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Chapter 6: Dance with Me


Among all the women in the entire world, I was probably the only one that looked forward to her "time of month." This was entirely due to the fact that instead of losing blood and having cramps, I grew a tail. Based on what I'd heard from the girls in my dormitory, most would take this alternative.

The day started as per usual. I dragged my groggy self out of bed around 4 and made my way to the Hospital Wing. Master Sweet gave me a bit of bread then an assortment of potions. He'd once tried to explain what exactly they were and what they did, but I didn't care enough to listen. All I knew was they all tasted putrid.

As the ghastly concoctions began to settle in my stomach, Mr. Sweet led me a secluded spot on the shore of the Black Lake. We shared a hearty breakfast of eggs and sausages along with milk and discussed our respective lives. He asked me about my classes. (Yeah, Sweet I am totally taking Potions seriously. I promise. Oh and according to Mama Odie I should be watching my back. Apparently "trickery is afoot.") I asked him about his recent patients. (I swear Hawkins took one of those puking pastilles to get out of some test but those are supposed to be impossible to keep within the walls of the castle. No I can't tell you anything about Snow White, that's completely classified information.) We waited for the sun to come up. It was nice to have this routine. I really liked Sweet. He was definitely intimidating, all muscle and height, but he was such a good person. He never judged me for my choice of dress nor my crazy personality. And then there was the fact that he was one of three people that knew my secret.

As the sun came up on the horizon, I shimmied into the water. I could feel tingling in my feet, almost like they were falling asleep. This feeling went up my legs until my hips felt numb. Then I watched as my pale legs grew bright turquoise scales. I felt fins replace my feet. I inched deeper into the water once I felt my gills return. Within a few minutes the transformation was complete. I had my tail back.

I sped through the waves to the headquarters of the Black Lake merpeople. After years of being their little nuisance, I still felt the need to ask if there was anything, anything at all I could do to help them. The answer, as it had been since I was merely eleven, was no. Just stay out of the way, Ariel.

They just didn't want me to fuck anything up. Of course, that was a reasonable request. I had a tendency to accidentally make things shit.

So after being rejected once again, I made rounds around the lake. After my second lap, I truly felt in the zone again. I relished the speed. I embraced the water around me. It was amazing. I had a feeling one of the potions made it possible for me to withstand the cold. Many days, I felt this uncomfortable cool prickle in my back. However, today, it was warm enough for this prickle to feel like it was cooling me off rather than freezing me. I began to sing an old mermish lullaby as I swam.

My song was interrupted. I heard shouting coming from above. Naturally, I investigated.

Someone was drowning. A bloke by the sound of the cry.

Instinctively, I swum to him. I didn't waste time taking I look at his face. I just grabbed him and sped as fast as I could toward the shore. I prayed to whatever was out there that he would live. Please live. Please live. The thought repeated in my head as I continued my song with a new sort of urgency.

We reached shore within forty five seconds, a new record I guessed. I dragged him out of the water and started pressing on his gut like I'd seen in shows on muggle television. Please live. I almost considered mouth to mouth resuscitation when he started to cough. Thank you, Universe. He was alive. It was then that I took the time to fully take in who he was. Eric McKinney. The Eric McKinney.

I nearly laughed at how cheesy it was. I saved the life of my long term crush. The guy I'd liked since the first Defense lesson. He was the first bloke I'd met that hadn't treated me like I was some sort of bint. He sat next to me for the whole year and though we rarely talked, I found out that he'd made a lot of the guys stop teasing me. And then there was the fact that he was absolutely gorgeous. I have no idea how I appreciated his shaggy black hair, which I now unabashedly refer to as fucking sexy as hell, ocean blue eyes, and chiseled features at eleven, but somehow I did. He was the first guy I thought of as cute. Unfortunately, he was also one of the only people I felt sort of shy around. I was such a fumbling awkward little thing at eleven anyway. The point is I never really became friends with him then. And then I guess for the three years after that I just admired him from afar, like his little group of admirers. He was pretty oblivious to girls. All he cared about was sailing and his dog Max, who was in fact running toward us at that moment, barking like the end of the world was coming.

Someone was calling from behind Max.

Of course, Eric couldn't have been alone before. He must have had friends with him.

I couldn't let them see me; I dove back to the sea.

This little scene, me finding him and saving him, replayed in my head for days. I almost thought it was a dream. It was so surreal.

I found out for sure it wasn't when I returned to the castle. Apparently he'd been talking about this gorgeous girl who saved him. He was rambling on and on about her voice to his friends. It was easy to overhear him when I passed his table on the way to my usual spot with Jasmine.

It was real. And he remembered my song. He was looking for the girl who saved me. He was looking for me.

Was this really happening?

When I reached Jasmine she had this peculiar look on her face. She looked like she was bursting with information and for once in her life she didn't look entirely composed.

"You've missed so much in these last few days, oh my God!" Jasmine exclaimed as I sat down, "First of all your dream guy is head over heels over this mystery girl who saved him."

I nodded, "I've heard she has an amazing voice."

"Yeah," she took a deep breath, "And there's this dance coming up."

This took me by surprise, "What? No way! You're not just fucking with me?"

"I am not messing with you. Mouse made the announcement a few days ago. It's in honour of the games. Well, to be more precise, it's in honour of the other schools coming here for the games. You know Beauxbatons and Durmstrang?"

I nodded and she continued, "That's why they're calling it the Welcoming Ball. It's really formal. As in we're having dance lessons formal and we're going to have to wear dresses and—"

"Okay, Jaz. You're starting to sound like me and I can't tell if it's because he's asked you or because he hasn't." I interrupted. She totally filled me in on her thing with Aladdin.

"Ugh," she sighed, "He still hasn't even talked to me yet."

"Seriously? What a fucking prick."

"I think he might just be nervous," she defended, "I saw him talking to Jafar a while ago…"

"Ohhh," I didn't even need her to continue. Jafar was reason number 2 as to why the beautiful, brilliant Jasmine Agrabad still hadn't ever gone on a date. Number 1: She wasn't allowed to date anyone her dad didn't approve of. Number 2: Jafar, the son of one of her dad's colleagues or something, always blabbered to her dad when guys seemed to show interest. Number 3: she was intimidating as fuck. Number 4: She had high standards.

"So he's given up?" I asked.

"No," she seemed uncertain, "I mean I don't know. I've noticed him staring at me. And he always looks deep in thought. I think he's planning something."

"I hope so," I said, "For both of your sakes. But if he doesn't say yes you have to promise to come with me as friends."

"Of course," She smirks, "But in turn you have to try to get the courage to ask Eric."

"You said it himself, he's obsessed with a mystery girl."

"Yeah but newsflash: you're a real person. And a really amazing one at that."

I loved Jasmine so much. I sighed, "I guess I could try."

My stomach growled and I decided to pay some attention to the plate of food in front of me. After a while, a thought occurred to me.

"When is this ball thing?" I asked, hoping that I wasn't as unlucky as I thought I was.

"November 8th." I was. I so was.

My face sank.

"What's wrong. That's like four weeks from now we—oh." She realized why I looked glum.

"Isn't there something you could do?" she asked, "Or, I mean I know you said it's impossible to cure the pain but could you try to just stand it for a few hours?"

I wished it were only that simple, "I don't know. Ugh, I'm going to try to figure something out at least though. There is no way in hell I'm missing this dance."

I wanted more than anything in the world to go. I knew it was foolish but I thought that maybe if he, Eric, heard me singing in my human voice he'd recognize me and we'd be able to go together. Or he'd see me at the dance and not even need to hear my voice, he'd just know.

I was pathetic with these fantasies but I wanted it so badly my heart hurt from yearning.

It wasn't until I was fixing my makeup in the lavatory when I found a way to manage what I wanted. Or really, when a way found me.

The way was dressed up like a terrifying seventh year, but it was a way. Ursula.

I'd heard rumors about her. She had some sort of way with potions. She had this sort of weird magic. Not only that but she was one of the biggest bullies in Hogwarts. She tormented first and second years. And anyone else she felt like messing up. No one could control her. The Hogwarts staff had almost expelled her a million time but for some reason she was always given a second chance.

You can understand of course why my reaction to hearing her march into second floor girl's lavatory was to try to slip past her.

"Where you going?" she asked after a puff from the cigarette in her hand, "You haven't finished your other eye."

She was right. I'd started this new smokey eye on my left eye and had started on my right one when she came in.

"It's okay, love," she grinned, "I am not going to hurt you."

I gulped, "You're not?"

Her voice sounded smooth like butter, "Nope, in fact I've come to help you out, Fishy."


I nearly fainted then and there.

She knew. SHE KNEW.

My mind spun. How many others knew by now? Where they coming to get me? Would I get kicked out of school?

"Relax, Ariel," she gave me another, unsettling smile, "I haven't told anyone. And I won't tell anyone. Your secret is safe with me."

I let out the breath I'd been holding.

"I also know how to get you what you want," she declared. I gave her a blank look and she continued, "I know how you can go to the Ball."

I couldn't believe it.

"See they're so wrong about me. I've actually made part of my agenda to help poor unfortunate souls like you," she laughed, "Anyway, I don't require much for the potion. Just an unbreakable vow."

She let the last sentence hang in the air before finishing, "You have to vow not to disclose your feelings for Eric McKinney nor the story of how you rescued him. Oh and of course, you must give me your voice. Simple right?"

I was so screwed. I couldn't leave. She looked capable of Avada-ing me if I refused her "simple" offer.

I found myself saying yes.

I found myself preforming the unbreakable vow.

I found myself still dazed when she left the room. Maybe this was her special magic.

When I got myself together I laughed bitterly. There was no way now that I could get Eric to dance with me. And that seemed to be the least of my problems.


I'd always been one of those people with a long list of problems looming over them. Problem number 1: my older sister had been virtually ignoring me since I was like seven. Problem number 2: my parents died when I was twelve. Problem number 3: they had been the monarchs of the Norwegian Government which meant problem 4: I was practically the wizard equivalent to a princess and because of this my parents kept us away from the prying public which gave me problem number 5: a friendless childhood which led to problem number 6: social awkwardness. And that hadn't really helped with my latest problem: there was no bloody way I'd ever get a date to the Welcoming Ball.

I was pretty much invisible. I know it's not all bad, I mean I'd rather be invisible than be the center of attention (like Elsa when we're back in Oslo), and it was pretty much exactly what our parents wanted for us when they sent us to Hogwarts in favor of Durmstrung, which was the more convenient option. They thought that we'd be away from the spotlight if we spent most of the year in Scotland, where people wouldn't easily recognize us. They were absolutely right. No one, excepting of course the faculty and the older students with an interest in politics, cared about Norway, let alone its leaders. So yeah, out of the spotlight.

I wished sometimes I could bask in the glory of the whole royalty thing, just for a bit. I mean without it there was nothing interesting about me. No reason for anyone to want to befriend me. I'm fairly certain that that's why I don't have many friends, because it can't be because I'm mean or anything. I'm totally nice and approachable. I imagined that if Elsa ever needed to describe me (I didn't think she has) she'd say in her posh little voice that I was "an affable individual with a sweet disposition." And it's also not because of my friends or anything. If anything it may be that I don't measure up to my friends, all of whom are much more successful in the romance department. Rapunzel, my cousin, is beautiful and so artistically talented and smart, she's practically at the top of our class, and she's dating Flynn Rider, a really popular bloke like two years older than her. Oh and she transferred here last year. No one gets to transfer to Hogwarts. Then there's Jasmine, who's apparently 16, exotic and alluring, fashionable, kind-hearted, and almost as poised as Elsa. I've never seen her with guys, but I've seen the way they look at her. Ariel gets those looks often too, but that's got to do more with her gutsy and provocative choice of dress. She's really confident despite the rumors that always circulate her and she's got an amazing voice, like a siren. Plus, she's always so fun to be around. I figured she and Jasmine had already had lunch, they eat early together and I was debating if it'd be worse to sit with the lovebirds or all alone when my face collided with someone's chest and my head instantly fell back to the ground with a thud.

"Hey!" I yelled. Then I looked up. Handsome older guy.

He apologized immediately, "I'm so sorry. Are you hurt?"

I fumbled, "Hey. I-ya, no. No. I'm okay."

I was still on the ground. He looked down over me, "Are you sure."

"Yeah, I just wasn't looking where I was going. But I'm okay." I started to get up, "I'm great, actually?"

He offered me a hand and pulled me up, "Thank goodness."

He was still smiling at me when I got back on my feet, "Hans, Hans Westergård,"

"Anna," I replied, "Anna Arendelle."

I reached to shake his hand, because he seemed like the kind of person used to this sort of introduction. But of course because I'm as awkward as hell, I trip over myself and suddenly he's the one on the ground and I'm practically right on top of him.

Awkward. So awkward.

"Hi, again." I said. "Ha. This is awkward. Not you're awkward, but just because we're-I'm awkward. You're gorgeous." Did I really just say that? "Wait, what?"

He didn't respond to my ramblings, but instead helped me up.

Once we were both upright again, he looked me right in the eyes (his eyes were gorgeous, like a sea of green I could get lost in forever), "I'd like to formally apologize for bumping into the lovely Miss Arendelle."

The title made me think of Elsa. At home that's who she was. Here she was The Snow Queen. You would not want to cross either Elsa.

"It's okay, it's not like you bumped into my sister Elsa or anything," I shrugged.

"She's your sister?" He seemed surprised, "The Snow Queen?"

I nodded. I still didn't really remember exactly how she got the nickname, but I knew why it stuck. Snow because she was generally cold and brisk. Queen because she acted all high and mighty, always right, always following and upholding rules, and surrounded by this air of regal superiority. Or something like that.

Hans didn't press the subject, but instead invited me to have lunch with him. I obviously accept. He was, as I verbally noted, gorgeous, and seemed to actually be interested in me. Me of all people. He was definitely older than me, a prefect badge pinned to his perfectly pressed Slytherin robes indicated at least a fifth year. He looked more like a sixth or seventh. It was kind of intimidating but also a real ego booster. He seemed like the kind of guy that could be with anyone at any time, and right now he was with me.

I found out quickly that he wasn't just a pretty face. He listened to everything I said like it was the most interesting thing he'd ever heard. He laughed at my jokes. His own were hilarious and clever. He never missed a beat. We talked until the cafeteria was nearly empty and we had no excuse to still be there. Then we went on a walk around the school.

He asked me about my white streak. He told me about his many, many brothers. He wanted to do something with his life. When he said that I could see the ambition in his eyes, no wonder he was a Slytherin.

He was so nice.

I kept hoping he wouldn't find an excuse to leave, and he didn't. In fact before I knew it he asked if I'd already gotten a date to the dance.

"No, not yet," I blushed. I'd read all the books, I'd seen my friends reject, I knew what he was going to say.

"Do you think you'd like to go with me?"

"Of course-I mean-yes," I grinned, "I'd love to."

We spent the remainder of the day together, continuing to get to know each other. Everything I learned about him just added to my theory that he was absolutely perfect. I liked him so much, it hurt to have to say goodnight.

But I did, after he walked me all the way back to my dormitory. I gave him a peck on the cheek. It felt like something from one of my favorite novels. So romantic.

I collapsed on my bed, a stupid grin glued to my face.

I was going to the dance with Hans! He liked me! He was probably going to ask me to be his girlfriend soon! I thought I was falling in love with him already.

I fell asleep dreaming of love at first sight and happy endings.

I could have been asleep. It was near midnight, after all. But instead I was trudging through the Forest.

The wind sent familiar chills down my back. I could have worn a robe, but why bother? I'd gone out to the forest without one in the middle of January once. I didn't mind the breeze. Still, my hands reached to rub my arms.

Smith took notice immediately, and like the gentlemen he was trained to be, he took off his own robe and wrapped it around me.

"You don't have to be so chivalrous," I rolled my eyes, "I would have brought a jacket if I needed one."

He shrugged.

I kept the robe on, anyway. It was a too big on me, of course, but soft and comforting. And it smelled like him, a mix of the cologne he liked and that clean boy smell.

I led him through the winding forest.

"So, you've shown me the sunrise from the sycamores, the wolves, possibly werewolves, howling at the moon, and you nearly got me killed introducing me to that giant spider—"

"Aragog the Second was nice!" I interrupted

"He said he'd give me to his wife as a present!"

I smiled, "That means he thinks highly of you."

He shakes his head and continues, "Anyway, I can't imagine what's next on the list."

"Good," I replied, "I like surprising you."

"You're impossible," he chuckled.

"And proud of it," I sounded cheeky.

"How much longer?" He asked after a few beats.

"Just a few more minutes, probably." I answered contemplatively, "They like this part of the forest at midnight."

His thick eyebrows knit in frustration, trying to figure out if the next group of creatures I was introducing him too would be at all dangerous. His hands instinctively gripped his wand a little tighter.

And then I spotted them, down by the glistening river.

He stopped in his tracks at the sight of them, but I hardly noticed. I ran up to the herd, excited.

"Ronan!" I called.

The old centaur turned to face me. His eyes lit up and he smiled kindly, "Pocahontas."

The herd acknowledged me.

"I'd like to introduce you to someone," I beckoned for John to come closer.

Ronan's smiled turned quickly into a frown. He regarded John coldly.

"He's going to be trouble." Ronan spoke with eerie certainty. It was an allusion to the future. Had I been younger and less accustomed to them, I'd have worried. But years of vague prophesies coming true innocently left it impossible to phase me.

Luckily, John hadn't heard him. When he came close enough, I could see only fascination in his eyes.

"I had no idea they looked so human," He remarked.

Suddenly, I regretted bringing him here without warning him. He had a problem coming off as condescending. He had nearly been speared for his assessment of the mermaids.

"And you're friends with one," the surprise in his tone came off as rude, "My father told me they were beasts incapable of human feelings."

Before I could react Ronan lifted John off the ground by his shirt, "Tell your father that self-important wizards like him are the reason you don't know more about us."

He put John down and turned back to me.

"Be careful." He managed to stifle the contempt in his voice long enough to say the words.

Then the pack was off, galloping away from us faster than I'd ever seen.

"That was the wrong thing to say," John concluded.

"Wow. He can think? Why, I thought that purebloods only looked pretty. And, my word, my father will be astonished to know they can do more than just order people around." I mocked him, annoyed.

"I thought you learned your lesson with the merpeople." I shook my head.

"I'm sorry," He said quickly, "I wasn't thinking—acting on impulse—my father—"

I stopped him after taking a deep breath, "Just don't do it again."

I had gathered a few things about his father from when he came up in conversation. Mister Smith was one of the few pureblood supremacists that still existed in the world. He was one of many who still looked at other creatures as lower class. He had particular beliefs that he'd impose on anyone he could.

And then there were his political campaigns against all the strides Hermione Weasley had made for creature rights and his fucking business. One of the few that had expanded into the muggle world. He was a land developer.

From what John told me he was a shit person too. His wife left him after one too many affairs with women half his age. He had friends in the black markets. His best friend was that annoying Gaston's father.

"You've taught me a lot." He sighed, "And I think I keep ruining it."

(He's going to be trouble.)

"You're learning." I amended.

An awkward silence fell upon us.

He broke it after a few minutes, "I was going to save this for when we got back to the castle, but this place is so beautiful in the moonlight."

He took out his wand and unshrunk something. A picnic basket.

I watched him as the spread out a blanket and started to set up some sort of meal.

"Come here," he patted the bit of blanket next to him.

I sat down and took a large gulp of the champagne he'd offered me. It tasted expensive.

"Is this one of your dad's favorites?" I asked.

"Mum's," He corrected, "Dad's a firewhisky bloke."

I nodded, "What about you?"

"Jack and Coke at a bar. Cheap beer at a concert."

I grinned and fist bumped him. Most of my experience with alcohol had been with beer at concerts.

"You're a chocolate person right," he asked.

"Of course," I replied.

He pulled something else out of the picnic basket. A bag filled with Honeyduke's chocolates.

I grabbed some truffles and popped on into my mouth, "Yum."

He smiled.

"So you already know enough about my dad to call him a bigoted asshole and wizard supremacist. What about your parents?"

"Parent," I corrected. "My mum died when I was really young."

He looked embarrassed, "I'm so sorry."

I waved a hand, "It's fine. I don't even remember her. It's always been me and Dad. And well, hmm…he's been sober for as long as I've been alive. He's skilled in spirit magic. He's an animagus. He's a nature lover, like me. He owns a casino, I know, super stereotypical, but hey, that's how we ended up in London. Uhh…he's never imposed any beliefs on me, except maybe the whole treat people nicely and avoid conflict when you can thing. He's a laidback sort of person."

"So he's like a wiser, older, male version of you." He concluded.

I thought about it. "Yeah, I guess. Apparently, I'm more headstrong. And impossible."

He laughed.

"So is he the reason you haven't told anyone about this," he motioned, "You don't think he'll like me."

"No." I laid back to get a better look at the waxing moon, "I turned someone down on the pretense that I was too busy for a relationship. I'd really rather not wave this in his face."

"Who's the guy?"


"Kocoum's a good sort of bloke," He admitted, "He's been on the quidditch team for ages, and he's on the school team for the Victory games with me."

I stuck out my tongue, "My dad actually wanted me to go out with him."

He raised an eyebrow.

I continued, "But he's got the personality of a rock."

"I guess," He nodded, then added with a wink, "He's also not me."

I hit his arm but internally agreed. Despite his ridiculously bland name, John Smith was really interesting. He'd travelled the world. He was passionate. He was stubborn, but open minded. He had a great taste in music.

And then there were his looks. He was tall as fuck, even in heels I probably wouldn't have matched his height, and I was considered rather tall myself. He had broad shoulders and his arms were decently muscular. He had defined abs, which I'd seen when we'd gone to the Lake. His facial features certainly were, especially his jawline and nose. And then there were his eyes, two oceans of blue I kept drowning in.

Overall, he was exactly my type, and that was why it was so hard for me not to do this.

"Well that's bullocks then," he lamented, "I thought, well I hoped, you were just being shy before we went public or something. I was hoping I could ask if you'd go to the dance with me."

I finished off my glass of champagne.

"At least now I don't have to make a fool out of myself, trying to dance." He muttered.

"I'm sure you can dance. I thought all you rich kids got formally trained or something."

"Oh I did," he chuckled, "Madame Fontaine said I was hopeless."

I got to my feet, "Come on, I'm sure you can dance a little."

He joined me off the blanket. I hummed the song I'd learned to dance to.

I took each one of his large arms. One, I guided to my waist. The other, I clasped. I led him through the waltz. He was quite awful; he stepped on my poor toes at least three times and his eyes kept checking on his feet. But it was nice all the same and when the song ended, he grabbed me even closer and kissed me.

It wasn't our first kiss by any means but it was just as good. I ran my hands through his hair and his hands went lower and lower down by back, asking permission, till he was grasping my arse. I moaned in his mouth. He was as skilled a kisser as he was a chaser.

We could have gone further, we had already gone further, but there was the awkward chance that something could have spotted here. I broke it off after a good ten minutes.

"You have practice tomorrow," I heaved, "You should get some rest."

He nodded and with a sigh he cleaned up our little picnic.

On our way back to the castle I questioned him about training. He said Shang was a good leader. Gaston, whom he had friendly relations with on account of their fathers, did almost nothing except admire himself. There were a few others that seemed to stand a chance at surviving at least the first few rounds, and others that he knew would be kicked off before the games started.

I whispered good luck when we parted ways.

The night hadn't gone as planned by any means. I'd hoped Ronan and the centaurs would teach John some of the things they'd shown me. I'd hoped I wouldn't have to talk about Kocoum. It didn't matter though. The picnic was a nice surprise and just being out there with John made the evening perfect. (I'd only known him for a couple weeks and I he was already one of my favorite people.)

Esmeralda wasn't in her bed when I returned. I wondered who she'd given the pleasure of her company that night. She wasn't a bint of course, but one night stands did seem to be a favorite of hers.

Nakoma on the other hand was a virgin like me, probably the most innocent of all of us. She was fast asleep, snoring slightly.

I nestled in my bed after quietly brushing my teeth.

As I fell asleep, I remembered what John had mentioned. The dance.

I'd never been one to like the idea of dances. The movies I'd seen with some of my muggle friends made them out to be drama filled and silly. And there'd be a bunch of unnecessary work I'd have to put into my appearance.

For some reason though, it was tempting. My arms around his neck. His eyes pouring into mine. Us twirling across the dancefloor. Him offering me punch, and me insisting I could get it myself.

I wanted to go with him. No. Not only that. I wanted to be able to be with him in public, to do all the things I'd secretly wondered about. The handholding, the Hogsmeade dates at Pudifoots, the walking each other to class.

I dreamed about it. At first the dreams were sweet, but at some point Koucum and my dad and Mister Smith infiltrated them.

(He's going to be trouble.)

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