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Chapter 5: Of Mooks imitating Bosses.

The thing about the six projectiles that launched forth from the magic circle I had conjured was that they were bullets. They were not bolts and they were not arrows, they were bullets.

Even if they were magically created out of ambient mana and would disperse if they made contact with anything that was too hard, flew towards my target at a constantly accelerating velocity instead of decelerating, and ignored the laws of aerodynamics by curving mid-flight, they still acted like how bullets would act if they were to hit a person.

They did not explode like a bolt would have, they did not pierce and skewer like an arrow would. They impacted; they plowed through, only piercing into flesh because of the velocity with which they were propelled.

And judging from the six bloody holes in Dohnaseek's torso, they worked as advertised… But it wasn't enough.

Against a normal human, these six bullets would have blown out pieces of both their lungs, left a hole where their heart used to be, blew off an arm by the shoulder joint and left their intestines completely FUBAR.

But Dohnaseek wasn't human.

The bullets did some damage yes, but nowhere near enough to kill him. If I am going to have to face guys like these on a regular basis in the future, I am going to make these bullets explosive… Or piercing… Piercing and explosive? Was that even possible, I mean Warhammer 40K did it?

…silly me what am I saying, It's magic, well organized calculation based magic, but magic nonetheless. Of course it is; I just have to find a way write it into the spell equation, assuming of course my INT was enough to compute the spell.

Well, maybe I could research more on it later when I'm not in a fight for my life against supernatural beings that clearly surpassed human capability. Shouldn't have missed that part when he, you know, didn't die even after getting shot so many times.

I put a mental note to research about magical beings that might be the enemies of devils and how to kill them as I dodged from a thrown spear of light by rolling to the side and cast a defensive barrier block another. It barely held against the force of the spear. The third ripped through and detonated right in my face.

...it's always the face, isn't it?

I was flung back a few meters, the 'holy' light stinging my face and arms but the pain soon faded and I pushed myself up, landing in a low crouch.

"You… brat…" Somehow through everything, his hat remained perched on his head. Even with him taking to the sky on his black wings, motes of light gathering into the vague form of a spear.

This wasn't good, with him having an aerial advantage and the fact that I couldn't fly (yet?).

[Keep moving Issei! Get in cover!]

The dragon didn't need to tell me twice, I jumped and rolled behind the nearest wall, taking full advantage of the urban environment. The spears embedded themselves as it landed on the surface, one in the spot where I had been standing before, another in the wall I was using as cover.

Stepping out of cover, I prepared a spell, I didn't have time so I chose a simple spell. The more complex a spell was, the longer it took to calculate and thus cast. The shotgun dakka spell didn't exactly take a lot of time, but it still wasn't fast enough for this situation, which was the equivalent of an urban magical shootout. With one guy having an aerial advantage.

So I used another spell.

Gandr, the small bullet of magical energy now tainted red and black with the dark power and malicious intent of a curse loaded and weaved into the very mana that formed the bullet.

It slammed into his form, his flight faltered for a second, his figure nearly falling out of the sky. He regained his balance; the spear thrown in response was hasty and haggard in form. I was already shifting out of its path.

We continued like this for what seemed like an eternity, him trying to out-maneuver and flank me, and I shifting in and out of the dark alleys that provided me tactical cover peppering him with magical bullets.

I noticed that my spells were getting faster and easier to cast, that I was getting better. Subconsciously applying modifications to the calculations of my spells on the fly, my abilities increasing with every skill level that was so kindly informed to me from the randomly popping red windows.

I got winged a few times because of these damn windows.

I eventually got the ability to cast multiple spells simultaneously… It was weird. It was like… thinking two different thoughts at the same time or rather performing two calculations parallel to each other.

Normally two calculations would be done one after the other in a sequence, it was a logical procession of events, like a train station with only one train track. However, now it was able to perform multiple calculations in parallel with each other, I now had multiple train tracks to run multiple trains of thought processes.

It… It was awesome. How the hell did I go seventeen years of my life without this? No longer will my mind be completely enraptured by the power of oppai, for now… I can think about boobies and other less important things at the same time!

I want to do an evil laugh, but I am currently blowing holes in a douchebag with two Gandrs. So I'll settle for a psychotic smirk.

[You look creepy, stop that. You don't have what it takes to pull off a magnificent bastard.]

Ignoring the dragon… (Let me have my fun, damn it.)

If I had to compare it to something, I would liken it to multi-core processor doing some sort of parallel computing. Now all I need is thought acceleration.

New Skill gained:

Parallel Thought lvl:1

Through the repeated casting of multiple spells at once, you have gained the ability to have multiple trains of thought at once.

Additional spells Macros: 2

Additional No. of spells that can be cast at once: 1

INT bonus: 20%

Passive skill.

Holy shit.

But like everything, it has it's downsides. First off, it was hard. My mind strained to keep up with the task of computing parallel thoughts even with this. But, a few points placed in intelligence helped with making the task significantly easier... Okay scratch that, make that a lot of points.

+11 INT

Though the spells I am using are quite simple. I bet I am still going to have some trouble with more complex spells cast simultaneously unless I up my INT stat even more.

I am going to have to start grinding soon.

Well at least this bastard won't last much longer, after observing him a few times, all the illness curses are taking their toll on him, even with his resistance to mortal ailments. And I think that even he knew that.

He was getting desperate, taking more risks in an attempt to expose and flank me; it worked a few times, causing pieces of my flesh to get carved out by light spears. Luckily the Gamer's body kept me from lasting, debilitating wounds. But I learned from that, and I peppered his body with bullets when he left himself open.

Dohnaseek was not a gamer, he could bleed, he could have debilitating injuries, he did not have HP and he was currently beset by the equivalent of status effects. If this kept up he was going to die and he knew it.

But so did I, I dodged him ever more fervently. Which was not a difficult task as injured as he was. With spells I continued to shower him, my fingers were now miming pistols, it was purely mental, helping me draw a bead on Dohnaseek. But it helped and… Why are my hands glowing?

New Skill Gained:

Finger Bang'd Lvl: 1 Swag

You channelin' that John Woo son? Well have no fear, cause demonic energy empowerment is here. Come on an' get some Swag brah. Peace!

Spell Damage Bonus: 20%

Automatic Homin' spells son.

Passive Swag Bonus.

MP cost: 1MP

I don't know what this means, but I suddenly have the urge to wear sunglasses even though it's at night.

And with the acquisition of the ability to... Finger bang, my accuracy increased. I started to guide my gandrs to specific points, towards the gaping wounds they flew, blood blackening and wounds festering as the illness within did it's work.

Eventually, like a puppet with it's strings cut, Dohnaseek fell from sky to floor in a messy, defeated heap.

He looked utterly pathetic, his body all but torn apart. Blood tainted with sickness and death leaked from every orifice.

It's done, I have won.

He did not even have the strength to look at me.

"... Mercy..."

I stopped in my tracks. His words hit like a blow to my soul.

He has the gall?

"... Please... Spare me..."

He begs for... Mercy?

'Will you die for me?'


'It was fun, like playing house with a child.'


Where was my mercy?

"Because you are a threat to us, if you want to blame anyone blame the God that put the sacred gear in you."



Quest complete: Defeat the Hat mook of mooks

Reward: 1000 EXP

Sacred Gear has leveled up by 2 ranks

I don't care, these windows mean nothing to me. Dohnaseek dies NOW.

I strode up to his collected form and kicked him in the stomach, he could barely whimper. I stomped on his kidneys and he could barely grunt. I stamped my foot on his upper back and he could barely gasp. I crushed the bones of his hands underneath my feet, and he could barely scream.

I grabbed the battered pinions of his wings and I could feel him stiffen. I smiled, I hated these black wings.

"No—aaAAAAAAAARGghh!" He cut himself off with a scream that sent shivers down my spine as I ripped the two torn appendages out of their joints. I dropped the wings. Dohnaseek fell silent, his body convulsing from the pain, his mind either completely broken, or unconscious.

Whatever the case, I will finish the job.

I conjured a spell, the Hex of the Lost traveler was powerful indeed, but it was still currently too slow for the situation that I was in. But now, the massive ball of coalesced hatred and malice gathered in front of a conjured circle. His death was certain.

"Dohnaseek!" A new voice cut in. And so did a light spear.

A light spear that I blocked with a defensive barrier. While I shot forth a third spell at the interloper as the Hex finished casting and slammed into the prone form of Dohnaseek.

It blew him into pieces, pieces that were rotten and festering with illness and hatred, the wounds seeping a mixture of black ichor and pus. The interloper, she, now that I had a better look, stared in horror at the rotting pieces of the man, the comrade she tried to save.

Six bullets I sent flying in her direction broke out of her stupor. She dodged by taking to the air on wings of ebony.

"How dare you devil, to strike one of our comrades?" Her face was contorted in outrage. Anger bled off her lithe, sensual body.

Another one? I don't have enough MP for this shit. I'll have to try and drive her into close range combat. Perhaps I should clip her wings to prevent her from kiting my spells.

"Stop right there!"

And there goes all of my planning.

I turned to see Rias behind me, her hands crossed underneath her bust, her hair and school skirt billowing from the magic circle she used to teleport here. She looked... well depending on your world view, a spoiled smug princess who liked to think was sure of herself or a regal empress who just was.

I honestly don't know myself.

Her features contorted into shock, her eyes widened in alarm, her face went pale, she tried to reach me. But a sharp pain went through my stomach first.


The spear of light dissipated and left a hole in my stomach, I bled. I bled.

0/812 HP

Evil Piece interface shutting down.

I collapsed to my knees, all my strength was leaving me. Is this how I'm going to die?

Out of the corner of my eye I could see Rias shooting black and red beams of energy at the female fallen angel, the fury of an empress wronged bleeding into her attacks. But that doesn't matter to me anymore.

I...feel... so cold.

All faded to black once again.