Chapter One- Ron & Starfire (Cooking)

Ron Stoppable was once again at the Titans Tower in Jump City where is teaching her girlfriend, Starfire how to cook. Ron and Starfire are currently alone in the tower as the Titan leader Changeling went on his first date with Raven, Cyborg and Bumble Bee went on their own date, but it doesn't seem as interesting as Changeling and Raven going out when they have always fought with one another. Ron is wearing blue jeans, black muscle shirt, and a white apron that said kiss the chef with a big lip stick mark on the front. Starfire is wearing her normal uniform, but with her very own apron that said I kiss the chef.

"Are you sure that I should be cooking, Boyfriend Ron?" Starfire nervously asked as she looked at her boyfriend of two years after she broke up with Robin, and Ron broke up with Kim two months before that.

"Totally, Kori. With my teaching you will make some badical food." Ron assured as he rubbed her arms. Just trust yourself, and put your love in the cooking. Starfire's heart fluttered at her boyfriend's words, and smiled shyly at him.

"Thank you, Boyfriend Ron." Starfire stated.

"You are welcomed, my badical girlfriend." Ron replied.

As Starfire started gathering the ingredients for the dinner that she and Ron planned for the Titans when they all got back from their dates she couldn't help but thank back to when she first met Ron two years ago.


Starfire, Changeling, and Raven were fighting a small army of Slade-Bots, and were losing. Changeling was just leader for five months after their old leader Nightwing left them and a certain Tamaranean princess for Bludhaven, Cyborg and Bumble Bee were in Steel City and couldn't make it in time to help out their teammates.

"I told you not to give Cyborg and Bumble Bee the two weeks off!" Raven growled as she sent two Slade-Bots into two other Slade-Bots.

"Now is not the time, Rae!" Changeling yelled at his subordinate before he transformed into a tiger and jumped at three Slade-Bots.

"Friends!" Starfire yelled in desperation as she wildly shot her starbolts at random Slade-Bots. "I do not believe that we will last!"

"Don't lose hope, Star!" Changeling yelled back. "Never lose hope! We can still make it through this!"

"I wish I shared your hope, Friend Changeling." Starfire whispered to herself when she got hit in the back by a Slade-Bot and she fell from the sky, in a free fall.

The alien Titan was yards away from hitting the ground when she was caught by a mysterious man in black armor, and a katana on his back. "Don't worry, I gottcha." He assured as he set her back on the ground.

"Who are you?" Starfire questioned as she stared up into the mysterious man's deep, kind chocolate eyes. 'What beautiful eyes.' She thought as she felt herself getting lost in the chocolate sea that were the man's eyes.

"Furaribi , pretty lady." Furaribi informed as he freed his katana, and smiled under his mask, which the Titan could tell with her superior eye sight. "Let's go save your friends."

"Yes, lets." Starfire replied as she watched in amazement as the katana turned into a bo-staff.

"What is this? Don't forget me, Buffoon!" Yelled a voice as the Titans watched in shock as ten Slade-Bots were destroyed by a green skinned woman who fired green plasma out of her hands.

"It s Furaribi, Shego! Not buffoon!" Furaribi stated as he used his mystical monkey powers to increase his speed and strength as he charged the mass amounts of Slade-Bots and destroyed one after another while his mission partner Shego and the Titans do the same.

After an hour, and many cuts and bruises the Titans, Furaribi and Shego defeated the last of the Slade-Bots as they all stand in the middle of the destroyed robots. The Titans look to the other two when the Titan;s resident alien flew at the armored man and gave him a powerful hug.

"Oh thank you new friend for you assistance! We would have surely lost if not for you!" Starfire shouted as the man soundlessly screamed when he felt the two arms squeeze him.

"I'm sure you guys would have pulled through in the end." Furaribi stated as he returned the hug as much as he could. "I happen to think that with such a badical woman like you on the team, those robots would have lost."

"Badical?" Starfire inquired as she loosened the man from her hug and looked on in confusion. "What does this badical mean?"

"Badical. It means awesome, radical, cool." Furaribi answered as he pulled up his mask to reveal his mouth. "And you are badical." He added as he smiled at the now blushing girl.

"Thank you, Friend Furaribi." Starfire commented as she released the smiling man and giggled in response.

"Why don't you two come to the tower and have some pizza with us?" Changeling invited as he smiled at the man and attractive green woman.

"It is up to you, Rufus. Do you want to go, or do you wanna go home?" Furaribi questioned is armor which confused everyone beside Shego.

A movement in his armor started everyone and they looked in shock as a pink naked mole rat popped out. "Pizza!" He yelled in perfect english which startled the Titans even more.

"Did that naked mole rat just speak?" Changeling asked in awe. "I can't even do that in my naked mole rat form."

"He is smarter than the average naked mole rat." Furaribi answered as the man and the mole rat exchanged high five or the man did it with his finger.

"He is so cute." Starfire commented as she picked up Rufus, and examined him. "Would like to meet my pet, Silkie?" She asked the rat who nods his head in return. Then it is decided we must go back to the tower!


Furaribi was sitting on the couch as he held Silkie and starfire was beside him as she held rufus and slightly pet him.

"Silkie is just the second cutest little dude ever." Furarini commented as the Tamaranean shook her head.

"I must disagree, Friend Furaribi. For Rufus is the second cutest." Starfire replied with a smile.

"Dinner is ready!" Changeling announced to everyone as he walked in with the pizza and Shego who was laughing at one of his jokes.

"You're pretty funny, Changeling." Shego commented as she smiled.

"Please. Beautiful ladies like yourself can call me, Garfield." Changeling replied as he winked at the ex-villainess.

"Alright, Garfield." Shego responded as she giggled which shocked Furaribi.

'Shego just giggled!?' Furaribi thought as he sat down beside, Starfire and shego who was sitting next to Changeling.

The dinner went as usual for the Titans minus the appearances of Cyborg and Bumble Bee who were still on Steel City. Shego and Changeling decided to go out on a date the next day before she left for Global Justice Head Quarters, Raven headed to her room to meditate after dinner, and Furaribi and Starfire found themselves alone in the common room while the two green skinned heros were in the kitchen.

"May I ask you a question?" Starfire questioned the masked hero.

"Sure, Star." Furaribi responded.

"What is your real name?" Starfire asked.

Furaribi smiled before taking off his mask to reveal his blond hair, and faded freckles. "My name is Ron Stoppable." He answered before his Global Justice issued communicator went off. "Shego we are needed in, Norway." The blond stated as he shuddered at the mention of the Northern European nation.

"Wait! What does Furaribi mean?" Starfire inquired from the blond.

"It means a creature engulfed in flames that flied aimlessly." Ron answered the red head. "Hey, Star. Would you like to go out on a date?" He asked.

"Yes!" Starfire and Changeling answered at the sametime.

Everybody looks at the Titan leader as he blushes. "What?" He asked. "I just happy that my sister is finally going back out of dates."

"I'll pick you up on Friday." Ron stated before he dawned his mask and left the tower.


"It smells great, Kori." Ron commented as he smelled the meatloaf and tofu that his girlfriend just finished cooking.

"What?" Starfire questioned as she was so caught up in her thoughts that she failed to notice that she finished cooking dinner. "Oh so it does."

"Is something wrong?" Ron asked in worry.

"No." Starfire answered while she shook her head. "I was simply remembering the day that we met." She added with a small loving smile. "Best day of my life."

"Same here." Ron replied with a smile of his own.


"Wow Ron this is amazing!" Changeling commented as he took a bite out of his tofu.

"Like always, Ronald." Raven added with a rare contentment smile on her face. 'I wish Garfield knew how to cook.'

"It wasn't me. It was this badical Tamaranean princes." Ron replied as he placed his arm around said girl's shoulders. "She did an amazing job."

"No way." Cyborg responded as he took another bite of his meatloaf. "How can meatloaf taste so good?"

"Like I told, Kori. All it takes is a little love in the cooking." Ron informed before he kissed her cheek. "Love you, Kori."

"I love you too, Boyfriend Ron." Starfire replied as she smiled into the kiss with a tear in her eye. "Maybe tonight we can mate?" She whispered to her boyfriend.

"Badical." Ron whispered back.

What do you think? Pretty badical, right? If you have suggestions for girls to be with Ron then please give them.