Dearest Diary,

My father is taking me on a journey for 4 months in search of the new world with a bunch of other men. I can not believe how miserable this is going to make me feel. And what's worse? My father is forcing me into…


She looked up from her desk to see her father, the governer, standing in the doorway with their dog Percy.

"Are you ready to go dear?" he asked with a smirk.

"Just about father" she replied, packing the last of her things.

"Oh and wiggins is coming along"

"But father, I don't want to marry him!" she retorted as they headed down the hall.

Sadly yes, the daughter of the governor, was being forced into an arranged marriage. Radcliffe thought it best she marry someone in the upper class like him. Because if she married someone else in the lower class with the peasants, she would bring a great deal of shame to the family.

"Oh come now my dear, Wiggins comes from a very rich family and would make a fine suitor for you" he said as they made it into the foyer.

She then saw Wiggins standing there and gave a weak smile.

"Ah there she is. My lovely bride-to-be" he said as he kissed her hand.

"Hello wiggins" she replied, quickly taking her hand back.

He helped us into the carriage and we headed towards the boat. The whole ride there was silent as i just looked out the window, observing the boat they would be on for the next 4 months. It was a journey she was not looking forward to at all. Or will it?