What if Sam and Austin were dating and only Carter, Austin's mom, and the employees at the diner knew? What would happen? Here is that story. Sorry for grammar and spelling mistakes.

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It was a regular Saturday morning, Austin was working at the car wash bored as ever, Sam was working at the diner, and Fiona and the twins were out making themselves look more "pretty". Both Sam and Austin couldn't wait for their shifts to be over so that they could meet up and hang out at Austin's house or at Rhonda's. Now they wanted to go somewhere else but they couldn't, because they might get caught by anyone, since only the diner staff, Carter, and Austin's mom were the only ones that knew that they were dating. The only reason they know is for two reasons, one neither could lie to any of them, and two they needed people to help cover for them.

They had been dating since the beginning of Austin's junior and Sam's sophomore year. Now that Austin is a senior and Sam is a junior but graduating early they only have to wait till graduation till they come out to the rest of the school. Sam suggested that they keep their relationship a secret because she doesn't want to ruin his rep and cause him to lose his spot on the football team that she knows he loves, or cause him and his dad to get into a major fight. Considering his dad still doesn't know that Austin applied for Princeton and that is where he really wants to go and be an author, only his mom, Sam, Carter, and the diner workers know that.

Right now it is noon and Sam is about to leave the diner and go to Austin's place since he texted saying that was where he was since he got off at eleven. Just as she was about to leave the diner Fiona walked in.

"Sam where do you think you're going."

"Out, my shift is over."

"No it isn't."

"Yes it is I got off at noon."

"Well you are going to work the afternoon too."

"But Fiona I have homework."

"No you are working end of story."


With that Sam goes back behind the counter and puts her apron and skates back on.

"Perfect now I'll be back at four and I expect that you be here then or else your fired."

After Fiona leaves Sam pulls out her phone and sends a text to Austin Sorry I cant make it Fiona got me working this afternoon sorry luv u xx and she hits sends and puts her phone back in her apron pocket then goes and helps a customer.

Meanwhile at Austin's house he is waiting on Sam when he gets her text. He stands up and goes to tell his mom where he is going.

"Hey mom I'm going out ok?"

"I thought you were waiting on Sam?"

"Change of plans Fiona has her working this afternoon."

"That woman, why doesn't she just quit?"

"Because mom, if she does that than she won't have any money for college and she'll be stuck working at the diner forever."

"Ok dear have fun and don't get caught."

"Alright mom see you later."

As Austin leaves his house he runs into his dad, who is just getting home from work.

"Hey where you going son?"

"Oh out to the diner."

"Ok have fun."

"I will bye dad."

When Austin arrives at the diner and goes in he waves hello to Rhonda who is behind the counter and sat down in a booth and waited because he knew Sam would be over in a few minutes as she was always the one that served him. She did a few minutes later and mockingly asked him what he wanted since she already knew, since he got it every time he came in. She came back a few minutes later with his order.

"Here you go Austin, your burger with everything and fries with a coke."

"Thanks Sam and thank Bobby for me would you?"

"You know it."

She skated away to help other customers and he ate his burger. When he was done he moved to the counter and had his coke refilled. He sat there and drank it while she served other customers, when she had a few minutes to spare she would come over and talk to him and refill his drink. This went on for hours till Fiona came back and told Sam she could go home and home was where she could go only. She changed and waved good-bye to everyone and left with Fiona following.

A few minutes after they left Austin got up and paid his check then left to go home. When he got home he finished his homework that he had left over from Friday. When he got done with that he logged in to the Princeton chatroom to see that his girlfriend was logged on, so they chatted on there for a while. When they logged off that night at about eleven o'clock to go to bed. When they were both lying down trying to go to sleep, the last thought that went through both of their heads was If only this wasn't a secret

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