Chapter 1: Forthencho Awakes

Harry is watching Dudley watch the Halo 4 Terminals, it gets to 'Lord of Admirals'.

after watching the scene with the Didact and Librarian...

Didact "Nothing shall come between us"

Several ships come out of Hyperspace, to harry they look familiar for some reason, then he sees men with markings on his face, he looks at one with long hair, and Symmetrical marking on the face.

"Lord of Admirals" the Lord of Admirals turns his head. "We are in position over the forerunner Planet."

"Show me" The Lord orders.

"Population over 2 billion, Forerunner ships on alert and inbound"

"Is it possible, have we gotten ahead of it?" a few seconds later, the hologram showed red.

"Flood Infestation Detected mylord"

Harry's POV:

Why does this seem so familier, the Flood, why does hearing that bring me dread, even more then Voldemort, that shouldn't be possible.

"Dammit" the Lord curses

I was right it is bad.

the other human speaks up"My lord, the infestation is in a remote Local, Perhaps if we warn the forerunners?"

"If we warn them, we give the FLood time to spread, you know we have no choice." the Screen shows the window"Cleanse the planet."

Normal POV:

Harry begins seeing and experiencing what the Lord of Admirals: Forthencho experienced, he gains Every single Memory, the marking that he had on him, forms on Harry, he stops holding his head and opens his eyes, "I have Returned, and I shall bring us back to our former Glory."

Dudley notices harry, and he noticed the markings on him, he looks at him with wide eyes, he heard what he said, and fainted.

[Note: Harry will be able to use wand-less Magic, he may or may not Start going by Forthencho, its up to you really. Also, I want to see more fics with Harry as Forthencho's Reincarnation, how he Regains all the memories is up to you. and please don't complain about the length, this is just an Idea I had in my head for the past few months. if you want to complain, make your own, hell I support you on it. Neo-Devil]