It was a regular sunny day in kohada and our favourite knucklehead ninja was on top of hokage mountain watching the sun set he had run up there after being chased by a mob of villagers…..again.

He should have been used to the treatment by now, but things had been different for the young jinchuriki. Sure he was used to the villages treatment to him but what was worse was that his friends were slowly but surely ignoring him and that pained him evan granny tsunade and pervy sage were ignoring him little by little. the only people still kind to him were gaara, killer bee, utakata, hinata iruka, the ramen people. Evan sasuke was being somewhat kind to him

Naruto growled, they acted like they want him gone and he knew it but every time he had tried to leave they stopped him and forced him into granny tsunade's office rather forcefully and she would always say "why are you running away naruto?( the way she said his name made it sound like a curse) you have people here who care about you you know" yeah right (aside from the people he mentioned before) he was greeted more kindly by kurama, yes that's right people he had started talking to him. him, kurama the fearsome (if greatly annoying) 9 tailed demon who was feared in the heart of many-

"yeah yeah gaki i know how great i am but with you repeating it like a broken record it does get *a little* annoying."

see what i mean about being annoying

"anyway i don't see why you don't evan use my chakra to escape i can clock it so the won't senses it and with my senses and speed you could make it out of the village and into the sand village by nightfall tomorrow! i mean you already know that they are planning on turning you into a mindless wea-"


"now now kit you heard it come right out of that granny's mouth so you can't blame me for bringing it up now can you?"


" thought so"

As much as he hated to admit it kurama was right he was walking to granny's office when he caught the conversation with her and Danzo and what shocked him was the fact he heard her telling Danzo that when Naruto turned 15 he would be brainwashed with a secret jutsu placed on him and would be trained in ROOT but she must have been joking right-


by the time Naruto had understood what Kurama had said he tried to bolt but it was useless the jutsu was already taking effect and before anyone could even blink a strange light covered the whole of the leaf village for a millisecond then it was gone … and so was Naruto.