"Back in the late sixties a man surfaced in the Political arena calling himself Lord Voldemort. He was handsome, charismatic, and persuasive. His political agenda moved forward quickly and he gained a lot of support, by the time the seventies rolled around he was perhaps one of the most powerful men in Great Britain," Remus explained.

"Ah, excuse me, I just, I'm sorry, but I don't recall any of this," Sophie spoke up. "I think I would remember someone by that name gaining that much power in my home country." She gave an indignant look to Nate as if daring him to contradict her point before looking at Remus demanding an explanation.

"Awe, well, you wouldn't have," Remus said with a mysterious smirk before turning to Harry and studying him intently. "Tell me Harry, have you ever done anything strange something you couldn't explain, when you were angry or scared?"

The Leverage family tensed and turned their gazes as one to Harry who was staring fearfully up at Remus. They all knew the answer. They had figured out within days of taking Harry away from his relatives that he was unique. It was part of the reason Nate and Sophie had decided to retire and adopt Harry rather than give to system and let them find a home.

Lupin it seemed did not need a verbal answer. "It's not something to be ashamed of Harry," he began, correctly reading the source of fear in everyone's eyes. "Your parents, myself, and a lot of other people can do some very special things. You're a wizard Harry. You are part of a small community that has the ability to perform magic."

"Other people can do it to?" Harry asked perking up a bit. Lupin smiled and pulled out his wand. He pointed it at the couch, muttered something under his breath and the couch was suddenly small enough for a little girls Barbie Dream Home. "Wow," harry muttered in surprise.

Sophie on the other hand turned an annoyed glare on their guest, "Yes, yes, it's brilliant, but can I have my couch back. I do have guests over on occasion and I would like for them to have somewhere to sit."

Lupin returned the couch to it's original size with a sheepish look at Sophie.

"How come you use a wand?" Harry asked. "Can't you do magic without it?"

"Wnadless magic is extremely difficult. It takes a very powerful wizard and years of practice to become even remotely proficient. I can do some small bit's, parlour tricks really, but that's about it," Remus explained.

When Harry didn't respond but simply looked thoughtful Nate decided it was time to get the story back on track. "I'm assuming the Wizarding world has their own laws?"

Remus nodded, "Yes, and because Wizards and Witches live such long lives as well as our strong emphasis on the importance of traditions we are much slower to progress as the muggle world."

"Meaning?" Eliot interrupted.

"Meaning that while the muggle world has laws against discrimination and racism, our world does not," Remus explained. "It's the equivalent of going to a third world country almost. You see one of the oldest arguments in our community is the issue of muggles and muggleborns - non-magical people and a magical child born to a family with no prior known history of magic. It is the belief that magic is in the blood and blood is a very dangerous commodity in our world. Most blood magic has been declared dark magic and illegal."

"It mean's that bloodlines would be closely monitored. I imagine using blood with magic allows someone to exhibit some sort of control over the person the blood was taken from?" Nate questioned astutely.

Remus nodded, "Impressive, and yes, bloodlines are closely monitored and those with the purest of bloodlines, meaning they don't have a drop of muggle or creature blood in their system are given a great deal of importance in our world." The expression on his face gave everyone a clear idea of what he thought of that. "It is believed by many of those who are magically raised that muggle blood dilutes the magic. Utter bull-shit, Lily Potter was one of the most powerful witches of our year and she was a muggleborn. Look what she had for a sister and what she accomplished in our world. Anyway, it was this issue that Voldemort preyed on. The pureblood families flocked to his side, when the legislatures began to become to excessive they began to fail in the wizengamot. It began with disappearances first, then in the early seventies the first attack happened and the magical world began a civil war against Lord Voldemort. He was powerful and vindictive. He showed as little mercy to his followers as he did to his enemies. He had delved so far into the dark arts that no one is really certain what his full potential was. By the time we graduated Hogwarts the ministry was in shambles fighting against itself. Albus Dumbledore, perhaps one of the greatest wizards since Merlin assembled together a group of people that were opposed to Voldemort. I, your mother and father, and two others joined this group when we graduated. At the time of your birth, we knew the war was coming to an end. We were fighting hard, but we were losing. After you were born it became clear why. Your parents were experiencing an enormous amount of bad luck all of the sudden, it wasn't long before it became clear that someone close to them was giving out information to the other side. Finally after several of their hide-outs failed they went into hiding under the fidelious charm. It's a bit of magic that hides a location inside a single person, inside their soul. Only that person, known as the Secret Keeper, can tell someone where the location is. If someone else tries to tell someone, they find themselves rambling about the weather or some other small talk. The charm also hides any previous information. You wouldn't be able to find the address in a phone book, legal documents, and if someone knew of the place prior to the charm they would find they could no longer remember it. This charm was our biggest mistake."

"Why?" Harry asked. He already sensed they were coming up on the part of the story he most dreaded and most wanted to hear, but he couldn't imagine why the fidelious charm was a mistake if it kept his parents safe.

"Because it created a false sense of safety," Nate interrupted. At everyone questioning look he explained, "Well the only thing that can really keep you alive is fear. Fear of being caught, fear of dieing, it makes your senses that much sharp, pumps the adrenaline into your system so you can act quickly. The Potter's created a safe haven so safe, that they no longer feared being caught in their own home, so while they were there the war essentially did not exist and it never would have occurred to them that their judgement could be so wrong that their secret keeper was the one who was working both sides."

"That is exactly what happened," Lupin agreed. "On October 31st, 1981 Lord Voldemort arrived in Godric's Hallow to personally see to the end of the Potter line. James didn't even have his wand on him. Lily barricaded herself in the nursery with Harry hoping I think that someone would realize what had happened and come rescue them. What happened next though, well it's become one of the Wizarding Worlds greatest mysteries. The curse he used on your mother and father, the one he used on countless others, is considered perhaps one of the darkest curses. It can not be blocked by magic, the only way to survive it is to get out of it's way. It brings instant death to the victim, except one," he said turning his intent gaze on Harry. "You became the first person in known history to survive the curse and no one has an inkling as to how. That scar is not some ordinary cut that has healed as best it could, it's where you were hit with the killing Curse and where it rebounded from to hit the dark lord."

"Wait," Sophie demanded. "Are you saying that some bit of magic backfired and our Harry somehow killed this evil guy?" she asked looking around at everyone. "Does anyone else find that completely unbelievable?"

Remus shrugged, "Like I said, no one is exactly certain as to what happened, the only thing we know for certain is that Harry survived the killing curse and that Voldemort was hit on the rebound. As for killing him, well, that's where opinions differ. The public opinion, the one the Ministry promotes, is that the Dark Lord died. The more secret opinion is that he's out there, just to weak to carry on. The thing is, there was no body and there have been instances in the past few years that support this. There have also been whispers among his Death Eaters these past few month's."

"Look this is a great story, y'all, really it is, but I'm still wondering what this has got to do with finding Harry?" Hardison demanded.

"Well like I said we all thought Harry was dead. It didn't help that he dropped off all of the records in Britain, of course now we know it was because he moved to America. The thing is, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is hosting for the first time in a hundred years the Triwizard Tournament. It's a tournament in which three of the finest European schools gather to compete in - Hogwarts, Beauxbaton, and Durmstrang. The visiting schools bring some of their top students and each student enters their name into the Goblet of Fire. The goblet is a very ancient magical item designed specifically for the competition. It chooses objectively who will compete in the competition. Once chosen that person is magically bound to compete. No second guesses. This year, we got the surprise of a life time when not three but four competitors were chosen. That's how we knew, Harry was still alive. The goblet wouldn't have chosen him if he couldn't physically compete."

"So what, you want him to compete in this tournament?" Parker asked.

"I would really rather he didn't actually," Remus sighed.

"Then why come looking for him?" Parker frowned.

Hardison sighed and shook his head, "Girl, we gonna have a long talk later."

"Aside from the fact that Harry is my friends son? Harry is magically bound to compete. If he doesn't he will loose all of his magic," Remus explained his face scrunched up in frustration.

Everyone looked at Harry again as though they were trying to weigh whether a harry without magic was better or worse than a Harry with.

"What I don't get is Harry didn't put his name in this cup thing," Elliot said breaking the silence. "So who put his name in it and why?"

"There's a reason the tournament hasn't been held in a hundred years. It was cancelled because the death toll was to high. Competitors die in this tournament. When they decided to try it again, they put all these restrictions on who could enter. Harry's name shouldn't have been accepted by the cup, because he doesn't meet the qualifications - mainly he isn't of age and he doesn't attend any of the three schools that compete. The tasks are designed to test a persons ability in magic and also their creativity in how they use it. Those that survive this tournament are supposed to be some of the most powerful witches and wizards of their time. Whoever put Harry's name in that cup were able to by pass wards and charms that have long been forgotten and convince an ancient artifact that Harry was seventeen and that there were four schools competing," Remus was almost ranting by the end the panic rising in his voice as he began to think of Harry actually competing in this thing.

"So basically, whoever entered Harry in this thing is hoping he'll die?" Elliot demanded.

"That is the general consensus," Remus muttered.

"Can't someone have just been hoping to prove Harry was still alive?" Sophie pleaded.

"It's a very small maybe," Remus sighed. He bit his lower lip and tapped his finger on the table clearly wanting to say more. He leaned forward on the table once he had his thoughts in order and began to speak, " When you join Lord Voldemort's forces you are marked with what has become known as the Dark Mark. The Death Eaters wear it with honor but those of us on the outside know what it really is. It's a brand announcing you as his slave. It's how he keeps track of his followers, why none of them can escape once they join him. It burns when he calls for them and they must answer the call. When he 'died' that mark became faint, almost impossible to see if you weren't looking for it. The marks they're getting darker, you can see them again. Dumbledore doesn't think that this is the work of someone who is simply looking for Harry or holds a grudge for taking down the dark lord. Oh no, there is only one person in this world that would have known Harry was alive without doubt. Dumbledore had speculated that a bond of some sort had been forged between Harry and Voldemort. We think he is planning his rebirth and when your someone who rules by fear, you can't be seen to be defeated by an infant. In order to regain his foothold on the community, he has to defeat Harry. There are two possible out comes to this, either Harry refuses to compete and looses his magic, Voldemort comes back to life and comes to find you and will certainly kill you, or you compete in the tournament, learn magic along the way and when Voldemort comes back you at least have a fighting chance."

"So it's a choice between dying and maybe, possibly not dyeing?" Harry asked, brow furrowed in concentration.

Remus nodded.

"That's comforting," Harry grimaced as he slouched in his chair.