Chapter One

The sound of the bell used to excite him. It was a moment in which he knew it was time to emerge from the coffin, freak some passerbys out a little bit, and carry on his usual day. Retiring from the reaper's association in about five years wasn't turning out to be such a bad decision. Ever since he'd sent Marie to hell, there wasn't much left he felt he could be known for.

More recently, Undertaker had discovered a quiet little shop up for lease, empty on the corner of a rather busy street. His fascination with death had never ceased, and perhaps it was a bit unsettling, even for a grim reaper. He thought it would only be suitable to run a coffin shop on that lovely corner in the dead of London. In retirement, there had to be something to keep his mind going...what was left of it.

"Only a half of a decade left? Unbelievable you!" a fellow reaper, Edward was his name, was trailing alongside him.

"I think it's a suitable time," Undertaker replied as they walked to the library to add their souls to the collection. His hair had nearly turned completely white, but as he stared at his death scythe, he couldn't help the sigh that escaped his chest.

"You'll miss it too much," Edward nudged him. "And I'm gonna miss having you around."

"Oh I'm sure you'll find your way. I hear there's some promising new reapers under your jurisdiction."

"Huh? Oh, yeah! The trainees!" Edward exclaimed. "I've got good ones in this lot this time around. One of 'im is a fancy red head. Getting straight As in practical skills he is."

"Ah, those are most important," Undertaker said.

"And one of 'em, it's the strangest thing. Gets a B on everything. Literally, everything he's ever done. Creeps me out a little, that one. He's almost the definition of the word neutral."

"Neutrality is necessary," Undertaker said, adding his cinematic records to the shelves. One in particular caught his eye.

"Hey, isn't that Robin Hood's record?" Edward exclaimed. Undertaker smirked.

"It might be."

"I've been trying to get my hands on that for weeks! How did you get it? I kept calling the library, asking if they had it."

"I neglected to return it," Undertaker confessed. "I just love a good story like that."

Edward's face turned white as a ghostly sheet. All this time and he probably could have just asked Undertaker to loan it to him.

"So it's months late?"

"Maybe, but I was the one who collected it in the first place."

Edward rolled his eyes. By now, he should have expected this of his eccentric friend. Late library books, as usual. Either way, he snatched the record and checked it out as soon as possible. As in, the moment Undertaker put it back on the shelf. After pushing up his spectacles, Undertaker told Edward not to wait up for him. He was off covering for another reaper on soul collection tonight.

"Get some sleep, will you?" Edward said before parting ways.

"I'll sleep when I'm dead," Undertaker smiled in reply.