A/N: I was going to do it alternating between Kurt and Chris, but I reread the last one and decided to write about the time Chris got punched in the face.

Chris was pretty good friends with everyone on the set. Even the people who wouldn't normally interact with the cast. He couldn't help it, he just liked people now that they weren't tormenting him. One of his favourite people to talk to was one of the guards at the set. Phil was a very nice person once you got past the rough exterior that let him do his job well. Phil often joint in with the little glee family meetings just because Chris wanted him there and since he was the youngest, all the other glee cast members were extremely protective of Chris but they also gave in easily to what he wanted. So pretty soon Chris had somehow manipulated everyone until Phil was part of their family without anyone noticing, even Phil.

The next day Chris decided that it was time to properly welcome Phil into their family. It was time for the Voice. This was always Chris' favourite part of a new person coming into their family. It had all started off one day when he had been ill which made his voice go deep and one of the glee cast had walked in got shocked by his voice and gave him the idea.

Phil was standing just outside the set, making sure that no one who wasn't supposed to got on set. Chris snuck up behind Phil and whispered in his ear.

"Rememb…" was all Chris got out because Phil knew the voices of everyone allowed on set at the current time and that certainly wasn't one of them. So he did what any security guard would do if they thought that an intruder had snuck in behind them. He spun around and punched Chris square in the jaw.

"Okay… OW!" Chris said.

"Oh my god, Chris! I'm so sorry, I didn't know it was you I thought that you were an intruder so I just reacted and…!

"Hey, it's okay. It was my fault really. Lesson learnt."

"Don't sneak up on people?"

"No, of course not where would the fun in that be? No, the lesson was to not sneak up on people trained to fight 'cause it hurts."

Phil was ignored for a while by the glee cast once they learnt where Chris' bruise came from until Chris had convinced them it was all his fault and had learnt his lesson.