Same disclaimer as chapter one. It starts at the meeting at Crane Industries. Ethan receives some shocking news. Two unlikely people grow a little closer. Whitney and Fox are still together right now (hint, hint). So on with the story.

Chapter 2

It was the day of the biggest board meeting in recent history for Crane Industries. It seemed that everyone was there. They all wanted to hear what Mr. Crane had to say. When many of the employees arrived at the office this morning, they saw Julian Crane packing up his office. He bit the head off of anyone who asked what he was doing. Plus he was absent from the meeting. A glaring, gaping hole in the hierarchy of Crane Industries.

Soon Alistair arrived. He immediately got the meeting underway. One not to mince words, he announced that Julian Crane was no longer with this company. He introduced Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald as head of Crane Couture and appointment Fox to Julian's former position.

They proceeded with the meeting. Each department giving their reports. Just before dismissing them, Alistair said he had another announcement. There would be a change in the leadership of the legal department. Many were confused. This included Ethan. Ethan was worried that he would be out of a job. Alistair announced that Ethan would be demoted to a lesser position and James Zimmer would be taking the job of head counsel for Crane.

Ethan was stunned. This had to be a dream. Gwen was going to go ballistic. Theresa seemed awful chummy with Alistair lately. This had to be a ploy on his part. This won't work. The meeting was adjourned. Ethan stood up and told Alistair that he needed to speak with him. Alistair led Ethan into his private office and they proceeded to talk.

Ethan tried to bring up his contract with Crane. That it named him lead counsel for Crane. Alistair then pulled out the contract and showed him the fine print. It states that at any time the head of Crane Industries may demote or fire, without cause, Ethan. Ethan then says that this has to be Theresa's idea. Alistair says think again. Smirking Alistair dismisses Ethan and he starts to look at contracts on his desk. Just before Ethan turns the door handle, Alistair tells him that he needs to pack and move to his new office and then he could take the rest of the day to settle into his new role at Crane. Defeated, Ethan goes to his old office to move his things to his new. He then leaves, all the while thinking of how to explain this to the three women at home.


Theresa stayed at Crane Industries a little longer to meet with some of the marketing people. They had already had orders for their line in several boutiques. Also Macy's and the like were interested in their designs. As she passed Ethan's old office, after leave the lawyer handling the line's legal work, she saw a despondent Ethan packing his things to move to another office.
"Hey, I'm sorry you were demoted. I don't think you deserved that" says Theresa. "Yeah, like you didn't know it would happen" Ethan responds snidely. Theresa was taken aback by the venom in his voice. "Alistair make up his own mind. I had nothing to do with it. I would have made you both co-counsel" replies Theresa, with a calm she wasn't feeling. "Just leave me alone Theresa" says Ethan. "Fine" says Theresa.

Theresa left and met up with Fox. He told her he wanted to take her to lunch. Ethan stared after her. All the while thinking that he still loved Theresa with all his heart. But, all he got was heartache. Ethan hoped with all his heart and soul to be able to forget her and be happy with the woman who never betrayed him.

Fox met up with Theresa at his office. He had just gotten off the phone with Whitney. She suffered a miscarriage and seem more distanced lately. Theresa was going to try and talk to her for him. Theresa came in and she was like a breath of fresh air. He felt better just by being in her presence. They both left for a meal at the Seascape.


Ethan arrived at the B&B, after moving to his new smaller office. Rebecca and Ivy were there with Gwen going over real estate listings. They looked up when he came into the room. "Honey, you're home early, is something wrong" asks a perplexed Gwen. "I have been demoted, James Zimmer was named the new lead counsel for Crane" says a depressed Ethan. Both Ivy and Rebecca see that this news distresses both of their children. "This had to be Theresa's work. She put Alistair up to this" snarls an angry Gwen.

"We will just use my trust fund to buy a house Ethan" states a prideful Gwen. "That is what we will have to do," says Ethan. "I, for one will give that harlot a piece of my mind" says a determined Ivy. How dare that little slut do this to her son. Theresa was nothing but a poor piece of trash. "We'll bring her down" says Rebecca. The little taco slut will never get away with doing this to them. They were pillars of society and she and her bunch were just pieces of trash that need to be burn out of existence.

Ivy recommends that they all go out to have a nice lunch at the Seascape. Gwen thinks that is a lovely idea. Rebecca and Ivy go to their rooms to get ready and all four go to the Seascape for lunch.


Theresa and Fox arrived at the Seascape for their lunch date. They were shown to a private table. Fox asked, "How is my little brother?" "Doing great, he really misses you. You should come and visit him" says Theresa. They order and chat for a few more moments. "Talk to Whit lately?" asks Fox. "No, every time I try she evades the questions. It's like she doesn't have time anymore. She is real busy with tennis" says Theresa. Just as their food arrives, so does Gwen, Ethan, Ivy and Rebecca.

The four of them stand at the hostess station and wait to be seated. Rebecca whines and groans about having to wait. They are shown to a table near Theresa and Fox. Gwen spies Theresa enjoying lunch with Fox and is furious. There is the little slut that is trying to ruin my life thinks Gwen. Ethan sees them together and is wounded. Ivy sees them and is indignant. There she is trying to worm her way into another son's wallet thinks Ivy. There is the little taco slut, look at her, trying to weasel her way into Fox's bed thinks Rebecca.

Theresa feels like someone is burning a hole into her head with their eyes. She looks up and groans. "What's wrong" asks Fox. "Not what but who" says Theresa as she points to the group at the other table. "Oh god, they just had to come here", says an annoyed Fox. "Just ignore them, they want to start trouble" says a determined Theresa.

Ivy and Rebecca start to rise to go over to Theresa and Fox's table when Ethan and Gwen pull them down. "They want you to start trouble so they look like the victims. Just ignore them" says Ethan. Gwen seconds the notion. She is aware of the stares and vicious words being said about them. How they start the fights and how Theresa is being seen more and more as the victim.

After the hearing, where Theresa got custody of Ethan Martin back, people started to talk behind Gwen's back. She was getting more and more paranoid. She wasn't sleeping well. Gwen had a appointment with Eve about this problem in the morning.

Theresa and Fox finished their lunch and left. Fox drove her home and dropped her off. Coming in to see Ethan Martin for a bit. Then he got back to work.

Ethan and his group ordered lunch and tried to ignore Theresa and Fox enjoying lunch not even 10 feet away. Gwen ate her lunch, keeping up chit chat, clenching her teeth every time Ethan glanced Theresa's way. Ivy and Rebecca talked, all the while planning revenge on Theresa. The four of the finished their meal and paid their bill. They left to head back to the B&B and look at real estate listing. Gwen put a call into her father, living in New York, and asked for use of the Hotchkiss mansion. He said yes and Ethan agreed to live there until they found their own house.

Gwen was planning ahead to the hearing on custody of the baby that Theresa would be carrying soon. Theresa lived is a cramped house whereas they would be living in a mansion with servants. Theresa would not win. Alistair would return to his senses and they would have Ethan Martin back and all will be well.


It had been several days since the board meeting. James Zimmer settled into his new role as lead counsel for Crane Industries. Ethan has been sullen and withdrawn. Gwen blaming this on Theresa, like usual. She, Ivy, Rebecca and Ethan all moved from the B&B to the Hotchkiss Mansion. Fox and Whitney are growing further and further apart. Theresa has tried several times to talk to Whitney. Whitney says she is fine just busy with tennis. She and Fox are fine. Theresa lets it go for now. Alistair has more tricks up his sleeve.

There is an accident involving Chad and Julian. Chad was helping Julian find work. Julian had taken a job grading papers at a local high school. Coincidentally the only high school in town, Harmony High. They are both rushed to Harmony hospital. There Julian is rushed into surgery. Chad is in the trauma room. He is in need of a blood transfusion. Eve sees his blood type for the first time. She is type B and so is Julian. But Chad is type A. This is impossible, if me and Julian are both B then our son is type B as well thinks Eve. The blood bank of the hospital sends up three units of type B whole blood. Chad is transfused and Eve goes to see him.

She is unable to keep her discovery to herself. She tells Chad. Chad ask for a DNA test. Eve goes to perform the test. The next day the results would be in.

Julian comes out of surgery with flying colors. Eve visits and tells him the news. Sadden, Julian agrees to wait for the results the next day.


The next day the hospital was where to be. Today was the day the DNA test results would be back. Today was also the day that Gwen, Ethan, and Theresa would find out if Theresa was pregnant. First, Eve took the results of the DNA test to Chad and Julian.

"Chad you are", she opened the envelope, "not Julian and my child". "What" both men exclaimed at the same time. "You mean Alistair lied to us" says Julian, deeply sadden by the thought that his and Eve's child was possibly dead. Just then a throat was cleared. "Father, what do you want" snarls Julian. "I just stopped by to see how you were doing and to tell you that your son did indeed die. Eve, the doctors didn't lie to you. He was buried in the Crane plot under the name Jasper Crane" says Alistair. Julian was stunned. His father named his son after his grandfather. Eve was devastated. Her son was dead. Chad's only consolation was that now he and Whitney could be together again. Eve excused herself and left to Theresa.

In the exam room Theresa waited with Gwen and Ethan. Pilar was there to help her daughter. She hoped against hope that Theresa wasn't pregnant. Eve came in looking despondent. "I have the results of the labs in just a minute but I would like to give you an ultrasound, Theresa" says Theresa. Then she called the technician in with the equipment. Then, Eve proceeded to perform the ultrasound.

The first blurry images came onto the screen. The dials were adjusted and then a bomb was dropped. "Theresa you are indeed pregnant" states a confident Eve. "How far along" asks Theresa. "About six weeks or so," says Eve. "YES, we're going to have a baby Ethan" states a jubilant Gwen. "Hold on Gwen, the baby might not be yours" says Theresa. "What do you mean" asks Ethan. "I was with someone six weeks ago and he might be the father and this might be my baby" says Theresa.

"Theresa you are actually carrying twins" says Eve. "You are not going to keep my babies Theresa" says Gwen. Pilar is watching this go back and forth and finally bring it to an end. "This will not be decided today. Theresa needs to rest. So we are going" says Pilar. She and Theresa gather their things as an enraged Gwen and conflicted Ethan look on. They promise to bring it to court in the next week.


Sam was waiting at the Lopez-Fitzgerald house. He was waiting to speak to Miguel. Kay had gotten papers for joint custody of Maria. She was fuming. Kay felt that Miguel and Charity were trying to take Maria from her. Sam just wanted to talk to Miguel. He caught Miguel just before he left for work.

"Hey, Miguel can I talk to you for a second" asks Sam. "Sure Chief Bennett" says Miguel. "It's gotta be quick". "Why did you send papers to Kay asking for joint custody of Maria" Sam inquires. "I just want to be able to see her and make sure she is taken care of" Miguel says. Miguel goes on to say that Kay has denied him access to Maria if he is with Charity. "She won't understand that Charity is my wife and that is not going to change. I love my daughter and want to spend time with her but I won't be held hostage by Kay" says Miguel. "Just don't take her away from Kay" says Sam. "I won't, I promise" says Miguel.

Miguel leaves for work. Sam is leaving as he sees Pilar and Theresa pull up. "How did it go" asks Sam. "Well I'm pregnant, but don't know if they are Gwen and Ethan's" says Theresa, bluntly. "I hope that Gwen leaves you alone even if they are theirs" says Sam. "Theresita, why don't you go in and lie down and rest" says Pilar.

Theresa does as Pilar says. Pilar then turns to Sam and says "I fear that it will get worse before it gets any better". "We just got to have faith" says Sam. Seeing that Pilar is still upset, Sam hugs her. Both feeling that more hard times are ahead.

At the Hotchkiss mansion, Ethan and Gwen arrive to tell their mothers about the doctor's appointment. Gwen is giddy. She blurts out that Theresa is pregnant and they will have twins. Ivy and Rebecca jump up and cheer along with Gwen. Ethan points out that Theresa said the twins could be hers. Ivy and Rebecca pooey that. They swear to Gwen and Ethan that Theresa will not be going home with those twins. The four of them talk for a while, then Ethan leaves to go to work.


The next few weeks went by. The hearing on the twins Theresa was carrying was here. All interested parties arrived early at the court house. The judge would meet with them first thing that morning. Gwen was jubilant. She was confident she would be a mother in five months' time.

The case was called and both parties entered the courtroom. The bailiff called the room to order and the judge entered. She told everyone to be seated as she took her seat. "We are here again on the case of Winthrop v. Lopez-Fitzgerald" says the judge "Everybody remember the rules from last time. Good, now see that Miss. Lopez-Fitzgerald is in fact pregnant. And has submitted proof that she was pregnant before the implantation. So I will hear the arguments from both sides. Mr. Winthrop"

Ethan stands and starts his argument. He provides evidence of the IVF and everything. He then questions the validity of Theresa's claim that she is having twins by a mysterious man. Zimmer objects throughout Ethan's arguments. Then the Judge allows Zimmer to go. He show evidence that the twins are older than if they were conceived by the IVF. Ethan tries to object but the judge overrules him.

The judge stops it right there and gives the decision. "I need not hear any more. I find that there is no evidence that these fetuses are the results of the IVF procedure. The fetuses are older as shown by the evidence submitted. Therefore I find that Mr. and Mrs. Winthrop have no right to them and no right to interfere with Ms. Lopez-Fitzgerald. Case dismissed."

Gwen was furious. That little trollop was going to keep her children. Ethan, thinking quickly, whispers to Gwen that they have a chance, when the twins are born, to have DNA test proving the twins are theirs. This calms Gwen down. Ivy and Rebecca look ready to tear Theresa to shreds. They look to Gwen and see her calming down. Ethan and Gwen meet up with Ivy and Rebecca and tell them the plan. Gwen and the ladies promise to leave Theresa alone for the length of her pregnancy. They don't want anything to happen to the children.

Fox shows up at the court house just at the end of the hearing. He is distressed but tells Theresa that it is nothing. Theresa tells him that the judge ruled in their favor. She was now going to go to the police station and file restraining orders against Ivy, Rebecca, Ethan, and Gwen. Fox offers to accompany her and she accepts. Pilar says she will see Theresa back at the house. Everyone goes their separate ways.


Theresa and Fox were waiting at the police station to talk to Sam about the restraining orders. She finally gets Fox to tell her what was bothering him. "I caught Whitney with Chad" Fox says bluntly. "Oh, Fox, that must have been horrible for you" says Theresa. "Ever since they found out that they weren't brother and sister they have been seeing each other behind my back" says Fox. What was Whitney thinking, Fox worshiped her thinks Theresa. Theresa goes to say something else just as Sam comes up to them.

"Theresa, Fox what can I do for you" asks Sam. "I want to place restraining orders on Rebecca, Ivy, Gwen, and Ethan" Theresa says. "Are you sure? I mean Ethan won't do anything to" he was cut off mid-sentence. "I don't want them interfere with me or my children. The judge ruled that the twins are mine. We had evidence that I was pregnant before IVF" says Theresa, "I need them to know that I am serious about them staying out of my life and my children's life. This includes Ethan". "Okay" says Sam. He shows them to his office and calls the DA. The DA calls a judge and the orders are written and will be served to the four at the Hotchkiss mansion immediately.

Theresa was tiring. Fox told Sam that he needed to get Theresa home. Theresa and Fox leave. Fox takes Theresa home before going to the mansion. There he is met with Whitney. She is trying to get Fox to forgive her. He asks if she is still in love with Chad. There is silence. He asks again. Whitney says she has grown to love him. Fox asks if the baby she lost was even his. Again he was met with silence. He told Whitney to go home. In time he may be able to forgive her but now was not that time. Whitney leaves and Fox goes up the stairs to his room. He makes a promise to talk to Theresa. That always makes him smile.

Alistair is watching from the shadows. He hears and sees all that goes on. This all plays into Alistair's plan. This time next year changes will shake up Harmony and the world.


Now it was time for Miguel and Kay's hearing. Kay was adamant that Charity not be around Maria. Miguel was just trying to be in his daughter's life.

The judge in this case was Jacob Watts. Both sides knew him as fair and impartial. The court is called to order and the judge takes his seat. He states his rules and makes sure that both sides know them. He lets Kay's lawyer go first.

Kay's lawyer says that Miguel isn't there for their daughter and when he is, he is trying to get Maria to call Charity, momma. Miguel's lawyer object and points out that he pays child support and tries to be with Maria as much as possible. It's Kay that is stopping it, by not letting Charity be around Maria. Kay's lawyer rests after the objection is sustained.

Then Miguel's lawyer gives his side. He says that Miguel just wants equal access to his daughter. He wants the court to establish a set custody arrangement and child support agreement. Kay's lawyer tries to object and is overruled when it is pointed out that Miguel wants joint custody of Maria not sole custody.

The judge has come to a decision. He splits custody of Maria. One week with her mother and one week with her father. He also awards child support for Maria to Kay. $500 a month, until Maria is 18 years old. Kay was stunned. She was now forced, more or less, to allow her prissy cousin around her daughter.

The judge orders it to start the following week. Miguel was satisfied. Charity and his family had supported him. Also he kept his promise to Sam, he was not taking Maria from Kay. He had a good job, a beautiful wife, beautiful daughter, and a wonderful life.