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-A beeping sound caught Snively's attention. He pulled his pager out of his right pocket and read the small message that appeares on it's screen.:

Report to Dr Robotinik immediatly! Important asignment!

"What if I say no?" Snively asked. Robotnik thought about this. "You get thrown in the Roboticizer or I let Metal use you as a moving target." "Just curious. What exactly do I have to do?"

He felt a seering pain through his whole body as the syrum took effect. It felt like every atom in his body was exploding and rearranging itslf. All he wanted to do was scream. Even if he did, he couldn't tell. The pain peaked to unbearable levels. Then it all whited out...


He ran faster, kicking up dirt and leaves as he ran through the Great Forest. Occasionally he had to leap over old rotten logs and streams.


"Really. I.. I can stay. Thank you soo much." Sparky then gave Sonic a big hug. "D'ya mind. I can't breathe. Oxygen is a nice thing to have once in a while."


"Hey Sparky, I wan't you to meet someone." said Sonic. "This is Sally."

"Sir, the Freedom Fighters are outside the gate." announced Hyper Metal Sonic. "Don't bother." said Robotnik. "As soon as they try to hack it... Ka Blooey!" he laughed. "That's what I meant, sir. Snively is with them." he said.


"So basically after I escaped from Robotnik so I wouldn't cause any harm to anyone, just to be used the other way around?!"

"Well, we didn't really think th..." "That's my point, Sonic! You don't think! You always go rushing into everything and others get hurt. You never once stop to think how I might feel being used as a weapon. Well I QUIT! You hear me Soinc! I F****** QUIT!"


"Did you ever wonder what it was like to be a lightning rod?" he asked mischieviously. "Let me show you. First hand..."

And so it begins...