It was quiet. Sure there was the expected ambient noise in the back-round of the distant town center, to far to identify sounds specifically, but close enough for it to create a subtle hum. In the closer vicinity however, there was very little to hear - the buz of the street lamp as it flickered in and out, the shuffling of leaves as a soft breeze passed through, the cackling of a witch as the halloween gimick sprang to life at a passing cat. So, for the suburban neighborhood it was quiet - relatively speaking.

"How are we doing, Parker?"

"I'm in," Parker whispered back.

"Two minutes."

"Got it." Parker moved away from the living room window toward the study at the back of the house, pausing only for a moment at the base of the stairs to listen for any sign of movement. Once in the study it was quick work to move to the wall behind the desk and remove the painting. "It's a Gardall, combination and key lock. It's like people want us to steal their secrets," Parker scoffed before pressing her ear to the safe and began turning the dial. "I don't even have to try. I could do this in my sleep," she grumbled.

"I'll make sure you have a real challenge next time Parker," Nate assured.

"Really?" Parker perked up, temporarily forgetting about the safe. "Cause I was thinking that we could have a go at the steranko again. I …"

"Just hurry up Parker," a gruff voice cackled over the coms in demand.

"Fine," Parker sniffed and began to fiddle with the dial again. "Combination's done," she announced as she began to seduce the key lock. The soft click came a moment later and the door popped open. "I got the files."

"Alright, get out of there," Nate ordered.

Parker shoved the files into the bag and headed toward her exit when a soft creek made her freeze. A second later she was pressed against the wall behind the study door looking out into the hallway through the crack. By aid of the moonlight and street lamps she watched as the cupboard door under the stairs slowly opened. A head popped out, the head twisted so it was listening to any noise coming from upstairs. When none came, a body followed the head, and then a pair of legs. Parker watched as the boy, because the person was quiet clearly a boy of maybe five or six judging by his size, tiptoed down the hallway and then into the kitchen his eyes and ears always on the stairs. As soon as she saw the lights flicker on in the kitchen she moved out of the study and toward her exit point pausing at the cupboard under the stairs. What had the kid been doing under there?

"Everything alright Parker?" Nate asked.

"Just give me a moment," she whispered back. A quick glance over her shoulder assured her that she had not been heard. "I just want to check something out."

"Parker…" Nate began, the warning in his voice clear.

"Just three seconds," Parker snapped quietly. She pulled open the cupboard door and ducked inside. Until that moment she had been assuming that the little cupboard had been built into one of those make shift forts she had heard that kids liked to build. Seeing the crayon sign above the dirty mattress and pathetic excuse for a blanket caused her to rethink that idea. The sound of a refrigerator door shutting brought her out of her musing. Pulling out her phone she took a couple quick pictures and then hurried toward her exit never making a sound.

Parker jogged down and over a couple of blocks where there was a local grocery mart and a black van hanging out in the parking lot. The moment she opened the back door she was bombarded with commentary.

"About time," Elliot grumbled.

"Did you get the files?" Hardison asked.

"Yeah," she said pulling them out of her bag and tossing them to him. "I also got something else."

"What else could be in the safe?" Hardison asked suspiciously while Nate raised an eyebrow inquiringly.

"It turns out that Dursley isn't just embezzling funds from his company," Parker announced as she pulled out her phone and pulled up the picture she had taken. She handed it to Nate.

"It's some kids bedroom - Harry's according to the sign," Nate frowned.

"Give me a moment," Hardison demanded as he began typing away on his computer.

Elliot pulled the phone out of Nate's hands. "This family is well off, even with out the embezzling," he growled already guessing where this was heading and not liking the direction this con was taking.

"Yeah, well, it get's worse. That space is the cupboard under the stairs," Parker stated as she pulled her phone back and proceeded to forward the picture to their phones.

"So he's neglecting a child, probably abuse going on as well given his rage tendencies," Nate said leaning back in his seat with a frown on his face.

"Nate, if things start to go south, that child is going to be the first victim of his anger," Sophie announced speaking up for the first time. Nate nodded.

"Got it," Hardison announced. "His name is Harry James Potter. He's the nephew of Petunia, her sister's son. He's been with them for nine years. I can't find any records on how his parent's died, but they lived somewhere called Godric's Hallow. He was born July 31st, 1980, to James and Lily Potter. There's no records on the father and almost nothing on the mother. According to school records, Harry is a bit of a trouble maker. He's got a list of everything from pranks to fighting on this thing. He's anti social, no friends, he's a below average student. Hold on a moment … yeah just as I thought. His grades are just below his cousin. Almost always by just a few points."

"Well if there is neglect and abuse going on at his home he would need to take that frustration out elsewhere which explains the fights and misbehavior," Nate said, thinking out loud. "That, however, doesn't explain the lack of friends or why the teacher's haven't picked up on anything. Has anything been filed with children's protective services?"

Hardison hummed as he began tapping away on his keyboard. "That's odd," Hardison said suddenly as he read through the document's that had popped up on his screen. "There was a complaint filed by a teacher he had in first grade. The complaint was marked as investigated and closed, but there's none of the usual paperwork that goes with it. Nothing that says what his living conditions were like or anything. And check this out, the teacher who filed the complaint suddenly felt the need to move further south to Seaton two days after the complaint was filed as investigated. Now, I don't know about you guys, but I don't think Dursley has this kind of power. He can throw around his weight at the company, but in the world, the dude just has more enemies than allies."

"I agree, someone else is covering this up for Dursley," Nate concurred. "We know about the neglect, we need to find out about the abuse."

"Nate?" Sophie asked the longer question that was on everyone's mind not needing to be said.

"We go ahead with the original con, were just going to make certain that Dursely falls for child neglect and abuse as well. "

"Do I get to hit Dursley," Elliot demanded.

"Oh, I'm sure I can work that in the plan somewhere," Nate smirked. "Let's go steal us the Children's Protective Agency."