A/N: I was upset that they seemed to just instantly know of Kurt's deep voice and didn't put in a bit when the glee club found out about quite how deep his voice could go. So I decided to write some drabbles about how Kurt and Chris use their deep voices.

Darren was hanging around set with Cory, Chord and Mark. They were all waiting until they were needed for shooting. The glee family were still having fun with Darren. They used things that he didn't know about them to scare him or just mess with him. Like the other day they had convinced him that Lea was a triplet.

Cory, Chord and Mark all saw Chris sneaking up on Darren. They all knew what he was doing. Chris had done it to all of them. He recorded it and everything. Everyone who became a friend of Chris' was subjected to this treatment. He had a folder on his phone and laptop dedicated to this. Chris had got to just behind Darren and was moving his face closer to Darren's ear.

"What do you think you're doing, Darren?" Chris said loudly in the lowest voice he could manage.

"WHAT THE HELL?!" Darren shouted, spinning around. "Chris?" Darren said, incredulously.

"No one realises that I can speak deeply. Why? It's not that hard to believe is it? I can go insanely high, why not low? I love scaring people though. Apart from this one time I got punched in the face. Not nice."