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"Okay, lets get started." Kira sensei said before taking out a clip board.

"I will put you guys in two groups, starting with Kawamura Manako and Kurosaki Necro." He said while looking down at the clip board and walking over toward the two desks in the center middle.

"You, young ladies will sit here." He said to them and which in responds they walked over towards the two desks.

Kira walked over towards the two desks in the Middle right side, "Yukishiro Emi and Chikako Rider, sit here." He called out.

A female with long light blond hair and a kinda tall female with burgundy length hair slowly walked towards the said desks. They both sat down on the seats and the light blonde female nervously looked at her seatmate and quickly looked down once she noticed that she was staring back at her.

Kira walked over towards the two desks over at the center back "Hamasaki Asako and Ishikawa Sayuri, here." He said pointing at the two desks.

A thigh length wavy silver headed female walked over towards the back desk on the right and slowly sat down. Another female with coral-pink shoulder length hair walked over towards the desk and sat down as well. The sensei then walked over towards the two desks near his seats and looked over at his students.

"I want Seijuro Luka and Hayashi Youta to sit near my desk so I can keep a close eye on them." He said.

Snickering, Luka slowly walked over towards the desk while covering her mouth while Youta walked behind her and tripped over his feet and fell forward and caused both of them to fall on the floor. Half of the class started bursting out laugh while the other half just stayed quiet. Luka groaned while rubbing her forehead, Youta quickly stood up and helped the poor female up.

"I'm SO sorry!" He said while bowing formally down.

"It's fine, stick figure~" She said teasingly. Youta pouted and walked over towards the desks.

"I'm not skinny! I'm muscular!" He said while puffing out his chest. Luka grinned, walking over towards him and poking his chest.

"Your bones don't count as muscles, ya know." She said in a teasingly tone. Half of the students started snickering while Kira just sighed.

"No time for talking, we still have a lot of stuff to do today." He said in a serious tone.

"Hai sensei!" Both Youta and Luka said at the same time and sat down in their seats.

Sensei Kira began telling the other students their seats but when he called out one of the student's name, he didn't get a respond.

"Hakuryuu?" He called out once again looking around.

Just as he was about to cross him absent, the door slid opened and in came a male with platinum blonde hair that has a white-silverish ponytail(Only doing what it says on his Wikia, but to me it kinda looks like a lavender color.) that walked towards the sensei and bowed down formally.

"I'm sorry that I'm late Kira-Sensei." He said formally.

Luka's jaw dropped once she seen him and bolted up from her seat and pointed at him.


Everyone sweat dropped at her out burst while Hakuryuu came back up and grunted at her while crossing his arms around his chest.

"It's fine, Hakuryuu, please take your seat next to Yukimura Hyouga." Sensei Kira said kindly and pointed over towards a male with spiky navy blue hair.

Hakuryuu nodded his head at the sensei and walked over towards the desk and sat down. Kira turned and glared at Luka, "Another out burst like that and you will go to the principal's office, do you understand Miss Seijuro?" He said with a serious tone.

The class either snickered and covered their mouths or sighed and shook their heads. Luka sat back down and sweat dropped. "H-Hai... Sensei.." She mumbled out, blushing from embarrassment.

The sensei walked over towards the front of the class, "Alright, today you all will get to know your partners that are sitting next to you, because you will be partners for the rest of the year, alright?" He said looking around.

Everyone nodding their heads, "Alright then, start now, also keep in mind don't talk too loud, that especially you Miss Seijuro." He said and then walked over towards his desk and sat down.

Yukishiro Emi the long light blonde female looked over at Chikako Rider who was reading a book and tapped on her shoulder. Chikako sighed when she felt the tap, closing her book and slowly turned to look at Emi. "Yes?" She said with a serious tone. Emi looked down nervously.

"I-I'm Yukishiro Emi, it's nice to meet you, Chikako-san..." She said shyly. Chikako nodded slowly, "I know you're name already, the sensei said it." She said. Emi blushed from embarrassment while slowly nodding her head. "Yes, I forgot.. Sorry." She said nervously. "It's fine." Chikako said with a small smile printed on her lips.

Kurosaki Necro smirked thinking about the scene before. "Hm... Hakuryuu and Seijuro Luka? They seem like a cute couple..." She mumbles to herself.

The lavender headed female also known as Kawamura Manako nodded her head at the curly teal headed female next to her.

"I agree, Nene-chan, but Tsurugi Kyousuke and Luka will be a much better couple." She said with a smile on her lips.

"You know what would be the most hottest couples in school? Hakuryuu and Kyousuke~!" She said with a squeal, and a blush. Manako quickly nodded her head, grinning. "Yes! They would!" She said in agreement.

Luka turned towards Youta and grinned, "Wanna hear a joke~?" She said excitedly.

Youta hesitantly nodded his head, "Sure...?" He said. "Okay! What do you call a bear with no teeth?" She asks him. Youta gives her a questionable look, "Uh... I don't know..?" He said while shrugging his shoulders.

" A gummy bear!, get it~?" She said snickering. Youta sweat dropped, giving her a weird look but nodding his head. "Yeah... I get it.. But that really wasn't a joke." He said. Luka rubbed the back of her head, "yeah, I know~ I just wanted to say that~" She said with a stupid grin printed on her lips.

Youta chuckled and shook his head, "how about giving me a actual joke? You are the school's clown, after all." He asked.

Luka poked his forehead, while shaking her head, "Nope~ Can't, your mind is a virgin, after all~" She said teasingly. Youta tilted his head sightly to the side and gave her a questionable look. "What's that suppose to mean?" He asked with a pout on his lips. "Nevermind, stick figure." She said snicker.

Hamasaki Asako, the female with coral-pink hair turned towards the female with wavy thigh length hair, known as Ishikawa Sayuri."Hey! The name's Hamasaki Asako, just call me by my first name!" She said with a smile.

The other female turned her head the other way, "I already know you're name you idiot." She said coldly. Asako grunted and gave the other female a glare. "I was just trying to be nice you know." She said. "We're only going to be partners not best friends." Sayuri said. Asako crossed her arms and kept quiet.

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