Chapter 2

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Elphaba got inside the dorm she shared with Galinda Upland, and boy did she loathe the girl. She was dating her best friend, Enjolras, who in fact didn't like her – and just downright had a hobby which was to annoy her and discriminate her. She rolled her eyes just at the memory of the girl.

She decided to pick up another book Enjolras had suggested. They had been pretty close since they were freshmen. How exactly did they become best friends? Well, you see, when Pfannee, Milla and Shenshen had yet insulted her for the umpteenth time on the first week of school, Enjolras had proudly stood up for her. He managed to look past her green skin, and she loved him for that. Sighing in content due to reminiscing how their friendship started, she picked the book up and started to read.

"Hello, everyone!" Courfeyrac sat on the remaining empty seat of the "official" table of Les Amis De I'ABC in the Café Musain, a café located just a few blocks away from Shiz University, really. If you're in the mood, you can even walk there!

"Hello, Feyrac." Combeferre smiled, the others doing the same.

"No women with you yet, Francis?! Wow, it's a miracle!" Grantaire exclaimed. Some snickered while the rest laughed. Courfeyrac was one of those who laughed before sitting down.

"What's your schedule, by the way?" Jehan spoke up. Jehan was one of Courfeyrac's closest friends since they were elementary.

"It's very interesting, but I'll manage. I just hope I won't have teachers who will flood me with homework on the first day."

"If you stop flirting with women then yes, you'll manage." Enjolras shrugged.

"Oh shush up, Julien, look at who you're dating – Galinda freaking Upland!"

"Oh but you've never gone steady with any girl have you? It seems to define your grades as well." Feuilly retorted, but Courfeyrac just shrugged the insult off.

Eponine and Cosette sat down on each other's beds. Much to their happiness, they had been placed as roommates. Valjean had trusted Eponine, so he had probably requested for Cosette to share a room wiith her.

"Today's been fun." Cosette mused a bit tiredly.

"Well, except for what happened this morning." Eponine muttered, but not loud enough for Cosette to hear. Cosette only heard the mumbling, so she sat up and asked,

"What was that, Ep?"

Eponine raised her eyebrow at her new nickname before sighing.

"I know you wouldn't like to answer this question Cosette, but I know you trust me, so can you please just answer me honestly?"

"I'll try."

"Okay then. Why don't you tell Enjolras about your situation?" She asked.

Cosette shifted uncomfortably, refusing to make eye contact with the brunette. She weighed her options carefully in her mind. On one hand, she could tell Eponine the real reason and get everything off of her chest. On another, Eponine could easily be enraged and run off to find her brother .Cosette decided to change the subject instead.

"How's Gavroche?" She asked, looking down at her lap.

Eponine gave her a look. "You didn't answer my question," She replied, getting off of her own bed and sitting on the blonde's. "Why haven't you told Enjolras?"

Cosette tugged some of her gold her behind her ear. "Can we please just drop it, Ep.?" She begged, looking out the window. "Please."

Eponine shook her head. "You promised that you would answer honestly." She reminded the other girl. "You can trust me," She added, placing a tender hand on the smaller girl's arm.

"He doesn't need to know, I can handle it by myself." Cosette said. "He doesn't need to protect me form every little thing that threatens to knock me down. I'm a big girl, I need to learn how to defend myself." She looked up at Eponine. "Not that I don't appreciate your concern."

Eponine sighed. "Okay, then I won't tell him," She announced, smiling. Cosette perked up. "Really?" She breathed, looking hopeful.

Eponine nodded again. "Really, you can trust me." She hugged the blonde gently. "Now, let's go get some food; I'm starving." She said, pulling back.

Cosette giggled and stood up, grabbing her purse. "Sounds like a plan."

The two exited their room and headed towards the Musain.

Fiyero trudged down the long walkway towards the Musain. After his conversation with Courfeyrac yesterday; hid mid began reeling with thoughts of his current crush, Elphaba Thropp. The sassy, outspoken, green girl of Shiz. There was something about her that was absolutely intriguing.

Fiyero tugged open the doors to the Musain, trying to shake Elphaba from his mind. He stepped inside and was surprised to see Elphaba herself standing at the counter. He stepped inside and was surprised to see Elphaba standing at the counter. Fiyero smiled at his luck and sauntered over to her. He tapped her shoulder; watching her jump up in surprise.

"Hey, Thropp." He said, casually leaning against the counter.

Elphaba turned towards him and narrowed her eyes. "What do you want, Tiggular?" she snapped, crossing her arms.

Fiyero just smiled. "Nothing in particular." He replied. "I just came here to grab something small, maybe see if Courf is here."

Elphaba nodded, turning back around and accepting her drink from the barista, Musichetta. She thanked the red head and faced Fiyero again. "Well, it was nice talking to you, Fiyero." She said carefully. Elphaba turned to leave, but Fiyero wasn't going to let her walk away that easily.

He caught her arm, stopping her. "Wait, maybe I could sit with you," He suggested innocently. He prayed that she would say yes.

Elphaba studied him. "Fine," she agreed eventually. She turned towards the stairs and gestured for him to follow.

Fiyero eagerly chased after the raven-haired girl; his famous lope sided grin making an appearance. He completely forgot about why he even showed up. Once they got upstairs, Fiyero's smile fell. Of course Elphaba was here with him. The two were almost always seen together, with Galinda Upland following close behind.

Elphaba sat down at his table and Fiyero stood rooted to his spot; wondering if he should follow. Elphaba leaned across the table and whispered something to her companion. That's when Julien Enjolras' blue eyes landed on Fiyero's stock still form. The look of disgust on his face made Fiyero cringe.

"Aren't you going to sit?" Elphaba called out, mocking him. For once Fiyero hated seeing that smirk on her face.

He begrudgingly walked over and pulled out a chair next to Elphaba. The green girl continued to smirk at him and Fiyero avoided her gaze.

"Hello, Fiyero." Enjolras said, coldly regarding him. Fiyero took note of how the blonde said his name, almost like it was a disease.

Fiyero forced a tight smile onto his face. "Hi, Enjy." He replied, relishing in the painful grimace that the other boy gave at the nickname. "How are you? You and Galinda still going strong?" He asked, swinging his feet onto the table and putting extra emphasis on Galinda's name.

Enjolras glared at the sandy haired man before smiling forcefully. "I'm great," He said in a clipped tone. "Glinda and I are doing just fine."

Fiyero smirked. "It's Galinda with a ga, Enjy." He teased, making the blonde snap his pencil in frustration. "You think you would know your own girlfriend's name." Fiyero shook his head in mock disappointment.

Enjolras glared at him, making Fiyero shrink down in his chair. "What do you know about my relationship, when you can barely have one that lasts longer than two weeks?" He growled in reply.

Fiyero glared now, to which Enjolras smirked,

"Did I hit a nerve, Fifi?" He asked mockingly.

Elpbaha laughed and Enjolras smiled at her. Fiyero blushed brightly. And now blondie had his crush making fun of him. Great.

"Thanks a lot, Enjolrass." He muttered under his breath. Fiyero pulled his feet down from the table and stood up. "Thanks for allowing me to sit with you, Fae," He addressed Elphaba.

The raven haired girl raised an eyebrow, "Fae?" she asked.

Fiyero blushed again. "Just a nickname," he mumbled.

Elphaba smiled softly. "I kind of like it, Yero." She replied.

"Yero the hero?" He questioned, playfully shoving her shoulder.

Elphaba rolled her eyes somewhat fondly. "You wish. I'll see you around, Tiggular."

Fiyero grinned and walked away. He turned back to them and smiled at Elphaba. He threw a mock salute at Enjolras, who glared again, and walked off. Today was a good day. He actually talked to Elphaba; joked with er. She even smiled at him.

Take that, Courf. He thought. He walked to his room, a slight spring in his step.

"Do you seriously like that guy?" Enjolras asked once Fiyero was out of ear shot.

Elphaba shrugged in reply, a small blush forming on her cheeks. She picked up her book and resumed reading; ignoring Enjolras' gaze. But her bonde friend was determined to crack her. Enjolras reached across the table and grabbed her book.

"Do you like him?" He repeated, holding the book behind him.

Elphaba lunged for her book. "Give it back!" She hissed, reaching for it once more.

"Not until you answer the question." He replied

Elphaba sighed. "So what if I do? Is that a problem?" She said, crossing her arms.

Enjolras laid the book on the table and shook his head. "Why do you like that brainless fool?"

Elphaba shrugged again. "I just do." She answered, picking the book back up. "Drop it."

Enjolras gave in and returned to his own reading and note taking. Why did she have to like Fiyero Tiggular? Of all the people she could've liked; it had to be him. She could've dated anyone of their friends, but no; she liked Mr. Brainless. Wow.

Enjolras sighed, tugging a hand through his curls. Well, Elphaba was his best friend – apart form Combeferre. If she liked Fiyero, then maybe he could help her win him over. He was good friends with Courfeyrac, Enjolras smiled. She looked at her discreetly.

This could work, He thought, returning to his book once more.

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