I must say; it's about time I came up with another one of my own ideas! It has seemingly been forever since I last did that!

Well, having watched all of the Donkey Kong Country cartoon episodes, and looking through some of the first season episodes several times each, I've decided that I would come up with my own story for a cartoon episode! I would definitely prefer the characters' first season looks!

Anyways, I'm gonna shut up now, and without further ado, let the story begin!

The island of Kongo Bongo: a wonderful place for apes and simians alike, a place filled with thousands of bananas, a place widespread with swinging vines, and a dream island for all of Kong-kind.

Among the many highlights of the island, none could compare to the Crystal Coconut, a magical crystal with such immense power. As Cranky Kong would put it, it was a fortune teller, a teleporter, a power supplier and a wish fulfiller. Anyone who possessed this Crystal Coconut would have the power to rule!

The Crystal Coconut was kept in a globe inside Cranky's Cabin, having been placed there by Donkey Kong, who was then named the "Future Ruler of Kongo Bongo". Ever since that grateful day, DK, along with his sidekick, Diddy Kong, would always be responsible for protecting the Coconut to keep Kongo Bongo safe from destruction, since the Kremlings would constantly try to snatch it from them.

No matter how many times the Crystal Coconut was stolen, the Kongs always succeeded in retrieving it for the good sake of their home island.

One sunny Friday morning, Cranky was in his Cabin, working on another one of his potions.

The old ape had a long beard that almost stretched down to the floor, and he had eyeglasses which improved his eyesight due to his old age. He also had a walking stick with him that he often used to open the globe containing the Crystal Coconut whenever he needed to use it.

Cranky had recently been told that DK had been dealing with some strange sickness, and he knew that if DK was sick then who would protect the Crystal Coconut?

Cranky barely ever relied on Diddy to protect the Coconut, since the little monkey was still considered a weakling, even though he did have some strengths that few had seen before, especially in his adventure he went on with DK to reclaim their banana hoard from King K. Rool, the master of all Kremlings.

Candy Kong was always busy working for his boss, Bluster Kong, at the Barrelworks. He rarely ever gave her a break, and she often had to force him to.

Funky Kong was often considered too obsessed with surfing to worry about the Coconut for long periods of time, so Cranky probably couldn't rely on him, either.

Therefore, the old codger knew that it was best that he completed his potion and used it to cure DK, so that Kongo Bongo could remain safe from K. Rool and his minions. Who knew when they would plot their next attack?

"Just another hint of banana juice," said Cranky as he poured a tiny drop of banana juice into his potion.

The liquid expanded into a bright yellow combination of multiple sources that were guaranteed to help DK.

"This is the perfect way to get DK out of his lumps," added Cranky as he poured the potion into a bottle and closed the top with a peg, "Don't you worry, Donkey Kong. One miracle of a cure coming right up!"

Meanwhile, in another part of the island, where there were fewer trees, there stood a small tree house with an elevator that led right into the single room.

This house was the home of Donkey Kong, the biggest and strongest ape in Kongo Bongo, and his best little buddy, Diddy Kong.

DK was a big ape with strong muscles, capable of knocking out even the toughest of enemy Kremlings. His only item of clothing consisted of a red necktie, with the letters' "DK" emblazoned on the bottom in yellow.

Diddy was a very small monkey who was in his early teens. He was seemingly the smallest Kong on the island, and often considered to be the weakest. His clothing consisted of a red sleeveless tank top that only went down to his waist, and a red baseball cap which he wore at all times, except for when he slept. He even had a tail which he could use to do certain things, although these certain things did not happen very often.

The relationship between these two Kongs were so strong that they were considered by others to be like brothers.

DK was lying on his hammock in a very lazy position. He had been coming down with a very bad cold which had left him coughing and sniffling in his bed all day yesterday, and it continued into this morning.

Diddy was sitting on a barrel right next to DK, trying to keep him company.

"Aw, Diddy, I wonder how long I'm gonna be dealing with this awful cold?" said DK in a depressed tone.

"Aww, don't worry, DK," said Diddy, patting DK's head, "I'm sure Cranky will have the cure ready for you anytime now. Surely, he must have it finished by now, considering that you've been sick in bed for over twenty-four hours."

"I sure hope you're right, little buddy," said DK, "I'm tired of just lazing around in bed with nothing to do, all because I'm sick. Ya never know when K. Rool or Scurvy might pop into Cranky's and try to steal the Crystal Coconut."

"Well, that's why you have me, big buddy," said Diddy, "Ya know, I can always get Funky to work with me so that we can keep the Coconut safe."

"Ya know, Diddy, you always do a good job trying to protect the Coconut when I can't," complimented DK, "It's really a good way to help you make a name for yourself after our banana hoard catastrophe."

Diddy often didn't like to be reminded of that dreadful adventure, but he knew that DK was just trying to make him happy, so he grinned at his best buddy, and the two held hands.

Just then, the doorbell rang from below the house.

"YO, DONKEY-DUDE!" shouted a voice from below the Kong pair.

"Hey, it's Funky!" said Diddy.

"Could you get the elevator, little buddy?" asked DK.

"No probs," answered Diddy.

The little monkey immediately jumped off the barrel he was sitting on, and he ran up to the elevator's control panel. Then, he smashed the 'up' button with all the strength his nimble body had.

The elevator came blasting upwards into the house, and there stood Funky Kong, the sun-glassed surfer of the Kongs, holding a potion bottle in his hand.

"Hey, it's the Donkey and Diddy-dudes!" said Funky in an excited tone.

"Hey, Funky!" greeted Diddy, "How nice of you to drop by."

"How nice to spend a little quality time with the hero duo of Kongo Bongo!" replied Funky.

The surfer turned to DK.

"Hey, Donkey-dude! I got something for ya!" said Funky as he walked up to DK's hammock, "This will wipe out all of your negative chills!"

"I sure hope it will," said DK, then he turned his eyes to the bottle, "What is that stuff?"

"The aging-type dude gave me a call and sent me to give you this," explained Funky, "It's what he calls the 'miracle drug of your sickness'!"

"A miracle drug?" said DK with an annoyed look, "Tell me he was just kidding when he said it was a drug."

"Negative, dude," replied Funky, "This will bring you back into the swing of things! Now, let's see ya enjoy this miracle-of-a-lifetime!"

DK sat up in his hammock and slowly took the bottle from Funky.

"Are you sure it will work, Funky?" asked Diddy as he walked up to the two apes.

"It most certainly will, Junior-dude! Why, watch this!" said Funky.

DK popped the peg off the bottle and poured the potion into his mouth.

"It doesn't taste so bad," the ape commented as he swished it around his mouth before swallowing it.

"Ooh, boy! DK, look!" said Diddy excitedly as he noticed DK's face turn back to normal, "Your face is back to normal!"

DK began to feel his lungs clear up, and in no time his coughing had also stopped. He had begun to feel strong again.

"YEAH, HAA!" yelled DK in excitement, "I FEEL SO GREAT!"

"YIPPEE!" shouted Diddy happily.

"I told ya the old codger-dude knew what he was doing!" commented Funky.

DK jumped off his hammock for the first time in almost a day, and he immediately embraced Funky in a hug.

"Oh, thank ya so much, Funky! Thank you!" shouted DK as he eccentrically hugged Funky.

"Don't thank me, Donkey-dude! Thank the aging dude for making ya this stuff!" replied Funky.

"You really should, big buddy!" agreed Diddy, "You're finally back to your good ol' strong self again! Get ready to kick some reptile butt! That is: if there are any reptiles trying to steal the Coconut."

"I will, little buddy," said DK, looking down at Diddy and smiling at him, "Wait! Better yet: WE will be kicking reptile butt … together!"

"Now that's the way I like to hear it! HA, HA!" said Diddy, smiling back up at DK.

"Well, I'd love to stay and chat, dudes, but I've got some waves to catch!" chuckled Funky, "I'll be seeing ya later!"

"Bye, Funky!" said DK and Diddy together.

"No problem, dudes! Surfs up! HA, HA!"

With that, Funky smashed the 'down' button on the elevator before stepping inside. Seconds later, he was gone.

"Oh, boy, DK!" said Diddy excitedly, "I'm so glad you're feeling better! Why don't we go outside and have some fun, … or see how Cranky's doing?"

"I'm glad to hear that you're very happy for me, little Diddy-buddy," said DK, and he lifted Diddy by his sides and hugged him around the back, "It's time once again to show how much of a great duo we are!"

"You couldn't have said that any better, DK!" agreed Diddy, hugging his buddy around the neck in return.

"Well, little buddy, let's go to Cranky's," said DK.

"Sure thing, big pal!" agreed Diddy.

The duo ended their brotherly hug, and DK set Diddy back on his feet.

Then, Diddy walked up to the elevator's control panel and pressed the 'up' button to let the elevator back in the house, then he pressed 'down' just before walking into the elevator with DK.

Finally, the brotherly duo were descending out of the house and down to the ground below.

"BANANAAAA SLAMAAAA!" they screamed together as they ran off into the jungle.

Meanwhile, Cranky was reading one of his old books when a knock came on his door.

"Huh!? Who is it!?" he roared harshly.

"Just here to return your bottle, dude!" came the answer.

Cranky recognized the voice as Funky's, and he wrestled himself to the door and opened it.

Funky came walking into the Cabin in some groovy style with the empty bottle in his hand.

"So, how did it go? Did it work?" asked Cranky, wanting to know if his potion succeeded in curing DK.

"It most certainly did, ancient dude! It was an epic success! DK's got himself up and about again with his pal, Diddy!" said Funky as he walked up to Cranky's potion table and placed the empty bottle back where it belonged.

"Well, at least we'll be confident, knowing that the Crystal Coconut will be safe now that Donkey Kong's healthy again," said Cranky.

"Indeed, we most certainly will!" agreed Funky as he turned back towards the door and walked out, "I'll be catching ya later, dude!"

Cranky refused to answer, and instead simply banged the door shut so that he could go right back to his quiet reading. He was very relieved that his potion had cured DK, and now he could rely on him again to protect the Crystal Coconut.

The old codger's peacefulness didn't last long, though …

About ten minutes later, there came another knock on his door.

Cranky was instantly infuriated by the sound of his door being knocked on. He really didn't enjoy having company too much.

"Okay, who is it this time? Whoever it is, I will certainly be happy by the time you-"

The ape opened the door and noticed a very familiar face which had heavily disgraced him many years ago.

"- … l-l-leave."

Cranky almost couldn't believe his eyes as he stared at the figure standing at his doorway.

The figure was an orangutan with long, spiked arms, covered in brown fur. There was a goatee sticking down from his chin, and there was a line of gray fur above his eyes and around his ears.

"M-M-Ma-Man-Manky Kong!?" shouted Cranky as he came close to having a heart attack, "What are you doing in my Cabin!?"

"Oh, stop your chattering, old man!" retorted Manky, "I have come to settle things with you … in a dirty way!"

"The only thing we'll be settling is your trip back to the Orang-utan Jungle!" shouted Cranky.

Fearing that he was helpless on his own, the old ape cleared his throat and let out a loud yell …


"Do you really think that pathetic ape could possibly hear you from so far away?" said an unconvinced Manky, "You have no one to turn to!"

But Manky was wrong …

Within a few seconds, there came the sound of another loud scream …


Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong came crashing to the ground right behind Manky and did some threatening poses.

"Well, well, if it isn't Donkey Kong and his little lightweight weakling, Diddy!" teased Manky, "If ya want a battle, I am sorry to say that it's not what I'm here for!"

"Too bad for you, Manky!" said Diddy, "The only thing you'll be asking for whenever you bother Cranky is a beating!"

"Give it up, Manky!" added DK, "You're never getting your hands on the Crystal Coconut!"

The ape charged his fist and prepared to punch Manky out for the count.

"Oh, but I'm not here for your Crystal Coconut, either. Not … yet!" said Manky.

"Well then, what are you here for!?" asked Cranky furiously.

"Well, well, well, now that you've finally asked, I have a tiny proposition to make with all of you," answered Manky.

"Huh!?" said DK and Diddy.

DK calmed his fist and opened it.

"That's right, you loser-Kongs," continued Manky, "I have come to offer you a little challenge, so to speak."

"What kind of challenge?" asked DK as he and Diddy gave Manky suspicious looks.

"I was just getting to that," replied Manky.

With that, the orangutan stepped away from the cabin and cleared his throat.

"Oh, dear. This can't be good," whispered Diddy to DK.

The ape wrapped an arm around his little buddy's back to keep him calm.

"OH, FELLOW PRIMATES OF MINE!" yelled Manky with his hands in front of his cheeks, looking as if he was giving a call.

Cranky stood next to DK and Diddy as two smaller primates suddenly appeared, swinging on the very few vines that hung on the trees.

The two small primates took a big jump and dived straight towards Cranky's Cabin.

Once the duo came down, their ferocious looks seemed to slightly startle DK and Cranky, but Diddy's eyes grew very wide. He knew who these kids were …

And so, the new twist is about to begin! Could this challenge pose a threat to the Crystal Coconut, and in turn pose a threat to all of Kongo Bongo? What part do Manky's new kid partners have to do with his plan against the Kongs?

This may only be the beginning of it all, but soon we shall be led into the true heart of Kongo Bongo's new threat.

Anyways, I'll be seeing you later, when we get to the heart of the plot.