Well, here we go. The last chapter of this twisty cartoon-based story! Let's see what the Kongs will do in an effort to bring the happiness back to Diddy.

Diddy Kong smashed his feet on the barrel switch as hard as he could, with tears streaming down his reddened cheeks. Not caring about what happened to the Crystal Coconut, he only wanted to get rid of Manky, even if it risked throwing the Coconut away.

Then, the monkey instantly began to feel a ton of regret sinking into his heart, …

… but it was too late.

The planks of Cranky's boardwalk flipped over, and the three villains were ultimately thrown into the sky and tossed over the trees like toys.

Within a few seconds, they were all gone, and everything grew silent.

Diddy jumped off the barrel switch and sunk his head in defeat. He could not believe what had just become of him. He had proven himself wrong. The bullies were right. He really was a useless, lightweight, wimpy weakling who could only get in everyone's way and embarrass himself.

Still feeling sure that the Crystal Coconut was now gone forever, he sank his head and slowly walked up to the other Kongs.

"Hey, Diddy," said DK in a soft, gentle voice, patting his little buddy's back in an effort to provide him any means of comfort.

However, the poor monkey pushed DK's arm away and stared at his family and friends with a terrible look on his face. The mixture of red cheeks, excessive tears and a black eye brought very sad feelings for the Kongs, but they all knew for a reason that their little hero didn't have to feel this way.

"D-Diddy?" whispered DK with tears leaking from his eyes.

"What do you all want from me now?" asked Diddy sadly, "Why would I wanna talk to anyone after what happened today?"

"Diddy, w-we're very sorry," said DK.

"You're probably just saying that to make me feel better, aren't you!?" argued Diddy, feeling too upset to speak to anybody.

"Diddy, you've … -" Cranky began, before Diddy cut him off.

"I've let Manky take off with the Crystal Coconut! I know! You can all just go ahead and hate me for all I care! All I've ever done is get in your way! What's the point in being friends with any of you, when I don't even deserve to have any friends!?" shouted Diddy.

After speaking those last few words, Diddy sank his head and began to sob miserably with regret.

"Aww, Diddy, please don't cry, little buddy," said DK, patting Diddy's back again.

"It's okay, Diddy," said Candy, "You've … -"

"GO AWAY! JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!" screamed Diddy, and he shoved DK's arm off his back and finally ran away, weeping loudly like a little baby as he disappeared into the jungle.

The Kongs watched in heartbreak as their little friend took off crying.

"Aww, the poor little guy," said Candy as she let some tears out of her eyes.

"What a total bummer," said Funky in a down tone, "He didn't deserve such a wave like that."

"Well, I guess we can feel happy that the Crystal Coconut is still here," said Cranky, as he pointed to the front door of his Cabin.

The Crystal Coconut was, indeed, still sitting in front of the doorway after Diddy unknowingly kicked it out of his hands.

"Yet he still thinks that it's forever in the hands of Manky," said Cranky.

The primates felt very happy that they managed to retain the Crystal Coconut, but they still felt terrible about Diddy.

"Well, that's because he was too sad to pay attention to that," DK pointed out, "All he wanted to do was get rid of Manky and those wild bullies, and he didn't care about whether or not the Crystal Coconut was tossed up with them."

"You know, it may be nice that we've still got the Coconut, but I really think we should cheer up our little hero, shall we?" suggested Candy.

"At least we can try," replied DK, "We've gotta make him feel like a hero again."

"How can we do that, DK?" asked Cranky, "It'll be very hard to convince him."

Then, a light bulb went off in DK's head; a very useful light bulb, for that matter.

"Quick! Cranky, grab the Crystal Coconut!" said DK.

"The Coconut!?" shouted Cranky.

"If we can at least show it to Diddy, then it'll be enough to tell him that he didn't do the wrong thing," explained DK.

"Oh, fine then!" replied Cranky unhappily, and he walked back to his doorway and picked up the Crystal Coconut.

"Now what?" asked Funky.

"Isn't it obvious? We're gonna go look for Diddy," said DK, "He could be anywhere. Who knows if he went straight home from here?"

"Well, maybe it'd be worth a shot at looking in your house first," suggested Candy.

"Okay, then," answered DK, "Let's give it a try."

With those deep thoughts on their minds, DK led his clan into the jungle and down the pathway towards his home where Diddy also lived.

Ten minutes later, the four apes had stepped in front of the elevator to DK and Diddy's tree house.

"Well, here it goes," whispered DK nervously as he slammed the "Up" button on the elevator's control panel.

DK, Candy, Funky and Cranky all stepped into the elevator and rode the barrel up into the tree house.

Shortly afterward, they heard the sound of soft crying coming from nearby. They knew immediately who it was.

The Kongs walked over to Diddy's tire, and, sure enough, there was the little monkey, sobbing miserably and slumping lazily like a weak little monkey all over again. His arms were hanging down, and his tail rested over his chest.

The clan felt sorry to see their little hero so upset, and they wanted to do whatever it took to cheer him up.

Then, Diddy finally looked to his right and noticed the Kongs all looking at him with sad faces. He immediately began to feel annoyed again.

"(sniffle) W-what are you all doing here?" he asked in such a miserable voice, "W-why are you all j-just … (sniffle) … standing there and looking at me with … (sniffle) … s-sorrowful faces?"

"Diddy, we all know you're upset about the contest and everything, but you still proved that you're a great fighter," said DK gently.

"You even told me y-you … (sniffle) … knew M-Manky was gonna accuse m-m-me of … (sniffle) … cheating!" cried Diddy.

"But that didn't mean that we knew it was gonna happen," said DK, "We were just trying to warn you in case he did."

"(sniffle) W-what was the point of that, though?" asked Diddy, "How could he have … (sniffle) … s-suddenly proved m-me to be … (sniffle) … a dirty cheater before the finale even started!?"

"Aw, Diddy, please stop taking it so hard on yourself. This wasn't your fault, little buddy," said DK.

"None of it was," added Candy.

"You're just saying that again, … (sniffle) … aren't you!?" shouted Diddy, his anger beginning to mix in with his sadness again.

"No, we're not," said Funky, "You really did prove yourself as a brave, little hero!"

"Yet there's no way to prove it!" argued Diddy, "(sniffle) The Crystal Coconut's gone, … (sniffle) … f-forever in the hands of M-Manky, … (sniffle) … (sniffle) … all because I'm just a s-stupid kid!"

"Okay, little buddy," said DK, folding his arms and giving Diddy a strange face, "If you're just gonna argue with us, then we'll have to prove it to you … the hard way!"

"Really!? As if you're all hoping that I don't run away and leave Kongo Bongo f-forever … (sniffle) … b-before you get a chance to!" yelled Diddy.

At last, Diddy could take no more embarrassment with the other Kongs, and he jumped off his tire and started to make a run for the elevator again, when DK pulled him back by the tail and sat down, dragging the monkey onto his lap and wrapping his arms around his chest to squeeze him in.


At that moment, Cranky stepped in front of DK and Diddy, and ultimately presented …

… the Crystal Coconut!

Diddy took one look at the Coconut and gasped in shock.

"WHA!?" he yelled in total surprise.

He could not believe it at all! The Crystal Coconut was still in the hands of the Kongs, yet he had no idea how it could still be here after he tossed Manky out of the jungle.

"But, … h-how!? What!? Where d-did!? Whaa!?" shouted Diddy, still trying to register the sight of the Coconut into his head.

"Diddy!" said Cranky, "You never did toss the Coconut out!"

"B-but, … I thought I … -" Diddy began before being cut off again.

"No, Diddy. The Coconut never left," said Candy.

"That wild kick really shoved it out of his grasp, dude!" said Funky.

"What are you all talking about!?" asked Diddy in confusion.

"When you kicked Manky's back, he lost his grip on the Crystal Coconut before he slid onto the boardwalk," explained DK, "The Coconut came down and rolled in front of the door before you tossed Manky and the bullies out. It was there all along, but you didn't notice it."

Diddy was totally astounded by those details, but he somehow thought that it could still be false.

"Y-you mean, … I, … I … tossed the Coconut out of his hands, b-but I felt too sad to notice it!?" asked Diddy, wanting to be sure of it.

"Yes, little buddy!" said DK, "You actually saved the Coconut! You tossed Manky out of the ring and saved the Crystal Coconut!"

"This is no false story! It's all true!" said Cranky, "You've saved Kongo Bongo from the doom that had been at stake for the past two days! You really are a brave, little hero, Diddy, m'boy!"

Diddy was very surprised to hear those words from Cranky. He could not believe the story that had unfolded before his very eyes. He was not a worthless weakling, and he was certainly not a useless little wimp.

"There, there, little buddy," said DK gently, "Why don't we dry those tears off your face and turn your frown into a smile?"

"Take a chill pill, Diddy-dude," said Funky, "You've really caught on with the roots of heroism after such an epic event! You've given those little troublemakers the instant karma they've deserved all their lives!"

"You see, Diddy," added Candy, "There's nothing to get so upset about. You've thrown out Manky, and now the Coconut is safe again!"

"And, given how you stood up to him at the very end, I'm sure he won't be returning for a while, and neither will those bullies," said Cranky.

"I'm sure they still think you've won the challenge!" put in DK, "I'll bet they'll never think of you as a cheater! No one ever will! Besides, they're probably considering abandoning Manky's payroll and going off on their own again! After all, you really have proven yourself as a wonderful little hero! You have become a very brave young monkey, and we are all very proud of you, Diddy! Well done!"

Diddy suddenly felt very happy after receiving so much praise from his family and friends. Just a moment earlier he felt like the biggest disgrace on Kongo Bongo, yet suddenly here he was: a hero, a true apprentice to DK, and most of all, possibly even DK's heir to the throne of Kongo Bongo!

"Thank you all so much, everyone!" the little monkey shouted with joy and happy tears, "I've never felt this happy in my life! I'm so sorry I ever doubted you or myself! I'm so sorry I yelled at you and threatened to run away from Kongo Bongo!"

"Aw, it's okay, little Diddy-buddy," replied DK as the other Kongs sat down with the two heroes.

"We've all had our rough moments in life, but there's always a way to make up for them, and you've done just that," said Candy.

"Today has been so totally epic!" added Funky, "Those bad guys have gotten the beatings of their lives, and now we can all just simply relax and enjoy our epic win!"

"Well, I'd love to stay and chat, but I had better put this back in my cabin," said Cranky, and he turned back to the elevator, with the Crystal Coconut, "If any of you need me again, I'll be back to doing business as usual."

With that, the old codger pressed the "down" button on the control panel and stepped into the elevator and rode the barrel back down.

"Well, Diddy, my little pal, why don't we just relax for a little while and take a little rest? After all, you look like you deserve a much-needed rest after such a wild contest," suggested DK.

"Sure thing, big Donkey-buddy! After beating up a couple of bullies, I could sure do with a nice nap right on your lap," replied Diddy.

The Kongs all giggled for a few brief moments before Funky and Candy stood up and walked up to the elevator's control panel.

"Well, gotta catch some epic waves, dudes!" said Funky.

"I better get to the Barrelworks before Bluster cuts me off," said Candy.

"Bye, guys!" said DK and Diddy together.

"See ya, dudes!" replied Funky.

"Talk to you two later," said Candy.

The elevator popped up, and Candy pressed the "down" button before she and Funky stepped in and went back down, leaving DK and Diddy alone in their own house.

"Well, little buddy, it's just you and me now. Home sweet home like a couple of brothers!" chuckled DK playfully, wiggling his fingers on Diddy's feet.

Diddy giggled in ticklishness as his best buddy wrapped his arms around his chest and hugged him very tightly.

"Thank you so much, DK," said Diddy softly, "I really couldn't have done this without you. You've been a really big help."

"You're very welcome, Diddy," replied DK happily, "It may not have exactly gone according to plan, but at least we've retained the Crystal Coconut, and you've become a very brave little hero, and a little stronger, too."

"I'm somehow glad you've shown me how to be brave," said Diddy, "Even if it didn't work out well in the contest, I'm still happy to have become a little braver and stronger."

"That's my boy," said DK, "That's my good little buddy."

"Oh, DK!" chuckled Diddy, blushing in embarrassment.

"Aw, Diddy!" replied DK playfully, "Let's go lie down on my hammock."

"Sure thing, big buddy," agreed Diddy.

DK stood up and carried Diddy over to the big hammock where the ape always slept. Then, he lied down on the hammock while Diddy rested on DK's chest and wrapped his arms around his neck. In turn, DK wrapped his arms around Diddy's back.

The ape rocked the hammock slightly to give his buddy some relaxing sensations.

Gradually, Diddy fell asleep right on top of DK's chest and was seemingly grinning as he began to snooze off.

DK felt happy to give his little sidekick some much needed rest after such a wacky morning against a couple of bullies.

As for Diddy, he was very happy to have finally proven himself as a apprenticed hero. He knew that it may not be the biggest achievement he would ever pull off, but for now he was happy that Kongo Bongo was safe again, and he was especially happy that the Kongs began to see the heroism that was within his big heart.

Thus, Diddy's prize would be a gentle, relaxing nap with DK, on the ape's hammock; a much-needed well-deserved nap for a heroic job well done!

Well, … this is it, folks! The Crystal Coconut is safe again! Kongo Bongo is safe again, and it's all thanks to Diddy Kong! The young monkey has overcome his lack of bravery and lack of courage, he's given his bullying enemies the beating that they've deserved, and Manky will be a threat to the Kongs no more!

It looks like Diddy's heroic days are just beginning! Today will only be the first out of many times in the future where the Kongs will look at Diddy and shout out three cheers for his bravery, courage and heroism!

In that case, let this wild episode end with three cheers for Diddy!




Um, okay, I'm embarrassing myself now. I should stop with the "cheers" thing and just conclude that I had one heck of a time writing this story! I had spent several months thinking of a DKC Cartoon-based fanfic, and I sure hope that you have all enjoyed the wacky action and the occasional Kong-style humor! It's been a wild week, and I hope to do another one sometime soon, but for now it's time for me to say, …

"Goodnight, … and good luck."