working already.

[So random screens are because of what they used to revive you right?]

'Yeah, apparently it's some super secret hidden function.'

[Right... Well... maybe the person who used the piece might be able to tell you more. But for now you need sleep, Sacred gear activation is very draining, even if it doesn't reflect on your... MP bar. You look dead on your feet, get some rest.]

'All right Ddraig, fine.'

I climbed into bed, my head hit the pillow and soon the grasp of sleep took me.

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