The first thing Naruto saw when he opened his eyes was … white? His once sluggish head suddenly swarmed with questions. Where was he? What was he doing here? Was he alone? Why was the room white? and the most bizarre question of all one he should know but didn't. Who was he? he had large gaps in his memory but remembered his name how old he was and personal things like that but he couldn't remember where he lived that but he did know he was a jinchuuriki a person that carried one of the 9 tailed beasts like within himself he carried the most powerful one the 9 tailed fox. A few faces flashed before him he recognized them right away they were Gaara the 1 tails, Ukataka the 6 tails and Killer bee the 8 tails in short they were all jinchuuriki maby he was kidnapped for his tailed beast and if that was true then that would mean that there would be other jinchuuriki. yes he could hold onto that one hope.

Gaara had no idea how he got here then again he couldn't even remember where he lived . Why couldn't remember that one simple thing that he was just meant to know and it it didn't help that Shukaku was screaming in his mind to get blood for him when he was trying to concentrate maybe Naruto was here and if they found each other they had a better chance of getting out of here….. er wherever here was of course and if he could find the people here he could either ask them for help or if they were enemy feed their blood to Shukaku. Yes that would be a good plan

Killer bee was walking along whitened hallways supposedly humming a rhyme to himself but in reality he was talking to Gyuki the 8 tails

"so how are we getting out yo my pal 8to?" rhymed killer bee

"firstly stop that annoying rapping you're terrible" shot Gyuki

killer bee sweat drops

"anyway from what i can see there are no exits and even if there were there are a lot of ninja here and also i can sense other jinjuriki"

"ALRIGHT! lets go and help the little guys out!" said Killer bee who had finally stopped rhyming

"very well the blonde 9 tails kit is in the room next to you-"

before Gyuki could even finish his sentence killer bee charged right at the door

Naruto was just starting to get used to standing on his feet again when he heard an almighty CRACK at first nothing happened then the door fell down and howling could be heard when he looked up he saw Killer Bee hopping about clutching his fist

Naruto sweat dropped

"erm killer bee is that really you?"


"are you okey?"


Naruto fumed


"….yeah yeah…...shut up that meant to happen….yes of course it did i'm not a baka you know….OWWWWWW!"

that last part woke bee up as a wooden plank made contact with his face

"serves you right you were ignoring me! now how did you find me?"

" 1 not nice to throw things bro! 2 Gyuki told me and 3 i am here to save you" in a super star pose.

before Naruto could make a remark about it Gaara burst into the room followed closely by Utakata who he must have meet along the way

"Is everyone alright?!" asked a frantic gaara (yes, first time for everything)

"yeah i'm fine but where are we?" replied a baffled Naruto

"I believe i can answer that for you" came a new voice

the 4 jinchuuriki turned around to find a women with long black hair, blue eyes, brown shin and very tall about 25 in short very beautiful

"who are you?"

"I am iris and we have been watching you for awhile now"