Fallen angels can fly

I've found my place amongst the fallen .the fallen angels i mean they're better than the sentinels the angels of konoha the heaven hidden in the light lead by my x master kakashi hatake who tried to stop me fallen into the darkness because of the annihilation of my clan but it was too late my sharingan eye changed and i became consumed by anger and hate i kill anything that's moving if i consider it to be an enemy and for this reason people of my own home called me the demon angel of konoha the heaven hidden in the light. I then fell down in hells atmosphere my wings burned off and so they became non existent and my half golden halo went black where nothing reflected of it this took me eight years to become who and what i am today my name is sasuke uchiha

How it all started

we were in war with the dark ones fallen angels they're best known as they invaded our land and tried to take over konoha the heaven hidden in the light konoha became riddled with dead bodies and dying angels the temple where lord kakashi lived in was splattered with blood the blood made an odd pattern as it dripped down the building the smell of fresh rotting bodies filled the air it was revolting in this war nearly every one was dying as we tried to protect our comrades but for the other side whats best to describe there attitude every man for himself up in the sky well the sky wasn't a sky no more all you could see was a battle from light to dark the two different two different colours clashing with each other but its the sought of colours that doesn't mix the colours on the sentinels are white and red and on the tips were silver the colours on the dark ones were black and midnight blue and on the tips were gold no sides were making any progress not even a tiny bit just then a hoard of dark ones came swooping down these ones were of higher status because of the words on their clothing suggested this the words were higher this suggested their skills were very good this will prove a challenge my eyes changed and i obtained my sharingan eye with it i could see and defend of anyones attacks and i came up with a conclution why we wernt getting anywhere how can i simply put it lets just say its because we were being way too predictable in our battle and moves i watched all my brothers sisters cousins uncles and friends fall down like aeroplanes falling and droping out the sky in a speed that it was hard to tell what it was because all you could see is a blured shape as the speed made it look surreal and all you can here after a couple of seconds is a loud bang and then you knew they hit the ground

why does the dark ones have wings you may ask but unfortunately i don't know the answer to that ... yet