Author's Note: The followinf fanfic you're about to read contains some extreme and graphic deatail of violence that are not suitable for the young readers. Plus some graphic lemons, brutal torture scenes, and studd that'll make you cringe. Like seriously, if you have a weak stomach, our advice for you readers is to turn away or have a trash can ready for you. Not for the squeamish. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED.

Chapter 1: Hero No More

"Please calm down, Friend Beast Boy. I'm sure that Friend Raven will be alright." Starfire assurs the green Titan.

"I don't know, Star." Beast Boy replies. "Why haven't she contacted us yet."

"I'm sure Raven went in some late night poetry slam." Cyborg states as he eats a piece of meat.

"But who could go to a poetry slam this late at night?" Robin questions as he grew worry "We should go out and look for her."

"No! We must respect her privacy and trust her!" Starfire argues in a less convincing tone.

"She's right." Beast Boy comments in a worry filled voice. 'Please be alright, Rae.'

"Yeah guys." Cyborg responds in a confidence, but his inner big brother side starts to take over.

Robin sigh as he respond "If she's not here for another hour, then we should go and look for her."

Hours earlier...

Raven was just walking out of the library after returning in some books. She was smiling at herself when during reading, she couldn't help but thought about a certain someone in her mind.

Beast Boy.

"He's the one. I'm sure of it." Raven said as she decides to float back to the tower, until she felt something hit her on the head as she falls down.


It was silent at Titans Tower, as it was 2am in the morning, and Raven didn't come home from the library. She didn't even call from her communicator, she wasn't in her room which she would've teleport to, and the team grew worried.

"That's it, I've waited long enough!" Beast Boy shouts as he march towards the door "She's hasn't called, or answered her communicator, so I'm going to find her!"

Before the titans followed, a dark sphere appears in the living room, as they see the dark Titan appeared and fall onto the floor.

Starfire gasp as she flew toward her friend "Friend Raven, are you all right?" She asked the cloak girl as she turns Raven over, as her green eyes widen in horror as well as the rest of the Titans.

Raven was brutally beaten, her clothes tattered, with parts of her leotard ripped and scratched. The bottom part of her leotard was ripped showing Raven's swollen womanhood, and her boots were missing as blood flown through her cuts. It was clear that Raven was raped and had escaped from the abuse.

"Raven...who did this to you?" Robin demands, using his soothing voice for his little sister figure.

Raven let out tears from her eyes. Should she confess? She was thinking of Beast Boy but she knew he would sniff her out. She gulped as she confessed to her friends "I- I was just leaving the library, turning in some books." she stammers a bit as she starts to shake "But then I was ambushed."

"Who ambushed you?" Robin inquires as he gets as serious as Beast Boy.

She let out a swallow down into her throat as she respond "The ones who kidnapped me were Adonis, Dr. Light, Control Freak, Johnny Rancid, and Malchior." She told as she starts to cry, while Starfire held her tightly "They knocked me out and then tied me up to a table. They tortured me, and then they...took it."

"What did those bastards took from you?" Cyborg demands as he, Robin, and Beast Boy both shared a look like they know what is she going to say next.

"My virginity. They raped me guys." she finished as the The titans stood in shock and anger for Raven. They couldn't believe that those five scumbags would dare to violate their friend. But no one was more shocked and angry than Beast Boy.

'Those bastards took Raven's virginity and innocence, they will pay for their crimes!' He shouted darkly in his mind, as he ask her with a dark tone "Where are they?"

"I don't know...all I can think of is that they held me in a table at some abandoned apartment building." She replied, as she blacks out in Starfire's arms.

'Raven may not know, but...' Beast Boy stops to take a whiff of the girl in the Tamaranean's arms. 'I know just how to find them.' He finished before he ran out the door with speeds that would make any speedster jealous.

"Beast Boy, no!" Robin yells after the youngest Titan ran out of the room. He then turns to his team. "Take Raven to the infirmary! I'll try to stop Beast Boy from doing anything stupid." He order as he ran out. 'Beast Boy, don't do anything stupid!' He silently pleads to himself.

"I'll come with." Star said but is halted by Cyborg.

"We need to help Raven first." He told her as he covers Raven with a blanket from the couch as he picks her up "All we can do is make sure she's healed."

Starfire wanted to go, but Raven is her friend and she wanted to end the klorbags who did this to her, but she must think about her friend's health "Then we must shall." she said as she follows Cyborg to the infirmary.

But something in Starfire's mind that makes the Tamaranean clench her fist onto her chest 'Why do I have the feeling, that Beast Boy might never comeback to us?' she thought as she follows Cyborg.


Beast Boy takes to the skies because he is a man with a mission; that mission to to kill the bastards who raped Raven. He takes the form of a pterodactyl as he flies towards the city.

'They must suffer! They must all die!' Beast told Beast Boy as the changeling put all of his strength into flying.

'I know, and they will. Being raped won't seem so bad to what I'm going to do to them!' Beast Boy growls back to the Beast who is currently silent at Beast Boy's words. 'They don't deserve the mercy that death would serve them. Malchior, Adonis, Control freak, Johnny Rancid, and Doctor Light will all suffer, especially the first two.'

'Good.' Beast agree as he starts to give the green Titan a new level of respect. 'But you will need me.'

'What is going on?' Beast Boy demands from the Beast as he feels a strange surge pomping through his veins.

'I'm giving you my power! My speed! My instincts to kill!' Beast informs with a malicious tone.

'Normally I should oppose to this, but I will sacrifice my humanity just to kill these scumbags!' Beast Boy states as he starts to follow his instincts.

"Whatever it takes." Beast Boy said as he flew in some abandon apartment buildings that most of the criminals, gangs, pimps, and hobos reside. He look through every building he look through to find the scumbags.

Unknown to him, he is being watched by a figure in a ninja outfit.

A woman clad in black leather was riding her bike in the city when she saw a green flying dinasuar above her.

'I came to this town to see if I can find some potential assassins, but that green pterodactyl intrigues me.' said the mysterious figure as she gets on her bike to ride down to the location.

Beast Boy searched, until he finds a light in the window that shows five shadowy figures as he sat down behind the building so no one will notice him. The voices her heard was Adonis, Malchior, Control Freak, Johnny Rancid, and Doctor Light, and what are they saying in there disgusted him.

"Man that bitch was good and easy." Rancid laughs as his fellow rapists joins in. "We need to do that again, but maybe to Starfire."

"I was so close to doing that when I first met Raven, but I couldn't get her to commit to sex. I had her eating out of the palms of my hands with my sweet words, and the whole time I was convincing her that her teammates didn't want her at all. Haha that pathetic demon whore couldn't even see past my lies; all she had to do was use her empathy to see that I was lying, but the Trigon spawn wanted to know that someone loved and cared about her."

"The dark girl isn't so scary any more. And yet I feel that I did this before?" Doctor Light joins in.

"This brings a whole new level to the word control. Can you believe that the bitch was a virgin, and we took it." Control Freak laughs.

"And you know whats even better?" Adonis asked his fellow villains as they shake their heads no. "I got to mate with the grey bitch before that green freak. He wanted to wait to see if she had feelings for him, and he waited too long. I got to mate with her and I took it by force. She was even whimpering for that pathetic excuse of a hero to help her. HAHAHAHAHA! I can still see it; the bitch begging for the freak to save her as he defiled her with ou-" Adonis was cut short by a set of claws that are imbedded in his throat.

"GAAAAAHHHH!" screamed the four rapists as Adonis's eyes roll to the back of his head as blood oozed down from his throat and mouth. His corpse falls onto the floor as Beast Boy with blood in his claws look at his four prey with venom in his eyes.

"One bastard down, four bastards to go." He growled as he turns to Control Freak. "You're next."

"Since when can that freak can kill like that?!" Johnny questions as he backs away like the rest of the villains.

"It's not on Titans records, so I don't-" Control Freak couldn't finished as Beast Boy change into his tiger form as he jumps on top of the fat blob and began to sink his teeth into his fat belly, eating through Control Freak's stomach as he eats the intestines from his stomach. "P-PLEA-EEESE Help ME!" Control Freak yelled out to his fellow rapists before Beast Boy bit into his lungs."..."

"Juicy." Beast Boy sneers as he turns his attention to Malchior.

"Your next, paper boy." Beast Boy snarled. He really hates Malchior for breaking Raven's heart, and now he has the urge to tear him apart.

"I'm unlike those two, changeling." Malchior spoke as he change into his white hair, and armored appearance just like from the book. "You can't defeat a dragon sorcerer."

"You can not defeat a beast!" Beast Boy roars as he charges at the dragon in human form and swips at his chest, but gets swatted away from a tail when the sorceror grunts at the claw marks left on his chest.

"Dragon trumpts beast." Malchior replies in mirth. "Maybe after I kill you I'll have my way with that ugly and worthless demon again."

"She's not ugly!" Beast Boy yells in pure rage as he jumps onto the paper man and starts to repeatedly punch him in the face. "She is BEAUTIFUL!... PUNCH(italic) SMART!... PUNCH(italic) SELFLESS!... PUNCH(italic) BRAVE!... PUNCH(italic) UNIQUE!... PUNCH(italic) YOU!... PUNCH(italic) WILL!... PUNCH()italic NEVER!... PUNCH(italic) TOUCH!... PUNCH(italic) HER!"

Soon, Beast Boy stops punching Malchior as be grabs the dragon's snout and jaw with his clawed hands. Using his strength, he tears Malchior's long mouth as his bones starts to crack, as the green Titan rips Malchior's face off as the dragon change back into his basic form. Beast Boy then impales Malchior's chest as he brings out his heart and ribs as he crush them.

"All powerful dragon my ass." Beast Boy growled.

"I'm out of here!" Dr. Light said as he ran out of the room through the window.

"Hey, don't leave me here with his guy!" Johnny Rancid shouts to the doctor as Beast Boy charges towards him.

Rancid turns around and throw his fire chain at the teenager, but only for the Titan to move with such speed and catch the chain in his hand.

"P-P-Please d-don't hurt me." Rancid begs as he gets onto his knees and lets go of his chain.

"Don't hurt you?" Beast Boy mocks as he steps fourth with the chain in his hands and wraps it around the thug's neck with a menancing grin. "How fetching. Tell me did you not hurt, Raven!?"

"P-Please no! She wante-" Rancid starts before the chain gets yanks back and snaps his neck with a sickening snap.

"Now to find the doctor." Beast Boy states as he coils the chain rouns his upper body and tales a whif of the air. "You can't escape me. One left, Rae." Beast Boy whispers as he hunts down the insane 'doctor.' "Olly olly oxen free." Yelled out Beast Boy as he runs down the villain by following his scent.

"PLEASE SHOW MERCY!" Doctor Light begs as he walks into the street as bystanders stop to watch.

"Why should I!? You raped Raven!" Beast Boy demands as he fangs grow and his pupils dilate.

"We were paid to do it!" Doctor Light pleads. "Some blond girl who hated the witch paid us to rape her. Please don't hurt me!"

"Who?" Beast Boy asks in a low growl as he held Doctor Light up off the ground by his neck. "Answer me or I'll snap your neck!"

"Terra! Her name is Terra. Blond girl with no body and is a geomancer. She said that if Raven were to kill herself in shame then you would come running back to her." Doctor Light revealed.

That piece of information sink in Beast Boy's mind. 'Terra paid them to rape Raven JUST SO I CAN COME BACK TO HER SKINNY WHORE ASS?! oh I'm going back to her alright, by snapping her like a twig!' Beast Boy mentally thought as he transform into the Beast.

"Wha- what are you?!" Doctor Light screams as he tries to crawl away.

"Your reaper." The Beast growled as he uses his claws to rip out Light's legs, tearing his legs apart down the street. The witnesses that are watching the carnage from the monster paralyzing the doctor were shocked when they saw their resident hero, and the goof ball they know and love, brutally killing the villain. One of the witness is the female figure looking intrigued.

'Interesting.' she thought as she sees a red motorcycle heading towards the carnage.

"BEAST BOY! STOP!" Robin screams as he climbs off of his R-Cycle and stares at the horrible vision before him as Beast Boy turns back to himself as the Boy Wonder sees blood on his teammate's claws and mouth.

"Fine, I'll stop. After I kill, Terra." Beast Boy replies to his team leader in a hallow voice that halters the Gotham born hero, before a low and malicious laughter starts to urupt from the coldest part of his soul.

'What is with that laugh?' Robin asks himself in suspicion as he hands slowely go to his bo-staff. "Just what the fuck is so funny, Beast Boy?" He demands with narrowed eyes.

"I was a complete naive boy." He replied with an edge that would make Tim Curry wet himself "Terra truly is evil, and all I ever did was convince you guys that she was just confused." He turns his head up as he look at Robin with hollow eyes "I will rip her fucking head off for paying these scumbags to rape Raven!" Beast Boy yelled in outrage as his eyes turn pure white, which startled the boy wonder.

"Beast Boy." Robin starts in a gentle voice which does nothing to calm the changeling's blood lust. "This is not your fault if that's what you are wondering. Terra is just a twisted person, and she will pay for it!"

"Yes, she will." Beast Boy agrees in a ice cold voice that sends chills down the boy wonder's spine. "I fucked up! I failed Raven, and I will take my revenge!" He growls.

"Let the law deal with this Gar." Robin told him, but Beast Boy grips his fist.

"Fuck the law! No matter what we do, the criminals always gets out and kill and rape more!" Beast Boy barked as he looks at his bloody hands as he wipes them with his face "Go ahead and send me to jail, Robin. Once they send me to Jump City Prison, or Black Gate, or hell I'll even prefer Arkham, because I'll slaughter every dangerous criminal." his voice became more edgier than his usual cracked voice "Rapists, serial killers, pedophiles, drug dealers, I'll cut off their dicks, shove it into their throats, and bite their heads off so they can suffer eternally in hell where they belong!" he declared which shocks the civilians watching him, as well as the woman in leather.

'Such conviction.' Talia thinks with a smirk. 'The perfect canidate for the League, and for my apprentience.' She adds as she moves in closer just in case she needs to help the young green man before her.

"Then I will have to place you under arrest." Robin tells his youngest team member. "I'm sorry, Beast Boy. Please come in quietly." He pleads as he takes out a pair of handcuffs and walks towards the changeling who just sticks his hands out.

"Do what you must...for so will I." Beast Boy responds with a evil smirk. "Whatever it takes."

"I'm sorr-" Robin begins to say before he gets knocked out by a dark haird woman.

"Hello, young Titan." Talia greets.

"Robin!" Beast Boy exclaimed, as Talia steps in closer to him "Who are you!?" he asked as his instincts keeps telling him to calm down.

"I am Talia Al Ghul, and I represent the biding of my father Ra's Al Ghul and the League of Assassins." Talia greets as she steps closer to him "And we share the same ambition."

"What are you talking about?" Beast Boy inquires as he hears police sirens.

"I can help you get your revenge on the girl name Terra, if you come with me?" Talia told him as the changeling looks at Robin's unconsciousness form and then Dr. Light still alive as he's missing his limbs "Just come with me and I'll promise you that your hit list will be completed."

'I can't leave Jump, but my instincts tells me to follow her.' he thought as he felt his hand pulled by Talia as she has him to get on the back of the bike. Talia revved up her bike as they both ride on the bike.

"Ugh, someone help me." Dr. Light asked as his limbless form makes him to not stand up. He then heard a motorcycle tire coming to his direction as he looks to his left. His eyes widen when he saw the tire heading towards him as he was about to scream "FUU-"*CRACK!* his head was crushed by the two tires like crackers as the bloody trail oozes out and leaves marks.

"So where are we going?" Beast Boy questions his savior after a couple minutes of silence which was driving the changeling insane. "Hello?" Beast Boy questions again when Talia didn't answer him the first time or the second time.

Couldn't stand the silent treatment, Beast Boy tickles Talia's sides as the woman giggles, while dangerously moving the bike on the otherside.

"What?!" she shouts as she turns and dodge an upcoming truck.

"I'm asking where are we going?!" he demands her.

"We're going to the docks." Talia answers for him.

"The docks?! We can't leave the docks! I want that fucking blond bitch's head on the platter!" Beast Boy demands.

"You'll get your chance. Trust me!" Talia replied as they ride their way towards the docks.

"I better Talia." Beast Boy comments as he starts to feel very weird inside. 'What is going on I feel like I'm going to throw up?'


The two ride down the docks as they made it to the boat as Talia drove up the bridge that connects to the League of Assassin's boat. As the bridge closes, Talia and Beast Boy got out of the bike as Talia drags Beast Boy inside the boat.

"Nice boat." Beast Boy comments.

"Thank you." Talia replied "I will now show you to the bedroom." Talia told him as the changeling blushes in thought of the woman taking him to the boat's sleeping quarters.

"I haven't been on a boat in years.' Beast Boy thinks as he follws the attractive women into the sleeping quarters.

"This is where we will be sleeping." Talia states in a neutral tone.

"That's cool...wait, what!?" Beast Boy shrieks in shock at the woman. "W-What do you mean by where we will sleep?" He questions.

"There is only one bed in the room and I will never let you sleep anywhere else, not even the floor or with my crew." Talia informs him as she's about to take off her suit without telling Beast Boy to turn around.

The young man watches with his whole body frozen and his mind numb as the woman took of her skin tight clothes to reveal black bra and panties. 'What is happening to my life?' He asks hinself as the woman climbs under the covers and motions for him to follow suit.

"Get in, Beast Boy." Talia softly orders the teenager so not to spook him.

'Things can't get any more weird.' "Yes, ma'am." Beast Boy replies before he shyly slides in next to the assassin.

"Feeling comfortable now?" Talia asked as Beast Boy silently nodded "Good. Soon you'll make a fine apprentice when we get to our location."

"Apprentice?" he repeated.

"I came to the state to seek out an apprentice. Sadly none have shown potential to what I seek, until I found you, a natural born killer whom have killed five villains." Talia told as her leg ends up on top of the green man's knee "And that declaration you've made sends shivers down through my spine." she adds.

'Mate with her.' Beast insists.

'You know we can't do that!' Beast Boy roars with such a velosity that it actually made the Beast flinch.

"You will be a fine assassin." Talia adds before falling asleep with her leg still on his knee, her hand and head on his chest.

'I can never go back...cab I?' Beast Boy asks the Beast.

'No. But at least we got our vengence.' Beast reply with pride.

'Beast Boy was a hero, and I am not a hero anymore.' Beast Boy comments in a sade tone. 'Does that mean that I change my name?'

'You can drop the 'Boy' part of your name, Beast is more fitting.' Beast respond to him.

'Awesome.' The newly dubbed Beast respond to his inner beast as he falls asleep with the woman on top of him as his hand rest on her leg 'Goodbye Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, Jump City, and most of all Raven. I don't know if I'll ever see you again, but I can never be a hero.' he thought as he is now asleep.

'Now to make you more acceptable of me.' the inner beast states as he force changes his master's body 'A boy no more, now a man.'


Robin groans as he wakes up as he saw his friend gone. He then looks at Dr. Light's limbless, and now headless body as the boy wonder looks at Dr. Light's crushed skull.

"Beast Boy, no." Robin whispers as he feels his failure and dispair seep in.

Here it is. The first chapter of mine and JP-Rider's newst Beast Boy story.