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Kanji's POV

When we arrived back in Magnolia there was clearly a lot of work to do, the guild hall, not to mention the whole city was in shambles, everyone was beating and bruised, and I was the one who was going to have to clean it all up. Thankfully we were already getting started on repairs.

"I have a feeling my first meeting with the Council as Master of Fairy Tail ain't gonna go over so well." I sighed looking at the rubble "What'd you think old man?"

"I'll take a lot of work, I'm sure your up to the task." He said "Because these are your problems now kid!"

"Don't sound so excited Master." Flare sighed.

"Yeah Gramps it's not like this is all just gonna be on Kanji." Lauren laughed "This is a big job for all of us."

"We've got a lot of work to do." Laxus added.

"I think we have some other issues to sort out as well." Erza said as she rocked Ellie "Most notably her."

"Hmm." I looked over and saw Dimaria was standing there, I caught her lurking around Magnolia a few days ago since the war ended, I have a feeling she's in no rush to head back to Alvarez.

"Stop just standing there!" Laxus yelled "It's creepy!"

"EEEE!" she yelped "Jeez Laxus you've become so loud and mean."

"That might because you haven't seen him in almost twenty years." Lauren suggested.

"That doesn't mean it's okay to yell at me, I'm your mother you know. HMPH!" She huffed.

"She's pouting!" Erza gasped.

"You helped us out in the war." I said "But you still attacked us, deceived us and lied to us, my answer is the same as it was the other day, don't come here just expecting to be forgiven."

"I know that I just…" she frowned "I don't even know what I should say."

She looked over at Gramps.

"Master Makarov." Dimaria frowned "It's good to see you again."

"Hmm." He looked up at her "Clearly the years have been more kind to you than me."

"Something like that." Mom laughed "Having the ability of a God of Time tends to give you some nice youth."

Things were uncomfortably quiet for a bit as no one knew what to say.

"I'm sorry." Mom spoke up "I lied and came to Fairy Tail seeking Fairy Heart, you were all kind to me, I found I ended up loving it here, a guild where people had love in their hearts, had fun every day and shared a special bond. It was here I found family, I conceived three beautiful strong children and…and I threw it all away."

She started shaking "I was…so stupid!"

"Why are you crying?" Master asked.

"Because I threw away my family for my job, I should have been smarter, I should have followed my heart." She said.

"But you're here now." Gramps said "I think that counts for something, you Lauren…Dimaria, you may have left for a time but you are still a member of Fairy Tail. Welcome Home."

"HMM!" she nodded and tried to wipe her tears up "I'm home Master."

"Well I guess that settles that for now." I sighed.

"You had to know it would end this way." Erza smiled before whispering "Because you were planning the same thing weren't you, 7th Master."

"I don't know what you're talking about." I mumbled.

"Hmm, family is a wonderful thing." Erza leaned on my shoulder.

"Ga!" Ellie giggled.

"Yes, it is." Erza said as the baby got fussy "Yes, it is."

"Ma." I looked at her "You're welcome here any time, Fairy Tail is your home, its our family."

"That does bring up the question though." Lauren said "What about Dad?"

"Hmm, the less said about him the better." Laxus grumbled.

"Hey don't be rude he's still your father." Dimaria picked up Ellie from Erza and smiled "And her Grandfather, I'm sure things will get solved with him eventually, I hope."

"It'd be nice." I nodded and looked at my wife, my siblings, my mother, my grandfather and my daughter "Even if he never comes back, we'll always have this family."

Michelle's POV

"The fighting is over." I smiled "It feels like that war took years, but it was only a couple days."

"Yeah I'm glad it's over." Lucy said laying on her bed "I'm too exhausted to do anything for the next week."

"It will take time to rebuild but we'll get there." I told her "We'll make things whole again."

"Big Sister…" I looked at her.


"I really love our guild." I smiled "And all the friends we made."

"Me too." she hugged me.

Kage's POV

"HMPH!" Laki slammed her hands down and made a series of wooden pylons appear "There, that should be enough for the support studs for the wall."

"Don't over do it." I told her "We don't have to rebuild the guild overnight, and we can always buy some wood if we need it."

"I want to do this; I can handle it." She smiled at me "We need to rebuild the guild hall."


"This place, holds so many happy memories, after the war I want the others to be able to smile there again." She said.

"You're over thinking it." I put a hand on her shoulder "It doesn't matter if it's here, in the street or in another town, the memories we make will be in our hearts, the smiles we share don't come from some building they come from us."

"Yeah I know." She nodded.

Scruff's POV

I looked off at the town, so much of it was in shambles but we were alive, buildings can be rebuilt.

"I feel like I could have done more." I sighed a bit.

"What'cha looking all bummed for?"

"Miss Carole?" I gasped as she appeared behind me.

"Yeah that battle was intense, scary…" she frowned "I know how you feel, I felt like even with all my training I couldn't do enough, I couldn't help Wendy or Sherria, my friends had to do all this fighting and I was just there."

"Yes, but we accomplished something." I told her.


"We dealt with the grunts, the rabble, we made it so Miss Wendy, Sir Kanji and the others didn't have to waste their magic power on weak people like that." I said "We might not be strong enough to fight Spriggan 12 level wizards on our own but we contributed in our own ways. I saw how you ran all over the battlefield tending to the wounded when Wendy wasn't there, you helped save people."

"Hmm, I guess you're right." She nodded "I'm gonna keep working hard, to help my friends."

"As will I, knight's honor." I said.

"It's a promise." We shook hands.

Chase's POV

"Fairy Tail." I looked down at Magnolia from a hill "We met by chance but you are truly an amazing guild. I'm glad we were able to become allies, I'm glad I was able to help you."

I looked off at the sunrise "Another day huh? Time to get to work."

I was about to slip into the shadows when I stopped.

"Chase, thanks for your help." Kanji appeared "You protected Master Mavis when no one else could, even though you couldn't see her or hear her."

"I was just helping out." I shrugged.

"You're always welcome in Fairy Tail." He said "Don't be a stranger."

"I'm sure I'll be back from time to time." I slipped away "After all, she'd be mad if I disappeared."

Diana's POV

"A Pardon?!" I gasped as Meredy told me what Queen Hisui had just offered them.

"Yeah, I don't really get it but I'm happy." She smiled "I still feel like I haven't atoned but I guess this is a start."

"You don't need to feel so guilty." I told her "After all I heard it was your magic that played such a part in our victory."

"I didn't do much." She laughed.

I took her hand and smiled "So, now that your free what will you do?"

"I'm not sure." Meredy giggled "Maybe I'll take it easy for a bit, I'd love more of your lessons on being a normal girl."

"Well that can be arranged." I pulled her against me "After all you know how I'm a sucker for requests from beautiful girls."

Meredy snickered a bit as I closed the door into my room.

Seilah's POV

"We are free, but it feels like such a sudden ending." I paused "Don't you think Father?"

"Hmm, I guess, I'm not sure." He said "Why?"

"I just feel like our story isn't over yet." I looked at him "There's so much more of it we have to write."

"Yeah I agree." He nodded "So let's go then kiddo, let's experience something, and write a story for the ages."

Kanji's POV

"Erza." I looked at her as we sat on the couch with Ellie.


"I love you and I love my life." I smiled.

"I know." she kissed me "I love you too."

"Our Journey may be long, it may seem never ending, but so long as we have each other, every day will be worth living." I whispered.


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