This story take place at the time when Theresa gets implanted with Gwen and Ethan's embryos. I will change the background a little, but will keep with canon up to this point. There are to be some changes coming and some people's houses of cards will come crumbling down. Changes are afoot. Plus I don't own any characters, I don't make any money from it, so please don't sue

Chapter 1

Gwen paced the waiting room. She and Ethan were waiting on the doctor to tell them that he was finished with the procedure. This would make them parents. She had Theresa's son and soon have another child. Maybe another little girl? The pain of losing Sarah never far from her mind. She still curses the day she met Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald.

As she paced and as Ethan was lost in thought, Theresa emerged from the exam room. As she made her way to the front desk to speak with the receptionist. As Gwen looks toward the entry to the exam rooms, she spies Theresa.

"What are you doing here" shrieks Gwen. As she does this she catches Ethan attention and he looks up. "Theresa you shouldn't be here" he says. "For your information I had an appointment today, I had no idea you two would be here" Theresa states calmly.

Just then the surrogate that Gwen and Ethan had chosen, walked into the waiting room. Gwen gasped and asks "Why aren't you back in the procedure room". The surrogate says "I was late and couldn't get a hold of anyone".

The nurse who aided the doctor, came out when she heard the shouting begin. She asks what was wrong. Gwen replies "This woman was here stalking us," pointing to Theresa, "please call the police". "Isn't she your surrogate" asks the nurse. "WHAT" exclaims all three. "We performed the procedure on her about a half hour ago" says the confused nurse.

Theresa demands to see the chief of staff and the doctor. Gwen is demanding the police. Ethan is trying to play referee between the two.


It had taken about an hour for the parties to gather and sort out the mess. The doctor admitted that he had made a mistake. He had thought that Theresa was the surrogate and not here for a simple yearly visit. Gwen was demanding that Theresa be arrested. That Theresa had prevented their chosen surrogate and took her place.

Theresa was concerned. She hope that the implantation wouldn't take. She had a new lawyer and with Judge Reilly getting disbarred and charged with corruption, she had a great chance to get her son back. She also had proof that Rebecca set her up with CPS.

Ethan just knew that this was going to hurt his wife. Theresa had a chance to keep the child if it was proven that she had no part in the mess. He also heard Theresa was getting a new lawyer. With Judge Reilly getting thrown off the bench for corruption, they might lose Ethan Martin. Ethan feels that there will be nothing but heartbreak ahead.

The police agreed with the hospital that Theresa had no role in the sordid mess. Theresa was allowed to go home. Gwen promised to take Theresa to court to make sure Theresa would pay.


Julian, Rebecca and Ivy were all waiting here for Ethan and Gwen to come home. They didn't have to wait long. Within an hour, Ethan and Gwen were walking through the door. Gwen was still fuming and Ethan was worried. They told the other three about what happened at the hospital. Rebecca and Ivy were fuming. How dare Theresa do this? They swear to not let Theresa get away with this.

Ethan and Julian are both worried. They know that Theresa has a new attorney and that he is good. James Zimmer was a shark. He was not known to lose. With him as her lawyer, Theresa was sure to win her son back. Plus if she does get pregnant, she could be able to keep the child or children.

Meanwhile at the Lopez-Fitzgerald house (They never lost their house, Pilar never lost her job and Theresa just got a new job) Theresa arrived and told her mother and brother about what happened at the hospital. Pilar expresses her concern. She tells Theresa that Gwen will not give up. Theresa says that she prays that is doesn't take and that Gwen learns to chill out.

Luis was worried about his little sister. He knew that Gwen, Ivy, and Rebecca would stop at nothing to hurt Theresa. Luis hoped that with this new lawyer would end this feud and bring some peace into Theresa's life. He knew only time will tell.


The next day at the Lopez-Fitzgerald home, there was a knock at the door. Theresa answer, she was the only one home at the time. At the door was a process server. Theresa, confused, took the papers and the man left.

Theresa closed the door and opened the papers. As she read, she got mad. Theresa took a few calming breaths and called her attorney. He told her to come in and bring the papers. Zimmer also told her that the papers for custody of her son would be served today.

At the mansion, Gwen, Rebecca and Ivy were toasting. They knew that Theresa would get the papers that morning and would tip her hand, so to speak. The trio thought they knew their foe very well. All of a sudden there was a knock at the mansion door. The maid came in and said that a man was here for Mrs. Gwen Winthrop.

Gwen goes to the door. It is a process server. He hands her a stack of papers and says you've been served. At Gwen's scream of rage, Ivy and Rebecca come into the entryway. They see Gwen furiously reading a large stack of papers and asks what wrong. Gwen says, through clenched teeth, that Theresa was suing for custody of Ethan Martin. Rebecca says she can't, Judge Reilly gave them custody and terminated her rights. Ivy seconded that. Gwen said that with Judge Reilly's corruption scandal and everything, Theresa has grounds to appeal the verdict. They go to call Ethan at the office. Ethan tells them he will be home in a half an hour. To do nothing and say nothing to anyone. With that the ladies rested.


The days have gone on by, and the day for Theresa's custody hearing was at hand. Things have grown and changed in Harmony. Antonio died in a crash of the Crane jet. Leaving Sheridan widowed. Miguel came back to Harmony with Charity. The two were married. Kay was fuming. Sam discovered that Ivy paid David Hastings to be Grace's first husband. But Grace wanted to stay with him anyway. Eve was trying to reconcile with TC. Whitney and Fox were dating after it was revealed that Chad was her half-brother. She was glad she didn't sleep with him.

Tabitha was glad just to be alive. With no powers, neither she nor Endora were killed when Charity and Miguel got married and slept together. Jessica was slipping into drugs and booze but soon straighten out when Theresa gave her a job as her assistant. Now it was time for some fireworks.

The morning of the hearing, both parties were making their way to the courthouse. While Gwen was confident, Ethan was worried. He knew that it would be an uphill battle. Especially, with Theresa's new lawyer. Ethan hoped that his mother and mother-in-law would not make a scene.

Theresa as anxious, but confident that she would have her son by the end of the day today. James was confident and relax as he and Theresa and her family made their way into the courtroom. Theresa knew that Gwen, Ivy and Rebecca all would make a scene. Pilar was constantly praying. She knew that Theresa would need her strength for the time to come.

They all entered the courtroom and awaited the judge. Soon the bailiff called the room to order and everybody stood. Then the judge entered. The Judge was Jacob Watts. Rebecca could be heard cursing under her breath. After the judge took his seat, everybody was seated. The judge gave his rule. No outbursts, no fights. He would hear both sides and make his decision based on evidence, not emotions. He let Theresa's side go first.

Zimmer presented his evidence. He showed how Rebecca bribed Judge Reilly and how she bribed people at CPS. He presented evidence that showed Theresa had a job, a home and child care. When Zimmer was presenting his evidence, Rebecca shouted out that he was lying. The judge called the room to order and told Rebecca that one more outburst and she would be kicked out of the proceedings.

The judge asks Theresa several questions, as does Ethan. Ethan is trying to make Theresa seem unstable. Then it was his turn. Ethan tried to show that Theresa is a stalker, bringing up the LA incident. Zimmer objected, saying that his client was there first, with no knowledge that Mr. and Mrs. Winthrop would be there. The objection was sustained. Ethan continues for several minutes. Then Zimmer and the Judge as Gwen, Ethan, Rebecca questions. They also ask Julian and Ivy questions.

Then there is a surprised grasp, in walked Alistair Crane himself. The judge asks why he is there. Alistair says he has a few things to say. Gwen and her group think good he is on our side.

What they don't realize is that Alistair and Theresa have become very close in the past few months. "I feel that my grandson should be with his mother, Mr. and Mrs. Winthrop are harmful to his psyche, and that my son and his wife are not fit parental figures" he says. The judge is stunned. Alistair Crane standing up for a Lopez-Fitzgerald. Gwen, and he group are stunned.

They all thought Alistair would side with them. Ethan is sure this is a play to get at Theresa. Pilar wondered if this was a new plot to hurt her family. Luis didn't trust Alistair, even if he did help find Sheridan. The judge thanked him and he was seated right behind Theresa.

Then Watts said he would retire and make his decision. He called a 15 minute recess. The court room split into two factions. Gwen supporters on one side and Theresa supporters on the others. Everyone talked amongst themselves.

The minutes ticked by and soon the courtroom was call back to order. The judge came back out. "I have come to my decision. Given the evidence I have only one choice to set aside the previous ruling and reinstate Miss. Lopez-Fitzgerald's parental right to the minor child, Ethan Martin Crane. Second I find that the adoption if said child illegal, as there was no legal right to seek custody away from his mother. Lastly, I find that it is in the best interest of the child to be in the custody of his mother, Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald" says the judge.

Gwen, Rebecca and Ivy all screamed in outrage. This could not be happening. Theresa wasn't supposed to win. Ethan Martin was Gwen's son, thought Ivy and Rebecca. Gwen thought this can't be happening.

The judge cleared his throat, and said that the switch would happen immediately. Theresa was over joyed. She knew she had another court hearing in a couple of days but was feeling jubilant. Ethan Martin was waiting outside with his nanny. After court was adjourned, Theresa went out and gave him the good news. He jumped into Theresa arms, smiling widely. Theresa and her family leave the courthouse, happy in their news.


The next few days had both parties now focusing on the court hearing on the outcome of the accidental implantation.

Gwen is still reeling from the custody hearing. She knows that she can't take any more heartbreak. The judge has to side with them. Gwen could not allow Theresa to carry her child, let alone kept it. Ethan was hard at work trying to find some precedence that would help them in the upcoming hearing.

While at Theresa's, things were going good. Ethan Martin had settled in quickly, now that he was reunited with his mother. Theresa's new job as head of Crane Couture, was going swimmingly. Even Jessica's life was getting better. She was excelling in her role as assistant to Theresa. Jessica was even doing some designing. Sam felt that something was finally going right for his family as well.

As for his son, Ethan, Sam felt that he need to stand up to his wife, mother, and mother-in-law. Sam felt that those women were just going to cause more heartache for Ethan. Anyways, all three were, to Sam, manipulating the incidents to their advantage anyhow.

Alistair had a surprise planned for the hearing. A smirk came to his face as he thought about the hearing to come. Gwen was in for a treat.

Soon it was time for the hearing.


The day of the hearing came. It was a cloudy day. Gwen, Ethan and their supporters arrive at the court house first. They don't have to wait long until Theresa, her lawyer and her supporters arrived shortly after. They are called into the room and called to order. They all rise and the judge enters.

The judge is a woman by the name of Sophia Lotts. She takes a seat and all the others are seated. This judge too gives her rules, similar to Judge Watts. She lets Ethan go first.

Ethan starts off by saying that Theresa intentionally got implanted with their embryos out of spite. That she followed them. Zimmer objected and showed how Theresa made that appointment six months ago. Completely unaware that the plaintiffs were going to be there. He gives the judge the evidence and proof.

The judge sustains the objection. Ethan then shows that it is his and his wife's embryos and they should be the ones to make the decision whether or not to terminate. Then he rests.

Zimmer open with the fact that his client had no choice in the matter. It was like she was raped by a turkey baster. She and only she should have the right to terminate. Ethan objected and said that the embryos are his and Gwen's.

Zimmer then points out the procedure might not even take. They need to wait and see if his client is actually pregnant. The judge agrees and sets another court date, six weeks from now. She adjourns the hearing and both parties file out. Neither satisfied with the outcome of the hearing.

Gwen accost Theresa in the hallway of the court house. Theresa ignores Gwen and goes to brush past her. Gwen grabs her arm and Theresa tells Gwen that she will not bend, will not back down from her or Ivy and Rebecca's bullying. Theresa pulls out of Gwen's grasp and continues to walk away. Gwen, Ivy and Rebecca are fuming.

Gwen, Ethan and their group leave the court house for the mansion. They are in for a surprise when they get there.


When Gwen and Ethan's group arrived at the mansion, they were greeted by a maid who said that Mr. Alistair Crane wanted to see them in his study. All five go to the study and find Alistair there, smoking a cigar. Alistair cuts to the chase. He tells them, flat out, that he wants Rebecca, Ivy, Gwen and Ethan, all out of his house. He is giving them until the end of the week, in two days, to do so. If they are not out by that time they will be kicked out without their stuff. Gwen, Rebecca and Ivy were outraged. Ethan didn't know where they would go.

Alistair had one more announcement. He told Julian that he could stay here but that he was cut off. This stunned Julian. Alistair also told them that Julian was fired. Rebecca was outraged even more. She was losing her access to money and her position in the world. Thought tumbled through her mind, and she fainted. Gwen immediately went to her mother's side, while everyone else was rolling their eyes. Ivy was just as outraged. Her meager divorce settlement payments would cease now that Julian had no money.

Alistair dismissed them and they revived Rebecca. They all left. Gwen and Ethan went to call Sam and pack. Ethan still had a job at Crane Industries and Gwen her trust fund. Rebecca, for once, didn't know what to do. Gwen told her mother that she will put her up at a nice hotel. Ethan just got off of the phone with Sam. He told Gwen, Rebecca, and Ivy that Sam had told them that they all could stay at the B & B for as long as needed. They all go to their rooms to pack.


At Theresa's house, the Lopez-Fitzgerald family as well as their friends gather. They discuss the happenings at the court house. Theresa says "Just wait, I won't be pregnant and this will all be over". Fox and Whitney are there and they are worried for Theresa. They know Gwen will stop at nothing to hurt Theresa. Sam is talking to Pilar and Luis, when interrupted by the ringing of his cell phone. It's Ethan. Sam excuses himself and answers the call. Pilar and Luis walk over to hear Theresa say that she hopes that Gwen will just give up and move on. No one says anything but all are thinking the same thing. If only.

Sam comes back and gives everyone the news. Alistair has kicked out Ivy, Rebecca, Ethan, and Gwen. He told them that they were welcome to stay at the B & B, until they get on their feet. Pilar asks if they were blaming Theresa as usual. Sam says no but wouldn't put it past them.

Sam leaves for the B & B, and the other for his home. Theresa goes to get her son ready for bed. Tomorrow, she was needed at Crane Industries for a big board meeting. All the heads of the different departments were going to be there. Rumor was that Alistair was going to make a big announcement. What it was nobody had a clue.

At the B&B the ones kicked out of the mansion, arrived. Sam showed them to their rooms. Rebecca groaned at the accommodations, but Gwen told her it was only temporary. Ethan assured them that they would look for a place to live after work tomorrow. Ivy was secretly delighted, now she had a chance to show Sam she had really changed.

As the town slept, fireworks were set to go off.