Doctor Who Fanfic

A/N: I am inserting myself into this story.


The Doctor was running around the console of the TARDIS when she suddenly started acting up.

"What's wrong, Sexy?" he asked.

All she did was wheeze and moan, as per usual.

Then, they landed. The Doctor grabbed his trench coat and went outside to see where she had taken him. When he looked around, all he saw was burning fields and homes.

'Who would do this?' thought the Doctor.

He was distracted from his thoughts by someone running away from a group of thieves.

"Get back here, wench!" one of the thieves yelled.

"Yeah, we only want to have a little 'fun'," yelled another, "We promise we won't hurt ya!"

She started looking for a good place to hide and saw a strange blue box with a man peeking out. "Help me! They murdered my entire family!" she yelled at the man.

He started to look around to see who she was yelling at and when he saw no one else, he pointed at himself as if to ask "Me?".

If the situation wasn't as bad as it currently was, she would have rolled her eyes. Instead, she just nodded frantically at him.

All of a sudden, she was tackled from behind and she hit her head on a rock. The last thing she saw was a bright blue dot, and then she blacked out.

A/N: I hope that you liked this so far. I would like to make this into a series. Later ya'll!