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Pairing: Hikari/Kagura

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Chapter Two: Hikari

He understands.

He understands her pain, and her sorrow. They're in a tough situation, blindly venturing into the Shadow Line where their town is held captive, and they're anxious. Worried about what lies ahead, and about what they're going to encounter. After finding that their henshins don't hold for long, they have every right to be anxious. How were they going to get through?

She got hurt.

He partially blamed himself, because he could've easily protected her.

That attack threw them all off, though, with the shock of their henshins not holding, so they couldn't fight properly. He still couldn't comprehend how she was the one who had received the brunt of the attack, and was blown back into the wall. She insisted that she was fine, but he could see that it had shaken her inside.

In all honesty, it had unnerved him, too.

But he agreed with Right; that she shouldn't fight with them because she was hurt. He wanted to persuade her to help out some other way. But he also knows her stubbornness and will to fight, so arguing with her was useless. Yet he really did care for her wellbeing, more so than the others, so he was also determined to be by her side, no matter what they did.

But that heartbroken look in her eyes when she looked at him.. it also broke him inside. In that one glance, he understood. Her desperation to get back.. he feels it too. They all do. They all want to get back to their home, and be happy again. And he understands that the only way they could do that was to defeat the Shadow Line and Emperor Zet.

And that wasn't going to be easy.

He wants nothing more than to take her in his arms and hold her, so nothing else can hurt her.

But he can't.

He just wishes that she understands, too. That they protect her because they want to, not just because she's weak. They're all friends, and they look out for each other. And he knows she's strong in her own way, just like him and the others are.

Why can't she see that?

He goes to her after their battle with the Shadow Monster is finished. He pulls her away from the others as they walk back to the ressha, and they lag behind the group. He tells her that he understands why she lashed out at them; he tells her that she's strong, and he knows that. He nervously tells her that he wants to protect her, not from getting hurt, but from any more damage she could take. And he knows that she understands what he means when she nods, smiles up at him, wraps her arms around him in a hug, and whispers, "Arigato, Hikari."

He can only hug her back, hoping and praying that she would never fall into the darkness.

He takes comfort in the fact that they're all here, safe and mostly unharmed, and ready to take on whatever comes for them. They'll do whatever it takes to get back to their town- he can see it.

And he knows everything will be alright.

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