(A/N) This is going to be my unique take on the catalyst events that would be caused if Voldemort would have taken Harry. Daphne Greengrass will be the pairing with Harry in this story, though Susan Bones will be apart of the love scheme as well. He will not turn back to the light, he will remain dark throughout the stories entirety. He will be good friends with Draco Malfoy and Theodore Nott. The Weasly family except for Ginny will be bashed, but Harry and Ginny will not be friends. Dumbeldore will be the main antagonist from finish to end. Read, Review, and Enjoy!

Chapter 1

(Third Person perspective)

It was a cold Halloween night in 1981. The small cottage of Godric Hallow was bustling with activity. Lily and James Potter had just returned from a very long night out, with the respectable God father and honorary uncle watching over their one year old child. When on the run from a mad man, one must take every opportunity to get out of the house, if only the other three marauders knew what would take place only hours after their departure they would've stood beside their friends until the end, however that was not the case.

A young man with great power strolled through the gates of Godric Hallow, he recognized the home of what has always held such pure blood and great power for centuries with much respect. He did not wish to wipe out the Potter line, but he knew he had no choice, they could not be convinced to leave the conniving leader of the lights side, and such idiotic loyalty came with a price. Tom Riddle sighed as he plunged into the great abyss of power. With a flick of his wand the front door shot open to reveal a startled young man in his early twenties, fresh out of Hogwarts if the Dark Lord wasn't mistaken, such a pity it was to make such pure blood flow.

"Listen to me James Potter, put your wand down, you know you stand no chance against my power. I will not ask much of you, just that you put your faith in me. I will not ask you to even fight for me, just to lay down your wand and stay out of this war, it is not between you and I, but between myself and an old fool. All I need in return is to place blood magic on your son, it will do no harm to him I will make a wizards oath on it. You know the prophecy and we can prevent it, there is no need for such blood shed."

Riddle knew the death eaters would not appreciate letting one of their long time rivals and auror James Potter walk away, but the Potters were connected to a house almost as old as his own, the house of Godric Gryffindor. Voldemort respected pure bloods very much, he did not want to end such an ancient and noble line.

James Potter refused to lower his wand however, "Albus Dumbledore is the greatest sorcerer to ever live. I will never waver in my faith in the light, just like my father and his father before me. I will not hand you my son. Bombarda!"

Half the house ripped apart with the amount of power the heir to Godric Gryffindor poured into his single spell. Voldemort lazily however threw a shield in his defense. He heard him shout, "Lily protect Harry upstairs, now, run!"

At the corner of the house Tom Riddle saw a flash of red hair dart up the staircase furthest from the door, but his years of dueling experience taught him to never take his eyes off of his opponent. The dark lord was quickly running out of patience for the young pure blood however, "This is your last chance, my next spell is on the tip of my tongue, don't be a fool!"

James Potter barked, "Go to hell! AVADA KEDARA!"

If the dark lord didn't train so many hours in his childhood to avoid nasty curses he would've been a dead man...well temporarily a dead man. If someone would've told him an heir to the noble house of lions would cast the darkest spell known to wizarding kind at him, he would've laughed and crucio'd them till they couldn't breathe. But here they were, and James Potter was using unforgivable curses. Voldemort didn't hesitate, without any words being said a sickly green light shot from his wand and killed the auror with such speed he couldn't even blink.

The Dark Lord sighed and began to move up the stairs with haste, he knew Dumbledore would be here any moment, then the game would be over. He saw the room with a small light on at the end of the hall and heard a baby faintly whimper. With a controlled bombarda he blew the door off its hinged, cutting straight through ever ward Lily Potter attempted to put up. When he walked into the baby's room his heart vaguely clenched. A young mother wasn't even going to raise her wand to him. He steeled his nerves however and moved forward, "Mudblood, you taint the fine lines of Godric Gryffindor, that however is insignificant compared to the task I have set about tonight. Stand aside and both your son and you will live. To that I would be willing to swear, I will not give you a second chance like I did for your husband."

With that the girl broke into sobs cradling her lightly sobbing baby as if it was her last lifeline. She gently grabbed a picture of herself and James Potter and slowly met the Dark Lords eyes, "Only in death will we be united. I will not hand my child over to you willingly."

Faster than expected she transfigured the picture into her wand and blasted Voldemort in the shoulder with a powerful reducto curse, the Dark Lord managed a faint shield, but it wasn't enough to make the curse obsolete. Lily Potter was already speaking another charm when the Dark Lord shot a dark green light straight towards her chest causing her to collapse to the floor, taking baby Harry Potter with her.

The Dark Lord let out a strangled breath of air as he approached the baby, "It wasn't supposed to be this way. They call me a dark man, the most evil of our kind, but I wasn't always this way. I was once a caring young man, but the muggles turned me into this, they made me crave blood and power, I am so sorry. But I won't give up, I have come to far now, I will be immortal, I will finish Albus Dumbledore, I will remold the world in my image, and I swear to you your death will not be in vain. Goodbye Harry James Potter."

Then those green eyes connected with his Dark Brown eyes and he somehow knew the curse wasn't going to come out right. In the future he would look back on this moment thinking it was the best mistake he ever made, but he did it, "Avada Kedavra."

It was near a whisper and the green light that came out of his wand connected with the young childs forehead, yet it did nothing. The child screamed as if the Dark Lord had destroyed its favorite toy and not its entire body. The only proof that Voldemort had cast a killing curse at the boy was a short lightning shape scar that went curved down his forehead. Voldemort stared in awe at the boy. He quickly ran medical diagnostics on the infant, his heart rate was through the ceiling, but he was alive, and his magical aura had increased by the ten fold. The Dark Lord couldn't believe it, the boy had survived the killing curse. He then did a test on the room and found the very reason why he survived. He could now clear as day detect the blood magic of Lily Potter. She hadn't been able to finish, he recognized the ritual, had she finished it would've killed him, but he interrupted her just in time. Now the boy was alive, and a potentially powerful threat. The Dark Lord looked at the boy who was crying for his mother, he knew it would only be justice to take the boys life at this point. He raised his wand once again, but there were several faint pops in the distance. He pointed the Phoenix feather wand straight at the boys heart this time and he heard people enter the house. His hand began shaking, the footsteps were becoming louder and faster. On a last second decision the Dark Lord cast the most powerful disillusionment charm he knew and hid in the corner. Two young wizards entered the room with an old man behind them. Young Sirius Black and Severus Snape were with a much older and senile Albus Dumbledore. Siruis Black was a sobbing mess as he fell to the floor observing young Harry Potter. Snape however looked even more devastated as he looked over the body of the one women he ever loved. Dumbledore however was sweeping the room checking it for magical signatures, then he studied the young boy with great curiosity before deciding, "Severus look at the boy. He has a lightning bolt scar of the likes I have never seen. Magical diagnostic indicates the impossible, can you find the same discoveries in which I have?"

Severus was barely able to tear his eyes from the women he loved when he cast the diagnostic, "It is impossible headmaster, the Dark Lords magic must be over running this room with power."

Sirius who was forced a calming draught by the headmaster looked at the scar with anger, "I have never seen such foul magic before. It may not have been the killing curse he was hit with, but the Dark Lord obviously failed to kill him and ran away when we arrived."

Snape scowled, "The Dark Lord would never run, if he decided to leave the child alive it was with great reason."

Sirius perked up, "You don't think that young Harry could've deflected the curse through something Lily did perhaps?"

Snape studied the child and the room once again, his eyes lingering on Lily Potters lifeless body, "It is possible, I can see no other explanation as to why the Dark Lord would leave the child alive, it was his whole purpose of slaying the Potters on this night."

Voldemort had his wand posed preparing to strike both Black and Dumbledore if he needed to, but there was no need just yet, he wanted to see how this played out. Dumbledore then spoke clearly, "The Dark Lord is still alive. The Pr-...The signs are he fled upon our arrival, the detonators you and Remus created were ingenious Sirius. Making it sound like many apparators had arrived on the scene may have saved young Harry's life."

Sirius calmly stated, "I will take Harry and set up a Fidelius in one of the Black properties over seas, Albus we should've never let Lily make one of us the secret keeper. You can be mine, I have the utmost faith that you will not give away the boy or myself."

Dumbledore nodded his head slowly, "That is an excellent idea Sirius, but first you must go hunt down Peter and bring him to us at headquarters."

Sirius and Snape both exchanged strange looks as even Young Tom Riddle was scratching his head at the stupidity of that statement. Sirius spoke first, "Headmaster with all due respect my first responsibility is to Harry, I need to take him out of here, before the Dark Lord returns with back up."

Snape then voiced his agreement, "I will hunt down Pettigrew and drag him to headquarters headmaster. Black is right for once...He must protect the boy he is our only hope."

Dumbledore scratched his beard as if he was considering it, but Tom had seen this impassive face to many times, he knew there was a larger plan beyond all of this. When Dumbledore spoke he did so with finality, "Lily and I put very powerful blood wards up at her sisters home when the three went into hiding. Harry will be safe there while you hunt Pettigrew, I must insist Sirius, you may be the only one who can find him."

Sirius then spat, "We can't send him with the muggles, they could kill him, Petunia hates magic."

Voldemort flinched at what sounded like a rather familiar environment to his own raising. The Dark Lord prayed to above that he hadn't doomed this child to a fate worse then death. Severus then spoke to the Headmaster, "I am doing my best not make a habit of this headmaster, but I must agree with Black. Pettigrew is a below average Wizard I can track him down and kill him if I must. Petunia Evans is the worst of muggles, she nearly beat Lilly to death one summer when she came home with so much hatred towards magic."

Dumbledore waved his hand dismissing the complaint as he picked up Harry, "I will give Harry to Hagrid for now. He will be safe at the Dursley's that I can assure you. Sirius you must begin the hunt of Peter Pettigrew immediately, the faster you can track him down and finish him off the sooner you can start your new life with your Godson. Severus, I think you should return to the death eaters base of operations and discover what has become of the Dark Lord, perhaps he is injured and that could allow us to create an offensive. We must make haste gentlemen if the order or the light is going to survive this devastating blow. The Potters were amongst our most powerful allies, we must protect the Longbottoms now as well. They are our last hope of great power. Let us make haste."

Before either of the men could argue, or before Tom Riddle could prepare the curse he was going to hit Dumbledore with he disappeared. Sirius blinked and then turned to punch the wall with extreme power, "MERLIN BE DAMNED! He did it again Snivellus, he didn't even listen to us. He just took him and disappeared, the hell with our opinions!"

Snape sighed, "I understand your frustration you stupid mut, but the Headmaster is our leader and he is going to make some tough decisions to ensure the lights survival we must trust him. I will see what I can find about Pettigrew and race you to him, I will kill him for what has happened here tonight..."

Silence overtook the two Wizards and the Dark Lord watched in morbid fascination. Sirius then whispered, "I am sorry Snivelus, you shouldn't have had to be here to see her like this...We all knew how you felt about her...Its why we left you a lone in your seventh year, she really cared about you..."

Snapes eyes went on her lifeless body and they never moved, "She was the only person I ever...But she is gone now...I am sorry to Black, Potter wasn't all that bad... I would never admit this again, but he was beginning to grow on me...He was an exceptional wizard..."

A silent bond was made between these two men, not friendship, but a bond. With that they quickly departed from the house to each take part in separate missions. The Dark Lord however ended his disillusionment charm. Looking back on those moments he should've struck Albus Dumbledore in the back, but if he was speaking truthfully the failure of his darkest curse shook him, he wasn't so sure it would've taken the life the most powerful light Wizard in hundreds of years, then he would've been killed for sure. Dumbledore is working the chess board once again though, and young Tom Riddle was determined to stop him no matter what it takes. There was only one to do that...He must kidnap Harry Potter from the Dursleys.

Time Skip (3 years later)

The Dark Lord sat on his mantle in Gaunt Manor reading the Daily Prophet, he was amazed and disgusted at the same time by the masterful tricks Dumbledore had pulled. Sirius Black was now in prison for killing Wormtail, just as the old man planned. However what the old man didn't plan for was the Black scion to fail. The Dark Lord was given just enough time to warn Wormtail of what was coming in order to stage a coup. Now Black was going to prison for a murder he didn't commit, and no one would believe him when he told the truth. Black had gone mad with grief and frustration. With these acts an old follower returned to his inner circle. Severus Snape had returned the previous night to inform the Dark Lord of his treachery, he was terrified when his Lord began laughing with madness, but turned even paler than usual when he was informed that the Dark Lord already knew everything. In a show of kindness the Dark Lord shot one very powerful Crucio at his follower but then forgave him almost instantly. As a man with Severus Snapes talents could be very useful. Snape had even explained that he no longer held the Dark Lord responsible for Lily Potters death, but Albus Dumbledore. Both men now expected that the so called great leader of the light had some how set the stage for all these things to happen. They weren't quite sure how or why, but they knew it had to be true. It was quite clear to both Tom Riddle and Severus Snape that Dumbledore had instrumented Black going to jail and the Potters being killed. This allowed the Potter boy to stay at his Aunt and Uncles until it was time for Hogwarts, due to the fact that Sirius had unintentionally signed his rights away to Dumbledore as his guardian. While his godmother remained unknown to the public.

To prove Snapes loyalties he was quickly dispatched to track down the heir to the Potter family so the Dark Lord could retrieve him, when the Dark Lord was questioned about his intentions he tortured his once again faithful servant for 'disobeying' orders. It only took a day for Snape to find Petunia Dursley's residence and that very night the Dark Lord went to recover him. Upon arrival he could sense the blood wards, but they were far to weak then what they should be. The Dark Lord wondered if magic could possibly detect this discontent that the muggles felt towards the magical child in their home, there for the magic does not recognize this to be his true home.

This was all trivial to the Dark Lord regardless however as he brought the wards down slowly and quietly. After several hours of gentle and quiet work, the Dark Lord opened the front door with a simple unlocking charm. He did extra work to ensure that nothing triggered the wards that were in place, he only wished to turn them off for a short time, to make sure that Dumbledore never finds out about his presence. He quickly walked through the house into the master bedroom where he stunned the walrus like man and jumped on the bed where the woman was laying casting a quick as lightning silencio. The women had a horse face and looked terrified. The Dark Lord said, "If you wish to live you will not scream. Your filthy muggle husband is alive, but only for as long as I allow it. If you scream I will kill you both without question do you understand?"

The frail women nodded quickly and Young Riddle removed his charm. Petunia Dursley whimpered, "Your him aren't you? The one that killed my sister? What do you want?"

The Dark Lord smiled evilly, reveling in her fear, "I want to make a fair trade. I understand that you do not wish to have a magical child in your home, and your in luck because I would love to take him off your hands."

She cried out, "Just take him and go, please don't kill me."

The evil smile on the Dark Lords face faded, "That's it? Your just going to let me take him? No begging? No nothing? What kind of disgusting breed of muggle are you? I should kill you where you stand."

The woman almost shrieked in fear until the Dark Lord shoved his wand into her neck, "Scream and die, my patience is running thin. In order for me to take the child you must agree to a few things. I am aware you have begun corresponding with the Headmaster of Hogwarts the school your sister once attended as a young girl. Now you will inform him that all is well on a regular asked basis. You will also ensure the Arabella Figg does not come sniffing around this house, if she were to discover he was not here, it would cost you your life. Am I perfectly understood?"

The women shook her head as fast as possible, when the Dark Lord withdrew his wand, "Good, now I will be taking the boy. If you do not follow my instructions to the key you will be killed. On July 1st 1991 you will receive the boys Hogwarts Letter, I will be by to collect it, and it better be here. Trust me you will regret it if it is not. Am I understood?"

She nodded frantically and the Dark Lord stepped off of himself thinking that he was going to have to burn the outfit he was currently wearing due to the amount of filth in this house. He began to walk out the door before he spat, "You filthy muggle, this is your one and only reminder of what will happen if you cross me, silencio, CRUCIO!"

The women opened her mouth to let out an agonizing scream, but it never reached her lungs. The Dark Lord then walked away without a second glance. He marched up the stairs in no interest of being quiet anymore and opened the door he felt the strongest and only magical signature in. He opened the door to see the small boy on a very tiny bed, the Dark Lord didn't know much about children, but he was pretty sure they were supposed to be in cradles.

He gently tapped the boy on the shoulder. Familiar green eyes stared up into the eyes of the Dark Lord. Voldemort said, "Hello, what is your name?"

The boy responded, "Freak, Freak Potter."

Riddle felt a swell of anger roll through him, "Is that what they call you?"

The boy nodded, "That is what everyone calls me."

The Dark Lord sighed, "Never let it happen again, your name is Harry James Potter, I swear that to you."

"Who are you?"

"My name is Tom Marvarlo Riddle. My followers call me the Dark Lord, my enemies call me Lord Voldemort."

"Why are you here?"

"I have noticed that you and I share some certain similiarities. I have come in order to give you an opportunity that I would've only dreamed of. I am here to offer you my home, my power, my training, and my skills, while all I ask for in return is your friendship."

The green eyed boy stared at the man in wonder, "I've never had a friend before."

The Dark Lord gave the boy a light smile, "Well if you come with me you can have lots of friends. Maybe even one day you can have followers like me. After I teach you to control these powers that you have."

"You mean you have the special abilities too?"

The Dark Lord nodded, "I went to school to learn how to control them, you will to one day, but I want to bring you in and give you some advanced training. So that way you can become special."

Harry sighed, "I am not special sir. My Aunt and Uncle tell me quite often, then they don't feed me, from what I can tell I am a problem child..."

The Dark Lord sighed, "You are very special Harry, if you come with me I will prove it to you."

"Can you show me how you are special?"

The Dark Lord who wasn't used to be tested or questioned first took insult to that, but then he realized he asked Albus Dumbeldore to do the same for him years before, "Sure, what is your favorite thing in the whole wide world?"

Harry put a finger on his chin as if he was contemplating something very serious, "I don't have a favorite thing Mr. All my stuff is passed down from my cousin."

Lord Voldemort was becoming more and more disgusted with these people by the second, so instead of cursing someone he waved his hand and the boy started floating. Harry immediately began panicking and threw his hand forward causing a wave of accidental magic wash over the Dark Lord. When Harry hit the bed he stared at the man with wide eyes, but the Dark Lord was giving him a similar look, "How long have you been able to do tricks like that?"

"Since I can remember sir."

"Alright Harry, now listen. I want to offer you a new home, I can tell you aren't very happy here."

"I don't know sir, if I run away my aunt and uncle will beat me, I have tried before."

"If you come with me I swear it to you no one will ever harm you again without paying for it. I can teach you many things Harry James Potter, but only if you come with me."

The Green eyed boy seemed pretty convinced, but then asked, "Will there be food?"

"More than you can imagine. Now is there anything you want to take with you?"

Harry shook his head, "No sir, I am ready. Just promise me one thing."

The Dark Lord raised an eyebrow, "Never make me comeback."

Tom Riddle felt his heart go out for the boy, he then placed an arm on his shoulder, "Never will you have to, only if you want to."

With that he stood, and then pressed his mark gently causing the snake to hiss and two pops were instantly heard outside. In a few short moments he was joined by two of his followers, "Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy, I am in need of the services we spoke of a few days ago. I will be the first to admit I am not capable or trained to raise a child, but I will do my best. I only ask that you take the boy out and get him some clothes and food, after which you may bring him to my home at Gaunt Manor. At which point I will take permanent custody of the boy. You will keep him hidden from the public at all cost, and may ask help of any other of my death eaters WITH children. Treat him as if you would treat my son, my only heir. I owe this child a great deal."

This conversation had been sorted out in much detail many nights before, but now was the time for the Dark Lord to put a small amount of faith in his followers. "Make haste my slippery friends."

Lucius and Narcissa both bowed respectfully, "Of course my Lord. Will you be by to check on the boy?"

Voldemort growled, "Soon, so you best take care of my son Lucius."

The head of the Malfoy house visibly flinched at the obvious threat, "Yes my Lord."

The Dark Lord then turned to the boy, "I am going to give you family, something I have never had before, and it is something I know you have never had before either. But i'd like to give it a try if you are willing?"

The boy smiled and brought the man in for a hug then quickly backed away. The Dark Lord was touched, but he refused to show it, "Good now let us leave, before the Wards become fully active once again, our business is done here."

(A/N) I hope that was a different start than what most people are use to. The Dark Lord is still very evil don't get me wrong, but he is going to be somewhat compassionate, he is still going to kill, a lot, but he is going to be more intelligent than blood thirsty. Give me a few chapters, I think fans of the Harry Potter series will like where I take this. IT will follow through all seven years of his childhood, and the canon plot line will actually be rather stuck to. Please stick around for the next chapter of a Dark Lords Rising!