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Mr. Lee opened the envelope and brought out a stack of papers stapled together. He turned towards Sam and smiled a small smile, before grabbing his reading glasses from where he had placed them on his desk a few minutes before.

"Alright now for this to be official I need to record this for it to be official," he stated as he leaned over and grabbed a tape recorder from his desk drawer before pressing the record button, "Now that's done here is the official reading of the last will and testament of one Hal Montgomery."


"...to my lovely daughter Samantha, I leave all of my assets. Including, the diner Hal's, my house, and all of my money." Mr. Lee finished reading the will in his hand.

Sam sat in shock as she listened to Josh finish reading the will. She finally decided she had to say something as Josh was just staring at her, "He left me everything?"

Nodding Josh agreed with her, "He did. He loved you very much, you were his whole world."

Smiling Austin grabbed her hand, thinking that he and Mr. Montgomery had that in common with each other. He loved Sam very much. He sat listening as Mr. Lee spoke with Sam about what it means with her owning the diner and the house.

"So basically it means that I can take control of the diner back from Fiona?" Sam questioned, wanting clarification.

"Yes it does." Josh reassured her.

"Wait did she know about the will?" Austin wondered.

Looking down at the witness line to see who signed, he nodded his head, "Yes she did. She signed the witness line, here at the bottom. See?"

He pushed the paper towards the pair and watched as their facial expressions changed as they read the woman's signature.

"So basically she stole from me?" Sam angrily asked.

"Yes it appears she did. Usually when a parent leaves everything to their child who is not yet eighteen or older, it is usually left in a trust where only one person has access to it till the child is eighteen. Usually it is the other parent, or legal guardian. Now since she never formally adopted you it should have been left to me to control the estate since you were young. Unfortunetly Fiona's lawyer was able to convince a judge to let her have control. Though now that you know of the will and inheritance, you can take everything back and be in control." he explained. (I don't know if this is true or not)

"But I'm not eighteen though. I won't be for another year or so." Sam responded.

"It doesn't matter since in this instance you are graduating high school. The judge said that the control would go to you when either you turned eighteen or graduated high school whichever came first. Though if you were under the age of fifteen then I would have limited access and only able to do what you wanted with it." Josh explained. (Again not sure if this is can happen or not)

The trio continued to talk for a few more minutes before Sam and Austin left agreeing to meeting with Josh again in the morning to discuss their next move on getting back what Fiona stole. The pair headed towards the park to walk around and talk about what they had learned in their meeting.

Walking hand in hand the pair walked around the park before stopping and sitting down on a bench facing people playing different games.

It was a while before either of them spoke, both caught up in their thoughts. Finally it was Austin who spoke breaking their peaceful silence, "Sam what did you think of the meeting with Mr. Lee? Do you think that you could get the diner back from her?"

Sighing Sam rested her head on his shoulder, "I don't know maybe. Everything is just so confusing. I mean I just want to know if I can. I mean I want to, I just don't know if I can do it, you know?"

Knodding his head he agreed with the blonde, "I know what you mean, but think about it, if you took back the diner you could make it into Hal's again. I remember my father mentioning Hal's and how amazing it was. How the food was amazing and the staff always had a smile on their faces."

"I remember that, I always loved going to the diner with dad." Sam remembered.

"I think I want to get the diner back and ask Rhonda and the whole staff to come back. I'm going to turn back to Hal's." Sam decided after a bit of silence.

"Sam?" a voice called out to the pair.

Recognizing the voice but unable to place it, Sam turns towards the voice to see two people standing behind them.

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