w…w..what are you talking about Naruto

nothing just stay there

Naruto starts talking to someone outside and I heard a feint voice it was so weak almost un audible feint but it was still there I start to listen in on their not to secretive conversation "oh my gosh sasuke's mum dad the whole entire clan what the fuck happened" there was a small whisper madara, madara uchiha slaughtered us they did it on purpose to invaded us to slaughter our clan take care of sasuke will you and ith that they all died


And with that I ran out of the cave and stood there I sat down slowly and cradled my dead mother back and forth back and forth back and forth my I stopped rocking her I put her gently down on the ground as slept she only going to sleep for a while right I looked at the other members it looked like a right masacer of the uchiha clan this sent me wild

"Who did this Naruto"

"s…sasuke w…what's with your eyes"

"Stop stalling who did this"

Madara uchiha did this

I will avenge my clan I will get there they're revenge I will carry on the uchiha name I will restore my clan bringing them up from extinction so they can flourish I promise I will do those things

I will kill you madara uchiha your longer not worthy carrying the uchiha's name I will make you non recognisable do you hear me I will kill you I screamed to the sky and knelt down on the bloody ground

There was now a rumble of lightning it was very loud even at a distance you could still here the angry grumbles of the sky as it let lose its frustration and anger it was a lion roaring in an empty room it echoed through the sky and came crashing down in bolts as it struck the ground and left creators in it

Kakashi hatake leader of the sentinel's grabbed me before a lone bolt could strike me

Sasuke are you all right are you hurt sasuke

I didn't answer him I was in too much shock to care all his voice was to me is muffled sounds I felt betrayed to think an uchiha would turn against his own clan and to kill nearly every single one is another thing there is only three people left me and my brother itachi itachi uchiha and obito uchiha I don't class madara uchiha one of us I will make sure he is striped from that name quicker than he killed his own clan

There was a missing piece in my heart and it couldn't be filled well so I thought

The sky's started to rain and with that beams of light started to shoot out of the sky's dark ones and sentinel's started to drop like flies all the sentinel's that were not in the sky gathered in one spot to watch the display not one face had a smile all faces had either disgust shame or sadness some had all three and to be honest it wasn't a smiling moment either

All the dark ones that could move flew away and trust me not much flew away with their lives we didn't take any prisoners we were ordered to slaughter as Meany as possible to protect our lands and ourselves after that the beams of light subsided I looked on at now the streets that once were now it was an abandoned battle field capacitated bodies and body parts were everywhere blood splatters and craters in the buildings there was no sign of life for the angels who were on the ground only internal darkness and to never awake up again

They started to move the bodies of the honoured sentinels first basically our own and we buried them amongst the others that died honourably in battle at least they don't have to remember what happened at least their free stretching their wings and flying in the sky as they should be

I remember seeing my clan getting carted away we buried them as well they had separate graves with nice engraved writing on the head stone I paid my last respects and turned my attention to the others that had be carted away when we finished with the sentinel's we started on the dark ones I absolutely hated them at the moment of my life they took away my family members and killed them like they were mere sheep it fascinated me on how could they kill and not blink an eye it was extraordinary in a bad way

I remember seeing one girl she had a short skirt and a purple shirt with black sleeves her hand was weird like it was broken multiple time not by us we believe that when we kill it is as quick as possible and as painless as well I wonder why and how they would do it that wasn't the only noticeable thing there was bite marks and bruising I knew this wasn't from us later on I would understand I glanced at kakashi and he knew I could tell he knew how and why that happened to her she was so small her age was round about 9-10 her face was as I could imagine pale white but now cold blue she was stone could like Antarctica as if you touched too long then you would or could get frost bite and trust me when I say this I don't want my fingers dropping off any time soon so I pulled my hand away as quickly as I touched her they carted the body to the edge of our city it was thousands and thousands of feet down and they dropped her I stared down in shock and bewilderment as her body turned and flapped as it tried to become resistant with air but weight pulled her down she span uncontrollably towards the blackness of below

All that day no one wanted to remember it went at the back of everyone's mind s as they rebuilt konoha the city of light

The days that past hundreds of bodies were buried and thrown and it took weeks to clear the streets and it took months to get the blood of the floor it was near enough embedded in the floors and the walls it looked like someone had died it for weeks it was like that even with the rain storms that would help wash the blood of had trouble as it barely touched the surface of the blood but soon it got their it washed of the streets and buildings was spotless but everyone knew what once was there and nothing could change that fact