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Chapter One: Kagura

She knows.

She knows that they all want to protect her- especially him- because she's the youngest, the weakest.

She had just hit a wall from the explosion and had gotten a scrape on her arm- they all had gotten away with scrapes of their own- yet she was the only one who was told not to fight. She wanted to fight; she wanted to see their families again and be reunited. The only way to do that was to fight the Shadow Line and free their town. She lashed out to them- to him- because of that.


She knows she isn't strongest out of the six of them, but she knows she can be strong when she imagines herself to be. However, she can sense the others' protectiveness over her- all evident in varying degrees: from Tokatti's glances over at her in a fight, to Akira's silent defenses in battle, to Right's encouraging words to her when things are going bad, to Mio's assurances to her that everything's alright when it really isn't so she wouldn't worry, to Hikari's actions in battle when he stays with her and makes sure she isn't hurt.

It touches her, because- well, it shows that they care, care for her, but she can hold her own. She's proven it over and over, in the battles they shared, fighting the Shadow Line. She's not some damsel in distress like in the fairytales she's read. She's not Rapunzel, waiting to be rescued from her tower, or Sleeping Beauty, waiting to be woken up by her true love's kiss.

Why can't they see that?


But when he comes to her after the battle and takes her away from the others, he tells her that he knows she can handle her own. That she's strong in her own way, and he knows that. He just wants to protect her from getting even more hurt and broken than she can be. And as he tells her these things, she can feel her heart flutter like it always did when she could see that he really, genuinely, did care for her, despite his indifferent facade. So she does the only thing she could- she hugs him tightly, and whispers, "Arigato, Hikari", and she can feel his unspoken feelings for her in his heartbeat and in his arms around her as he holds her close to him.

And she knows that she doesn't have anything to worry about, as long as she has him, and their friends, by her side.

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