A/N: I'd like to remind everyone this is taking place from Klonoa's 6th chapter and branching off into my own version. Don't get me wrong, it's not like I "want" to copy his/hers right off the back like that, but to be honest, the way he/she started hers off from the first trial is perfect, and i can't really think of a different way to begin other than that. If i have time in the future, I might edit the chapters and redo the beginning and add my own chapters to it, but until then, I'll be continuing from where it left off. Again, this is inspired by Klonoa's Fem-Naegi FF. Hope it's just as good and that you all enjoy it ^^!

"T-Thanks for letting me sleep with you, Naegi-kun..." Fujisaki stuttered, sitting on the bed. This would be the second night Naegi spent with Fujisaki, except this time they were sleeping within Naegi's room, not the other way around.

"It's alright, Fujisaki-san," Naegi smiled, "with all that's been going on lately, I don't mind the company. But what were you so upset about?"

"Oh...emm..." Fujisaki teared up again lowering her head. "I-It's nothing...I just...mmh..." Tears started rolling down her face as her lips quivered.

"H-Hey, it's alright, you don't have to talk about it!" Naegi quickly stated, waving her hands worriedly. With all the problems that have been going on, the last thing she could handle was being the one to make her friends cry.

"I-I'm sorry..." Fujisaki sniffed. "I-I wish I was strong...like you..." Naegi blinked.

"Like me?"

"Y-Yeah...I like how despite all you've gone through, you're still able to press on and all...I really admire that."

"Oh...! Umm...T-Thanks." Naegi replied with a small blush as she scratched the back of her head. "B-But I'm not as strong as you'd think, Fujisaki-san. In fact, sometimes I wish I was strong like you." Fujisaki's eyes widened. Never once in her life had anyone ever told her something some heartfelt.

"L-Like me?"

"Well...yeah. I mean," Naegi looked down, slightly saddened by the memories that came flooding back to her with each thought, "for one, after Kuwata's death, I practically spilled my entire breakfast on the floor in front of everyone." She looked back with fearful eyes. "A-And I can't even go back into the bathroom anymore without seeing..."

Naegi started squeezing her head where her eyes were as the frustration built up. No matter how hard she attempted to stop it, nothing could stop the small stream of tears that began rolling down her face. With all that's happened within the small several days alone at this school, for simply one of the students to bear with all of it on their own, it's a wonder her own sanity hadn't completely shattered. The loss of her friends were dear to her, actually more so after realizing Maizono simply used her.

Not only that, but the pain and trauma it brought to Naegi was unbearable. Her stomach lurched at the mere thought of remembering how Maizono's body even looked when she last saw it. She nearly gagged at the feeling of how the knife must've even felt in her stomach like that!

It is not something one should have to go through in one's life, at least not at such a young age.

"I... I honestly don't know how to deal with this... I-I mean if something happened to anyone else...If a friend like you died next..." Naegi couldn't even bring herself to finish a sentence as she hiccupped. She felt herself tensing up briefly before easing herself as she felt Fujisaki hold her hands.

"N-Naegi-kun...I...Let's make a promise." she said with a warming smile. If you had saw her earlier, you would not think this suddenly-heartwarming girl was the same one who entered Naegi's bedroom with tears on her cheek. "Let's both make a promise, that no matter what happens, we'll both get out of here together!" Naegi's heart almost warmed up immediately as she sniffed.

"Mmh...O-Ok. It's a promise!" She cheered.

All these emotions filling Fujisaki were ones she never experienced in life before. For the first time, she felt like she had someone who actually looked up to HER, and not the other way around. It was as if she had met someone actually weaker than her, that looked up to her for guidance. That sense of being needed and relied upon gave her something she hadn't experienced in a long time- strength. And courage...

"Hey, I know it's late, but I'm a bit hungry. Why don't I head to the cafeteria and pick us up a small snack before bed?" Naegi suggested.

"Ok!" Fujisaki nodded. "Do you want me to come with or-?"

"No, it's ok." Naegi denied her offer as she stood up from her bed. "You already helped me enough by just talking to me. Now it's my turn, so I'll be back in a few minutes."



As expected, the emptied hallways were all but quiet. There wasn't a single noise to be heard as she walked her way to the lunchroom. Although the small pep talk she had with Fujisaki a few moments ago eased her up, there was still the unsettling nature that was brought about when one entered a silent room in a school where people were forced to kill each other.

But even that silence didn't last for long, which Naegi actually started wishing for again.

She was unprepared for the ticking time bomb that had already gone off in the lunchroom as she entered. From two people alone, the room was filled with nothing but shouting and screaming at each other. It was enough to startle Naegi's heart and sense of fear again as she felt the pure rage and anger coming off from the two students currently going off on one another without end. And their hardened glare was enough to make her heart sink, even though she knew the rage wasn't directed at her.

"Excellent timing, Naegi-kun!" Ishimaru shouted with his usual authority.

"W-Wait, what? What for?" Naegi asked.

"Naegi-kun! I got a favor to ask ya!" Oowada grunted squeezing his fist.

"I don' like how this is going..." Naegi gulped slightly.

"Yo, Naegi... We need a witness." Oowada stated.

"Huh? A witness?" Naegi raised her brow.

"This little bitch here is running his mouth, sayin' shit like I need to grow a pair..." Oowada huffed.

Ishimaru kept his strict demeanor as he crossed his arms. "If you didn't, you wouldn't be so quick to resort to violence!" He pointed to Oowada accusingly. "If you didn't, you wouldn't ignore our society's rules and go riding around in your little biker gang!"

"What...did you say?" Oowada squeezed his fist as he lowered his head. "What the hell... do you know...?"

"You have long since been defeated by yourself!" Ishimaru deemed. "If you really had pair, you would readily admit that!"

Oowada's face tightened. "So, what, are you saying you got bigger balls than me?!" Oowada brought his face down to Ishimaru's.

"Damn straight! Even Naegi-kun has a bigger pair than you do-!" He turned back with a vacant expression. "Err...eh...No offense..." He quickly added before focusing his attention back to Oowada.

"N-None...taken..." Naegi mumbled with a slight blush.

If one's aura could kill someone, everyone else in this school would be dead by now by the amount of rage Ishimaru and Oowada's aura was giving off. She could virtually see the sparks coming off each others' eyes as they glared intently on one another. It took all her strength alone to push each other back to distance themselves a few feet, feeling like super magnets that were pulled towards one another.

"Would you two quit fi-" Naegi tried to intervene.

"Then we'll have a contest... If you say you've got bigger balls, then show me what you've got!" Oowada declared.

"As you wish!" Ishimaru proudly agreed. The both of them turned their gaze towards Naegi, causing a small bead of sweat to drip from the back of her head.

"And that's where you come in, Naegi! You're the neutral witness!" Oowada added.

When you had two of the most seemingly-aggressive people looming over you, you couldn't help but feel small...

"When you s-say "contest"... you're not going to, like, fight each other, are you?"

"You know the bath just across from here? There's a sauna in there too..."

"I see," Ishimaru nodded, "simple and decisive. Whoever can handle staying in the sauna the longest is the winner!"

"You fuckin' got it, bitch!" Oowada roared.



The public bath. Just the same as Naegi left it a few hours ago. Even when it was not being used, there was always a radiance of steam enveloping the room, only now it felt twice as hot with the two raging spirits that were present within this room.

"Are you really going to do this?" Naegi asked slightly worried.

"Fuck ya we are!" Oowada assured.

"You aren't going to last more than a few minutes! Everyone knows people like you are just talk!" Ishimaru insulted.

Oowada cracked his knuckles in a way that sent chills down Naegi's spine. "Oooh, you are just asking for it! Fine, take a handicap! Not much fun if I don't give you a fighting chance!"

"Handicap?" Naegi asked.

"I'll go in with my clothes on!" He explained.

For once, even Ishimaru's expression changed into a mix of worry and fear.

"N-No way!" Ishimaru stuttered. "That's suicide!"

"What? Chickening out?" Oowada taunted. Ishimaru squeezed his fist with tears, anger, and pride as he bit his lip.

"You'll... regret this!"

"Shaddup! Let's do this!"

Once again, even after being spread a few feet away from each other, the sparks continued to bounce off one another's eyes.

If one had failed to see the aura permeating from these two before, it only became more noticeable once these two had entered the Sauna. Ishimaru, who apologized before hand for undressing in front of Naegi, having briefly forgotten about Naegi's gender once again, sat next to Oowada with a determined expression upon his face; one that read "I will win!". Draped in only a towel covering his lower region, he looked as if he was channeling all his focus into maintaining his stamina so as to not lose his focus.

As for Oowada, true to his word, he had gone in fully clothed in his biker outfit, his towel being hung from his pointy hair, shouting in rage as he gathered the energy he needed to sustain such composure. Both of these unearthly combatants never so much as blinked, shouting with such ferocity as if it would keep them going.

"O-Oowada..." Ishimaru grunted, not seeming phased by the current scenario.

"What do you want?" Oowada grumbled.

"If you want, you can take off your uniform... and I'll let you off with just a chuckle..." Ishimaru offered, already growing a smirk.

"How about you worry about you and let me deal with me?" Oowada retorted. "Your face is bright red... You look like a baboon's ass!"

"My face... is naturally red." Ishimaru huffed.

Naegi couldn't help biting her lip. If this was truly the way they would settle things once and for all, then she was all for it. But she couldn't stand the idea if one of them could possibly end up dead from this.

"Are you guys alright in there?" She asked.

But they paid her no attention. They were too focused on victory.

And so she waited a few minutes...

Then ten minutes...

Before she knew it, a full hour had gone by.

She started to wonder if they were even still alive, or if they died frozen in place.

Ishimaru was letting out shallow breaths at this point. "D-don't you hink...it's about hime... you gave fup?"

There wasn't an ounce of water on Ishimaru's dried tongue- perhaps in his entire body!

"You can't... even talk right anymore..." Oowada replied. Despite being able to form complete words, he didn't sound too much better than Ishimaru in his raspy voice.

"Wh-Whah are you halking abouh? I'm jush fine. Ahually... I'm sharhing hoo feel kinha... cold..."

"Umm...g-guys? Don't you think this has gone on long enough? I mean you don't have to prove any-"

"BE QUIET!" Ishimaru and Oowada said in unison, both focus intently on the "match". At least they had enough endurance to show some respect to a girl and not telling her to "shut up" or something.

"At this point, at least whatever happens isn't on me."

Diiing dooong...

diiiing doooong...

Naegi looked up to the monitors as the announcement began to play.

"Ahem, may I have your attention please? The time is now 10:00 P.M. Night Time is now in effect! The cafeteria is now off-limits, and the doors will be locked momentarily. And with that, I wish you all a good night. Sweet dreams...". Monokuma announced.

Naegi sighed.

"Aww man, and I never even managed to get a sna-!" Her eyes widened with worry. "Oh crap! I forgot about Fujisaki!" She remembered with worry. "Hey guys! I need to go now so..."

"O-Oh y-yeah..." Oowada began while gasping for air. "Y-You can go on... back to your room... I-I'll tell you...about my stunning victory...tomorrow...You and your kids will...be telling stories about me for years..."

"Heth righ'..." Ishimaru slurred. "Go on bah...I'll hell thoo...about how he an ouuth... c'yin'...in defesh..."

"F-Fat... chance..."

Naegi could only shake her head in disapproval as the two continued their "contest" while she left. All she knew at this point is that even if they did die, they wouldn't be coming out of that room until one of them achieved victory. Right now though, her current thoughts were hurrying back to her own room.

She couldn't believe she completely forgot Fujisaki for the last hour that she was stuck with the other two. She was currently angry, both at herself for forgetting such an important detail, and the other two for their stupid contest. She knew she didn't have the right to fully blame them, but it still would've kept her from forgetting such an important thing.

Things only turned more sour for Naegi as she saw Fujisaki walking down the hall, sniffling as she rubbed her eyes from the tears. Naegi could only groan as she quickly ran up to her, holding her calmly by the shoulders.

"Fujisaki-san! I'm sorry, I'm so, so, sorry!" She whined. "I didn't mean to forget and abandon you! I-I just got caught up in something stupid a-and lost track of time and-!"

"N-No!" Fujisaki cut her off, wiping her nose slightly. "It's not that," she replied, "i-it's just..." She sniffled again as she wiped the tears from her eyes so she could speak with more ease. "F-Fukawa needed me for something, a-a-and...a-and...!" Fujisaki began tearing up again.

"What? Did she hurt you or something?!" Naegi asked worriedly.

She knew Fukawa wasn't completely "dangerous", but with someone who would snap at her just for wanting to be friends earlier, Naegi knew she was also unpredictable.

"N-No...I..." Fujisaki rubbed her eyes, this time from the lack of energy that sleep began pulling on the two of them. "I'd just like to go to bed... if that's ok with you..."

"Of course," Naegi nodded with a sincere smile, "we could both use some shut eye."

Fujisaki's smile showed that she agreed.

Even without food for the night, at least the two managed to have a somewhat peaceful sleep.



A sleep that managed to even let them snooze through the morning announcements for that matter. For once, Naegi appeared to have a content smile on her face, still drifting in slumber after all of yesterday's actions. It helped that she had Fujisaki to sleep with. She couldn't ask for a more understanding friend than her to keep her company, and-

"Ack!" Fujisaki suddenly screeched flailing. The sudden flail ended up accidentally smacking Naegi on the forehead, causing a chain reaction which ended up with causing her to literally jump and fall off the side of her bed.


"Ouch!" Naegi yelped, rubbing the back of her head in pain. She shook her head to help wake herself up more, rubbing her eyes as she looked around.

"What happened?" She asked, seeing if anything around her could cause such a sudden freight.

Looking back at Fujisaki, she noticed she had half her face from her nose to the rest of the body down covered in the blanket. From what little she could see, she had a slight blush on her face. And she was shaking just slightly.

"O-O-Oh! U-Um... I-I-I'm s-sorry!" Fujisaki stuttered turning away. "I-I just woke up a few minutes ago, b-but I was still sleepy s-so I tried getting back to sleep. B-But while I d-did, I f-f-felt your knee...a-and it was rubbing against...mmh..." She couldn't even bring herself to finish her sentence as her face turned red.

It took Naegi five full seconds to understand what caused her to freak out so much and make her own face beat red.

"O-Oh!" She bit her lip. "I-I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to!"

"I-It's ok, i-it just startled me to be honest... I'm sorry I hit you on the head, Naegi-kun..." Fujisaki apologized.

"N-No, it's alright." Naegi smiled. Fujisaki was always sweet enough to apologize to someone else, even if she ended up hurting someone first. "I-I'm sorry for my leg and all..."

She chuckled nervously with a slight blush.

"It's alright..." Fujisaki meeped.

"A-At least we're both girls, huh? It would've been a bit awkward otherwise he heh..." Naegi chuckled, trying to ease the mood.

For some strange reason this only caused Fujisaki's blush to brighten, but Naegi simply ignored it.

"Y-Yeah...good thing."



The rest of the day played out rather strangely for the rest of the day. For starters, Naegi discovered that Oowada and Ishimaru's contest from last night apparently worked a little "too well" from the looks of it. They were laughing alongside each other and agreeing on every little thing like a couple of brothers. It was a bit confusing, to say the least, how they went from full-fledged raging enemies to best bros in a manner of hours, but Naegi, Oogami, and Asahina agreed to one thing; unlike women, men had a rather simplistic relationship.

Despite what little positive outlook the morning had, Monokuma took the opportunity to turn it all around. That same morning, he had everyone gather in the Gymnasium for a morning meeting. And much like experienced earlier, it was with another motive for the next murder.

This time, apparently, it was everyone's embarrassing and/or shameful secrets. Naegi couldn't believe what she was seeing, labeled in pure black bold writing was her most dreaded secret: Naegi wet the bed until she was in the 5th grade.

It wasn't enough for Monokuma to just give everyone a letter containing their own dreaded secret- he proclaimed if no one committed another murder within the next 24 hours, he would release this information worldwide. Naturally everyone was devastated by this. Much to Naegi's surprise, Fujisaki was especially.

She knew Fujisaki was a timid and quiet person, yet even she didn't think Fujisaki had a secret so horrible that she couldn't at least talk to Naegi about it. All Fujisaki told her was that she had to make sure she herself got stronger, no matter what. Even then, no one else was fairing better. They were all timid and shocked by the numerous secrets presented among them.

Sadly, none of them were even willing to cooperate with Ishimaru when he made a rather interesting suggestion; to confess their secrets to one another, right now. Naegi personally thought it was a good idea, but at the same time, she didn't want to be the one to confess something so embarrassing (especially with everything else stressing her out right now).

Thus left her with the dilemma of what to do now. She had hoped a day would go by without having to worry. If she was lucky, maybe no one would die by tomorrow, and she could retain some dignity if anyone else had a more embarrassing secret than her. But at the moment, she only thought of Fujisaki's parting words before leaving for the day about getting stronger.

With those words in mind, she only had one thing she could think of doing...



Naegi's face was flushed as she panted heavily.

"Huff...Huff...this is...exhausting..." Naegi groaned.

"C'mon, you can do it. Just a little more." Oogami cheered.

"I can't...I'm already out of breath..."

"Don't focus on your breath, just let your body do the work." Oogami continued. Naegi sighed again before nodding.

"Ok..." She closed her eyes again as she grunted, pushing herself the best she could. "Seventy-three... S-Seventy-four...Seeveentyy...Fi-!"


"Ouch!" Naegi yelped. The iron bars slipped from her hands as she jerked ever slightly.

"Naegi!" Oogami panicked, quickly grabbing the sixty lb. iron bar with one hand before it could fall on Naegi.

For a brief moment, Naegi's heart raced in panic for the few seconds she saw the weight fall towards her. She let out a sigh of great relief though once she realized it stayed safely in place in Oogami's hand. With a simple nod, Oogami rested it back in place on top of the Weight Bench.

Naegi breathed deeply again once she managed to sit back up. She moved her shoulder slightly, wincing at the pain it brought when she did.

"I think I pulled something..." She moaned, rubbing her sore shoulder.

"Would you like me to escort you to your room?" Oogami asked. "It's not best to strain your self to the point of physical exhaustion like that." Naegi shook her head.

"No, it's ok," she smiled back, "thanks anyway for helping me with today's training, Sakura-chan." She finished off what was left of her water bottle.

"Anytime, Naegi-kun." Oogami smiled. "Though, to be honest, I'm surprised when you asked me to help you exercise this evening." She commented. Naegi rubbed her shoulder as she stood up to stretch.

"Yeah, well," she paused as she breathed out once more from stretching, "I kind of got the idea from Fujisaki to be honest. I mean, I don't really know what happened to her, but after today's meeting, she told me how she wanted to become stronger herself." She turned back to Sakura. "I kind of respected that, and I wanna follow her example."

Oogami nodded in agreement. "It's always grand to train to better one's self. But you should still be making sure you don't push yourself too hard." She reminded. Naegi chuckled scratching her cheek.

"Y-Yeah... Sorry. I'll remember that for next time." She promised before rubbing her sore shoulder again. But I think I'll take it easy for tomorrow then. My shoulder's really sore from that."

"In that case, why don't we train again a few days from now after you rest?"

"Sure! I can handle that." Naegi said as she started putting away the other weights.

"Do you want help cleaning up?" Oogami asked, still worried for her friend's physical condition.

"Nah, it's ok. Even with this, my other arm's still good enough to clean up around here. Besides, you helped me enough with the training for the last 2 hours."

"Only if you're sure then. Be sure to get plenty of rest tonight." Oogami commented as she began walking away.

"I will. Thanks again for the help, Sakura-chan." Naegi thanked with a wave. Oogami smiled as she waved back, the automatic doors closing behind her.

Naegi let out a quick breath as she began cleaning up. She found herself fortunate enough when Sakura agreed to work out with her for the night. She wouldn't have minded asking Asahina for help, but given Oogami's muscles, as well as title of the Ultimate Fighter, she believed she could expect better results in the process.

It didn't matter if she wanted to train with Asahina either way. Asahina's idea of a workout involved swimming laps endlessly around the pool. Even if she wanted to work out by swimming around, she still didn't have a single bathing suit on hand. She was lucky enough to find some extra gym clothes in the storage room on the second floor.

It still would've been nice of Asahina had joined them of course, but Naegi didn't mind. She would have to get used to the quiet ambience like the one the room currently gave her. If she was going to devote her time to training like this, she could expect being alone like this more often, not counting Sakura's occasional company.

"I wonder why Fujisaki never showed up today?" Naegi pondered to herself, pausing in thought. She did admit it was sort of weird. She knows Fujisaki planned on getting stronger and must have some plan in doing so. What she couldn't determine was how she would get stronger if it didn't involve coming to the Weight room.

She was so lost in her thoughts she didn't realize her sore arm losing grip of the current weight until it slipped out of her hands.

"Wah-!" She yelped quickly backing away.


She sighed in relief as her foot barely missed the ten lb. weight that dropped out of her hand. But what did startle her was the pounding she heard coming from the door suddenly. She quickly opened the door to see Oowada standing outside the room.

"Oowada?" Naegi blinked curiously.

"Hey Naegi-kun, everything alright?" He asked, looking inside the room. "I heard something loud banging in here."

"Oh t-that!" Naegi waved her hands dismissively. "Sorry, that was my fault. I accidentally dropped a weight when I was cleaning up." Oowada looked at her in surprise.

"Wait, you're working out in the weight room?" He asked.

"Yeah...why?" Naegi tilted his head. Oowada grew a small grin as he rubbed his head.

"Heh, oh nothin'. I'm just surprised how much you're like Fujisaki..." He commented. Naegi blinked at the statement.

"Wait, Fujisaki asked you to train her? Where is she?" She asked. Much to her surprise Oowada's expression briefly changed to panic before shaking his head.

"Eh- N-No! I don't mean like here or anything! I just meant-! Ehh...You know, the basic stuff outside the Weight room..." He quickly replied. Naegi couldn't help but feel like he replied a little too abruptly, but decided to pass it off.

"Basic stuff?"

"Y-Yeah, you know! She wanted to take it easy and do the basics first! You know, like push ups, sits, a little jogging...That sorta thing." He explained.

"Oh! Well sorry again for making you worry like that." Naegi apologized again. Oowada just chuckled a bit as he patted her head.

"Heh heh, na, forget about it. You just take care of yourself." He told her as he began walking off. He stopped suddenly after only taking a couple steps. "Oh and...Thanks..." Naegi blinked.

"Thanks?" She asked confused. "Thanks for what?"

"Meh... I'll explain tomorrow. Have a good night..." He said before walking off.

Naegi shrugged to herself before returning to clean the weight room. She always found Oodwada to be a rather curious sort. He was quick to temper, a factor she found out on her first day there, but he also had a sense of pride and decency. Naegi had a good assertion that with people like Oowada around, she could count on them to prevent more murders.

That was the one thing she wanted the most out of all of this- for all the murders to end. She couldn't stand the thought of something happening to anyone after the trauma she suffered from Maizono's death. The last thing she even wanted to consider was the death of another close friend like Fujisaki, that would make her lose it.



With a steady sigh, she rubbed her sore shoulder again as she finally finished cleaning the place. It wasn't that it was dirty or anything, but at Oogami's suggestion, they didn't bother putting the weights away so they could move on to the next exercise without pause to keep herself going. She had to admit, though, with a sore shoulder, it did surprisingly take longer. At least five to ten minutes.


The sudden bloodcurdling scream caused Naegi to jump. She was more surprised someone was still roaming around this time of night compared to actually hearing anyone at all. From the sound of it, it did at least sound like a guy, so whatever the case, she was at least safe inside the room.

But she was too filled with curiosity...and worry.

"H-Hello?" She called out, steadily easing toward the door. She flinched at the sudden sound of shuffling, but heard nothing more soon after.

"Hello? Is someone out there?" She slowly opened the door to the outside of the weight room. Much to her surprise, she couldn't see a thing as she stepped out.

It was barren, lifeless. It didn't have a soul within the room.

That's what she kept thinking until her foot brushed against something. And looking down, only a sense of dread and fear filled her body. She felt paralyzed as a scream was slowly crawling out from her throat.



And just like that, her eyes nearly rolled to the back of her head as she suddenly felt all sense of feeling leave her body, being replaced only by darkness...



"This is unacceptable! Where is Naegi-Sensei? She's half an hour late for our morning meeting!" Ishimaru declared, slamming his hand on the cafeteria table.

"Ah relax," Oowada replied, chewing on a toothpick, "I saw her last night cleaning up the weight room. I'm sure she's just still resting."

"B-But when I went over to her room to see her this morning, she didn't answer..." Fujisaki added with worry.

"She hurt her shoulder when she lifted weights the other day." Oogami commented. "Perhaps Oowada-kun's explanation isn't too far off."

"Besides dude," Hagakura added, "with all that's been happenin' with that girl, I wouldn't be surprised if she wanted some time to herself.

Kirigiri rubbed her chin thinking.

"Something wrong, Kirigiri-san?" Asahina asked, noticing her strange demeanor.

"Something feels...off..." She commented quietly.

"Off?" Asahina blinked. "What do you-"

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" The suddenly blood-filled scream startled everyone at once.

Kirigiri began feeling a slight pang in her heart, absolutely knowing something was wrong.

"W-What the hell was that?!" Hagakura stammered.

"I think it was Fukawa-san, but it didn't sound all too close." Celes suggested as she still sipped her tea nonchalantly.

"Well what the fuck are we waiting for?! Let's go!" Oowada shouted, already bolting towards the door.

"Wait!" Kirigiri demanded. Oowada looked back. "You and Oogami said you two saw Naegi-kun last night, correct?"

"Yeah...?" Oowada replied, unsure what Kirigiri was getting at.

"Then you two check up on her room. Everyone else look for Fukawa." She stated. Everyone else exchanged glances with one another but quickly did as they were told.

When you hear someone scream their lungs out, you don't really have time to sit around and talk about it, you need to take action. Everyone was scattered across the entire school as they searched.

Hagakura, Asahina, Ishimaru, and Kirigiri were scanning the fist floor. Celes, Yamada, and Fujisaki were exploring the second. Like they were told, Oowada and Oogami made their way to Naegi's room, trying to get a hold of her.

About several minutes, an all too familiar tune played over the announcements.

Ding dong, ding dong!

"We got a corpse here! We'll be holding a Class Trial pretty soon, so make good use of the time you've got!"

Those were the only sounds you didn't want to hear when in the middle of a missing person's case. Kirigiri and her group were greeted by Fujisaki running down the hallway exhausted.

"G-Guys! F-Fukawa! We found her in the Library, b-but..." Fujisaki bent over as she continued to catch her breath.

Asahina patted her shoulder worriedly.

"What's wrong, Fujisaki-san?" She asked. Kirigiri took initiative and rushed to the Library herself.


What awaited her was truly a sight to be held. Celes was trying to wake up a currently passed-out Fukawa, who looked as if she had seen a ghost. At the same time, Yamada appeared to be wiping the downpour of sweat with the rag he always had on hand. The three of them were all waiting outside the Library it seems.

"What happened?" Kirigiri asked Yamada since Celes was busy with Fukawa.

Yamada took a deep breath before looking back. "I-I...I think it's best if you saw for yourself." Yamada suggested.

With that, Kirigiri slowly opened the door to the Library, and was greeted with the nightmare that slowly unfolded.

There, in the chair, laid the dead corpse of one of their former classmates. In his chest was a pair of sharpened cheers, which mostly likely pierced his heart from Kirigiri's standpoint. In each of his hands were an additional pair of scissors which continued to drip blood from the opening they both caused. And written in blood, upon the chest of this fallen comrade, were the words "Bloodbath Fever".

The corpse, which had the still scared expression on it's face as when it died remained in tact, with dried blood which likely trickled from it's mouth.

It was Togami's dead body.

Even Kirigiri herself was at a loss for words.

"W-What? Togami's...dead?" She asked aloud, already knowing the answer.

"Hey, Kirigiri!" Oowada was heard shouting. Kirigiri quickly looked to see him and Oogami running down the hall to them. "We got a prob'."

"We can't find Naegi-kun anywhere!" Oogami stated, squeezing her fist in anger.

"Yeah, we-" Oowada paused looking around. "Hey, what's going on here?" He asked before seeing the corpse on the chair in the Library. "Holy shit! Is that Togami?!"

Kyoko ignored the current curse of words as she was trying to get her mind straight.

First Naegi-kun goes missing, and now Togami ends up dead.

What was going on?!

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