Author's Note: I know it's short, but I hope it meets standards.

Chapter Nine- Ron & Ember (Soul Mates)

Ember growled as she flew around her realm in the Ghost Zone as she looked for the intruder that she felt had somehow entered her personal realm. The blue fired haired nineteen year old woman scowled as she increased her speed as she searched for the presence that was most defiantly unwelcomed in her realm; the grey skinned woman didn't spend too long looking for her target, because after ten minutes of looking she found him by a waterfall, which was weird because she didn't remember placing said waterfall in her realm. 'He didn't put the waterfall in my realm did he? No impossible, only soul mates can share a realm and change it to their liking.' The grey skinned ghost growled at the thought of somebody she didn't know being her soul mate and she'd be forced to spend her afterlife together. "Hey you there!" She called out to the blond boy sitting on the edge of the water with his feet in the water.

"What are you doing here?" Ron asked with a stoic expression but the woman landed and took a closer look and saw the dried tears on the blond's cheek and his red eyes. "Why are you in my realm?"

'Oh great, he's one of those cry babies, wussies.' Ember thought in irritation. "What the hell are you talking about your realm? This is mine realm. And it has been since nineteen eighty two." She rested her arms over her breasts and tapped her foot impatiently. "And why don't you stop crying for the love of Aerosmith! You're what seventeen? Eighteen? Act like it."

"Well if you died the way I did then you would have cried to." Ron replied in a sad tone before turning back to the waterfall. "And if this wasn't my realm then how was I able to create this waterfall?"

"How do you know all of this stuff?" Ember questioned as she forgot her anger at the excursion and sat by the blond, and put her feet in the water. "You've been dead for like what, half an hour or something?"

"Two hours." Ron answered as he wiped his dried tears away. "Some guy named Clockworks was already here when I arrived and told me that this was my realm and that I could create anything I wanted while in it."

"And he didn't tell you about me?" Ember asked the blond.

"No." Ron shook his head. "Will this be a problem?" He was able to steel away his sadness and he smiled up at the older ghost.

'I hate people who hide their emotions.' Ember scowled before she slapped the blond right across his face. "Let's get one thing straight! I don't even want to see you hide behind a smile ever again!" She scolded and the blond's smile fell and his sad expression returned. "If we will be spending our afterlife together then you will not lie to me, ever."

"Okay." Ron frowned.

"Besides this ain't all that bad; the size of our realm has nearly doubled in size." Ember chuckled and the teenage male also chuckled.

"Aren't you the lucky one. Not only do you get to spend time with such a badical guy like me, but also your… our realm double in size." Ron joked, but his sadness still tinged his voice.

"Yeah." Ember whispered as she looked at the waterfall and thought about what she was about to do; changing the surrounding to include some tiki cups full of coconut milk, palm trees , and two lounge chairs underneath the two before she turned t the surprise blond that looked at her.

"I like your style." Ron smiled a genuine smile before creating a pair of black sunglasses and a Hawaiian t-shirt and jean shorts in place of his mission clothes.

"Dito." Ember created a Hawaiian style bikini and took a sip of her coconut milk. "You know if you don't mind talking, I don't mind listening." She announced and she felt the blush on her cheeks as she realized that she felt like some kind of girly girl.

"Talk about what?" Ron asked as he faked in confusion, but winced when he heard his companion growl in anger. "You mean how I died and why the weird clothes I had on?"

"No; I know why you had the clothes on." Ember replied. "You're one of those Kim Possible cosplayers. But I would like to know how you died." She added.

"No. KP and I have been best friends since Pre-K." Ron sadly smiled as he remembered his best friend and the female ghost couldn't help the jealousy that shocked her to her core. "I've been going on missions with her since the very beginning."

"Wait! You're Don Doppable?" Ember inquired in shock.

"It's Ron Stoppable." Ron corrected with a smile. "At least you know I even exist. Most people don't, and if they do then like you they don't know my name."

"Sorry to hear that." Ember frowned at the blond, as she could relate to not being recognized back when she was still alive and some nobody in the eyes of the people she went to school with or to her own parents. "Did you die on a mission?" She questioned, but inside she already knew.

"Yeah." Ron frowned as he remembered the red head running away from him as he desperately tried to call her name, to call for help. "It was a freak accident."

"Freak accident?" Ember arched her brow. "What like one of your weird super villains? Or do you mean like something terrible just happened?"

"The base self-destructed and as I was running I saw a henchman trapped underneath a piece of stone and I went to help him, and I did but when he ran for his own safety a piece of lumber got lodged in my chest and punctured my lungs."

"You're taking this rather well, all things considered." Ember commented to the dead teenager.

"You think?" Ron asked as a weird expression crossed his face. "Do you know how two people can share a realm?" He added.

"….." Ember said below her voice, blushing in embarrassment at the suggestion of the blond being her one and only soul mate.

"What was that?" Ron inquired from his realm mate as even with his better than normal hearing. "I didn't quite catch that."

"I said soul mates." Ember admitted as her cheeks redden.

"S-S-Soul m-m-ma-ates?" Ron stuttered and blushed as he avoided the blue skinned woman's piercing blue eyes. "A-Ar-re you s-sur-re?"

"Yes I'm sure!" Ember snapped as she only wanted this part of the conversation over, not keep talking about it.

"Okay! Okay!" Ron yelped as he flinched from the ghost whose hair flared up when she snapped at him. "So… does this mean that we like…. Love each other or something?" He questioned as he rubbed the back of his neck.

"No." Ember sighed in frustration. "How can you like someone who you just met? It isn't possible or would it make sense." She added as she caught the blond's discomfort. 'That's kind of cute. And I really wish it wasn't.'

"So we are destined to fall in love." Ron replied thoughtfully. The female ghost was about to scold the blond for his statement when he continued. "But that doesn't really work out for me; I'd rather get to know you, so we can fall in love naturally."

Ember involuntary blushed at the new ghost's words and cursed her soon to be ex-boyfriend for never saying anything like that to her in all the years that they had dated, but smiled at the thought of this cute blond saying things like that to her for all eternity. "Where do we start?" She inquired from the recently dead teen.

"A kiss with a babelious girl." Ron blushed as he looked at the ghost.

'Babelious? That's a new one.' Ember thought as her womanly pride swelled. "Fine." She agreed and the blond nervously went in for the kiss, but her finger landed on his lips, stopping him. "But if I don't like it then we never do it again. Agreed?"

"S-Sure." Ron accepted as he hoped that his first kiss wouldn't be his last kiss.

The two ghosts slowly moved their lips closer and closer until they met in a lover's embrace and an explosion rocked through their core as electricity shot through them and their eyes closed as the kiss deepened. Ember slightly moaned as her hands cupped the blond's cheek and their lips slightly part before the once again meet with a passion. Ron moved his arms around the blue haired girl's waist and he pulled her close to him and for minutes they continue to kiss before they part and the blond boy rested his forehead on his soul mate's forehead before they both opened their eyes and they saw what happened to the area around them.

"What happened?" Ron asked confused as he looked around and the whole area looked like one of those stereotypical scenes in the movies that take place in Vienna, Italy. "Why did you put us in Italy?' He asked his soul mate.

"What? I didn't do it!" Ember hotly denied as her hair started to move around like flames. "You were the one to do it!" She accused the blond. "You were trying to be all stupidly romantic and shit!" She added as she felt a blush consume her face. 'I hope I didn't do this! I mean sure I imagined us taking on one of those gondola rides, but that doesn't mean I did something like this! Wait? Isn't Vienna in Austria?'

"It's so cute that you're denying it." Ron teased and the older ghost was about to bash her guitar on the younger one's head but a passionate kiss stopped her in her tracks.