"Noo! My baby wolfman, why did you have to die?! You were soooo fine!" Cried out Luka as she and half of her friends walked to gym. Necro rolled her eyes as she walked in front of the group with Manako by her side.

"He isn't even yours! Hana and him are so gross! Having sex with a dog, just nasty." Said the teal headed female as a shiver went down her spine.

"Plus! He's not even fine. Now, my Hayato-kun, that's what you call fine!" She said before going into her day dream land.

"Leave that poor woman alone! If she wanted to do that, then let her!" Luka said crossing her arms while still walking. Manako stopped making everyone else do the same. Turning around she stood right in front of Luka with a hand on the other female's shoulder.

"He's gone, he will NEVER come back okay?" She said with a serious tone. Everyone's jaw dropped staring at the silent female in front of them while Necro just giggled behind her best friend.

"You're so mean, Manako-chan!" The blonde female said with crocodile tears falling down her face.

"H-Hey guys" Began the only boy in the group, "We don't want to be late for gym class right? Okay! Lets go!" Youta said before dragging Luka by her hand towards the gym.

"Hello everyone, my name is Gouenji Shuuya, and I will be your coach from now on." Informed the coach as he looked down at his students who were sitting down before him. He has long platinum blonde hair that was tied into a low ponytail, sharp onyx eyes that made him rather serious. He was wearing a plain black shirt, on top of that, he wore a red jacket.

"Good to see that you are already in your gym clothes." He said looking at the gym uniforms for both the male and the females. The males had on a white t-shirt with blue pants and black running shoes and the females had on the same shirt but short red pants that stopped right above their knees and white running shoes.

"As you know, every grade has a different coach" Began Gouenji, "Endou Mamoru for sixth grade, Saginuma Osamu for seventh grade and I of course for eighth grade." He said.

"Today, you guys can do whatever you want, like home work and such." He said before heading into his office.

Luka the first one up quickly walked over towards the balls and picked out a soccer ball. "Who wants to play soccer?" She shouted out holding the ball up. She watched as half of the people rose their hands and said: "Me!"

Everyone who wanted to join quickly formed a team. "Necro!" Began the blonde idiotic female skipping over towards her, "You be the captain!" She said handing over a yellow band. Shrugging her shoulders, the teal head took the band from her and put it around her arm.

"LETS PLAY SOCCER!" Luka shouted out while everyone got into their position.

Gouenji looking through his papers heard the kicking of a ball, looked up and out of the window of his office to see his students playing soccer. A small smile appeared onto his lips as he stood up and walked out of his office to watch them play.

Back and forth went the back, happy expressions on the pre-teens faces as they played. He watched with pure amusement at how happily they played soccer. "Aren't they good?" A male beside Gouenji said with excitement. The male had brown hair with a orange headband around his forehead, Endou Mamoru was his name and he was known to be the 'Legendary Goal Keeper'. Gouenji turned towards his childhood friend nodding his head at him, "Yeah, they are, maybe we should form a team here in school again." He wondered out loud to Endou who agreed in responds.

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