Title; Prentiss and Isles

Author; Magrat 70

Disclaimer; not mine or Will and Casey would never happen and the woman would be with there intended.

Rating; T

Spoilers; everything up to season 7 Criminal Minds and Season 4 Rizzoli and Isles

Author's note; Discussing A Party to Boston, I left it open whether Emily and Maura slept together. Talking about I wondered what would happen if Jane did leave with Casey and Emily instead of joining Interpol decided to go back to back to where she 'died' and have a new start replacing a certain dark hair detective.

Author's note 2; some people will hate the idea of this story, anyone who has read my stuff knows I ship Jemily and Rizzles but this is about the story of two women that are lonely and attracted to one another. This is about Maura Isles and Emily Prentiss finding uncomplicated love and the reactions of those around them that for many years thought something else would happen.

Thank you to Sao 21 who helped me collect my thoughts and even have the courage to post what might be an unpopular story.

New Beginnings

Maura stretched her back out, she knew she had been doing too many hours since Jane left, her life felt empty. She never thought Jane would leave her, the pregnancy seemed to have made up her mind and she had left, married and gone from her life for good. The death of Frost in the auto accident had probably hastened her decision. It didn't stop Maura feeling lost and hurt, the Rizzoli clan still tried to include her in everything they did; she cried off as often as possible, taking as many calls as possible.

"Dr Isles, we need to go upstairs for the meeting." Susie reminded the doctor.

"I'll be up in a second," Maura resisted the urge to roll her eyes, the last thing she wanted to go to was the introductions of the new homicide detectives.


Cavanaugh waited until he saw Dr Isles slip in the room before he started the meeting. He had wondered if he was going to have to drag the M.E up to the meeting. He was excited about the new edition to the team however he still felt that if Maura and Jane had got their shit together years ago he would still have his best detective. "As you know the last few weeks have been hard the death of detective Frost and detective Rizzoli's resignation has hit us all hard. We have new replacements to keep you on your toes. I'm pleased to say Frankie Rizzoli is following in the family tradition and joining us from the drugs unit."

A brief round of applause went round and a few cat calls. Maura hadn't been paying paying attention, she looked towards Cavanaugh to give Frankie a grin when her heart felt like it was about to jump in her throat, for a brief moment Maura had been sure Jane was standing next to Cavanaugh. A tall, slim woman with jet black hair, dressed in black pant suit with a red tank top and soulful brown eyes gazed at her, the eyes seemed to mesmerise her for the longest time until she had to look away.

"Okay and this is detective Emily Prentiss, we are lucky to have her, she is a former profiler with the BAU at the FBI. There was quiet in the bullpen, it was unknown for a Fed to leave and join the police and Emily could feel the suspicion all around her. "Detective Prentiss will be partnered with detective Rizzoli under Sergeant Korsak. Okay everybody back to work."

Emily followed Frankie. "Prentiss do you mind if I have my sister's old desk? The other one was my best friend's, is it okay if I call you Prentiss?"

"Whatever you need and Prentiss is fine, detective Rizzoli," Emily answered, the young detective seemed as nervous as her.

"Rizzoli or Frankie's fine."

"And I'm Vince Korsak," an older man approached Emily with his hand outstretched and she took it, his grip was firm but not trying to break the bones in her hands.

Emily had been intrigued by the woman dressed in pale blue channel dress balanced on five inch high heels, she would certainly be the best dressed cop she had seen in her life. It had been the way she looked at her with a mixture of hunger and then disappointment. "Frankie, who is the woman talking to Cavanaugh?"

"That's Maura, Dr Isles our chief M.E, the morgue is in the basement so we tend to have a close working relationship with her."

"Well your sister did anyway," Crowe snickered at Frankie.

"Fuck you Crowe," Frankie was seething ready to smack him.

"Come on we all know you got this position because the boss is diddling your mother."

Korsak put his hand on Frankie to stop him going after the office wanker.

Crowe's attention turned to Prentiss. "Profiler, you're the ones that walk into precincts and tell everyone that you're looking for a white male between the ages of 24 and 45, who pissed the bed when he was a kid."

"Your name's not Brad A real FBI agent?" Prentiss asked.

"What?" Crowe asked confused

"You remind me of another dick I met," Prentiss answered, wondering if this was going to be the shortest posting in living memory.

"So you ever shot your gun or had to take down a perp, or did you sit behind a desk all day?" Crowe bated Prentiss.

The ruckus had attracted Cavanaugh and Maura's attention. Cavanaugh was more than aware of the former agent's ability in the field, how she handled someone like Crowe interested him. He didn't want to have to babysit his new detective; brilliant as her record was.

Maura could almost feel the barely contained fury in the agent's eyes. What she remembered reading about the BAU, they did a very dangerous job and she imagined the agent had faced more than a few bad situation.

"Unsub, unknown subjects that's what we called the serial murders, rapists, terrorists and everything in between. You doubt my ability in the field. Hand to hand in the gym and then the shooting range, after work, then you can decide." Prentiss answered pulling up to her full height, with the heels on her boots she was almost six foot and she knew how to use her body to intimidate.

Crowe was caught, he had been called out by Rizzoli a few times but always wiggled out; he went to laugh it off.

"Okay I think that's a date," Cavanaugh said, he was pleased how she handled her first challenge and he couldn't wait to see her in action.


Maura had tried to persuade Cavanaugh that this was a bad idea, he had tried to explain that homicide was a hard place. Every detective wanted the place in there. It was the top of the tree for a serious cop.

Emily pulled on her new BPD t-shirt and sweat bottoms, she wanted to make sure that the others realised she had shed her identity and wanted to be one of them. Although way to go Prentiss a fight in your first day. The blonde haired detective was as big as Morgan and looked like he worked out. What made her think he wasn't much of a street fighter was he had boxing gloves on while she had on grappling mitts.

The guy had a good few inches on Prentiss and a lot of weight advantage, however scared that the one thing she would fail was the physical exam, she had been training with Morgan for weeks. He hated the idea of his best friend leaving, but was relieved that she was only moving to Boston and not London to join Interpol. She was sharper than she ever had been.

He charged her straight away as she anticipated, she moved to the side and brought her knee into his stomach.

"What type of moves that, I thought this was hand to hand," Crowe wheezed at her.

"It's called fighting, I've been hit, by a 2 by 4, a truck, a car, I've been beat by a mad preacher who found out I was a FBI agent, I was thrown into a mirror, I've been shot, kidnapped, branned, stabbed by a table leg and I've been dead," while Emily kept up this dialogue she was evading his charges, watching his energy run down until she caught him in the jaw with an elbow. She was on him, her forearm across the throat her weight on his torso so he couldn't buck her off. "I died here in Boston." In front of her was no longer Crowe but Ian Doyle.

"Enough detective Prentiss," a female voice rang out. Maura could see the detective had disconnected with reality, she had heard the dialogue the woman had carried on while easily evading Crowe; it sounded like she had been through hell.

"Yeah I think we can also see that you've won detective Prentiss," Cavanaugh agreed.

Emily scrambled away from Crowe, she had been slowly crushing his throat.

He got up slowly and offered a glove to shake, she missed the move by a second as he swept her off her feet. She landed heavily on her hip but rolled and took him down with her legs, she then used her strong legs to scissor him around the throat until he tapped out. This time she didn't go to shake his hand. "Firing range next."

She watched Frankie and Korsak collect some money, it felt good to see her new team had at least put some trust in her.

Maura watched the raven haired detective move, she was favouring her left leg as she moved and holding herself in away that said to the trained doctor that her ribs were hurting. "Are you okay detective Prentiss?"

"Fine, Dr Isles thank you for your concern," Emily answered before catching up with Frankie and Korsak, desperate to show no weakness.


If she is was honest it wasn't beating Crowe in the ring in front of half the BPD detectives of every unit, it wasn't owning his ass on the firing range. What had given true happiness was watching Frankie and Korsak collect money on both. Watching them grin and pat her on the back, it felt like belonging. There had been one little slip when the older man had congratulated her and called her Janie, he looked embarrassed until Frankie added that his sister would have enjoyed her taking Crowe down the way she did.

She went into the women's changing rooms, not realising she had been followed.

"Please detective, I know you didn't want people to see but I know you've been hurt please, I want to make sure your okay?" Maura looked concerned, the former agent's limp had got markedly worse as she relaxed and entered the changing room.

"Dr Isles I've had a lot worse," Emily saw the concern in pretty hazel eyes.

"I heard, but you're here now and I want to check that you're still fit for duty," Maura knew it would piss Emily off, she didn't care, the woman was as stubborn as Jane.

"Really I'm fine," Emily took one look at the stern glance she was receiving and knew she couldn't win this one. She felt exposed as she stripped off her t-shirt and sweat pants, standing only in her black boy shorts and sports bra.

The doctor noticed that Crowe must have got at least one punch in. There was a big bruise on the woman's collar bone. "Can you move your right clavicle for me?" The doctor noted her movement seemed fine and she moved her fingers over the bone it seemed fine, that's when she noted the small puckered mark where the women had obviously been shot in the shoulder. She then noticed the brand of a four leaf clover on Emily's chest.

Prentiss was feeling more and more uncomfortable, she hadn't been touched since JJ in Paris, it had been a bubble that didn't last. She made her decision as she watched the blonde marry Will, while she had a huge hole in her heart; no more straight women.

Can you manage a deep breath, you must have hurt your ribs as you landed?" Maura asked, trying to ignore the huge scar on the beautiful ivory skin where she must have been stabbed, the raven haired detective had obviously not been exaggerating her experiences. There was bruises on her ribs but the way that Prentiss was breathing in and out she showed she hadn't broken any. She finally checked the woman's femur, god the woman had a beautiful body, long and lean, but well muscled. It took all of Maura's control not to run her fingers over the women's amazing abdominal muscles. Pulling herself together and catching vulnerability in those brown eyes she stepped away from her." You don't seem to have anything broken but I would advise that you put ice on it when you get home."

"Yes doctor," Emily saluted and then added. "Can I have a shower now or do you want to help me with that too."

"I...uhm...sorry, I only wanted to make sure you were okay."

Emily felt guilty when she saw the flash of pain across the doctor's beautiful face, after all she had only wanted to be kind. "Dr Isles, I'm sorry, I'm not good with people fussing over me; thank you."

Maura nodded her head, it was too much, this woman was so much like Jane, even having a body covered in scars that showed her bravery; it felt like she was being tormented.

"Dr Isles, the guys wanted me to go for a drink with them to the Dirty Robber, please rescue me from being the only woman there," Emily had felt the need to make amends to the woman for her crass comments.

Maura's first instinct was to refuse, but the woman was using her large brown eyes to give her the best puppy dog eyes, that she couldn't refuse. "Okay, but please call me Maura."

"Call me Emily then," adding in her head, but not Em, don't call me that. The doctor gave her an uncertain smile and tipped her head to the side, which was both cute and endearing.