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Chapter 5: Parallel Universe

'What should I say to him?' Cassie thought, ' I think I should just tell him the truth.'

"Okay, I'll just tell you the truth, Doc." she finally answered. She walked to a chair and sat down.

"Doctor, it would make me feel better if you would sit down, as well." Cassie stated after a while.

The Doctor sat down beside her warily, still not trusting her completely.

"I will start where it all began," Cassie began, "When I was 17, my parents were coming out of a French restaurant on their anniversary, they were grabbed by a group of thieves. They were taken to a nearby alley and robbed at gunpoint. My parents were then shot execution style." she took a deep breath.

"About 3 hours later, an elderly homeless man," Cassie took a shaky breath, "found their bodies and got the police."

"2 years later, I was visiting my parent's grave," she continued, "when I saw a strange light. When I went to investigate, something happened and I was pulled back in time and into a different dimension."

"I-" the Doctor began.

"Doc, the story isn't finished yet." she interrupted.

He nodded and said, "Go on."

"The time I was pulled back to was the year of our Lord Fourteen hundred and Sixty-two (1462). Some time later, a family found me and took me in." Cassie said, "Before my parent's were murdered, I was obsessed with a show called 'Doctor Who'. It was all about you and your adventures."