Hello my fellow bleach fans. If you have read any of my previous fan fictions then yay and welcome back to my imagination! If not then I wish to give you a warm welcome anyways because I love anyone who reads my fan fictions. This is my first bleach fan fiction and my first fan fiction that doesn't revolve around romance. I might add in romance later on if I get enough people to review and tell me they want some mushy gushy.

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She was out of breath and panting as she laid in the tall grasses, gazing up at the numerous stars in the night sky. Training had been brutal and she could barely stand. A familiar head of orange hair came into view as she looked to the man standing in front of her exhausted body, "Ichigo." "Need a little help there, Rukia?" She simply nodded her head. He smirked, leaned down, and stood up while simultaneously throwing her over his shoulder. He didn't seem in the slightest bit winded at the brutality of how far they, or at least she, pushed themselves in training. "You need to work on your stamina, you've missed a lot of training while you were sick." "I couldn't help being sick, that was your fault." Ichigo tilted his head to the side in thought. "Hm, guess you're right about that one." Then he laughed. That just angered the raven haired girl. "Oi, Ichigo, stop harassing the poor girl. You didn't go easy on her when attacking." "You want to do training with her next time, Renji? I'd be fine with trading partners." Renji scoffed, "Yes, please do trade. My partner never talks!" Ichigo laughed once more, "Chad is just a quiet person." Then an orange haired girl came running up to the three of them. Ichigo handed Rukia over to Renji, who held her like a princess, then turned to Orihime, "Be careful, the grass is wet so you shouldn't run. We all know how clumsy you can be." Orihime giggled and smiled at everyone, "Ya, guess I should try to be more careful." Ichigo shook his head jokingly as if to say 'what am I gonna do with this girl?' "Oh, Kurosaki-kun! I wanted to tell you that watching you and Kuchiki-san was beautiful! It was almost like you were dancing!" Ichigo smiled, "Thanks, but it was just training. Anyways, we should all get back inside the castle before the sun comes up." The mood instantly got serous as everyone nodded and headed in the direction of the towering black stone wall surrounding an even taller castle with stain glass windows boarded up from the inside. (I know what you all are thinking: Vampires! Nope, I will keep their identities hidden a little longer but I will say they aren't vampires). They entered the castle just as dawn began to break. Everyone went to their own rooms to rest before the noon meeting and meal would commence. Ichigo sat down on his king-sized bed with a sigh of relief as the soft mattress sunk down slightly to cradle the boy's exhausted body. He barely had his eyes closed for a few seconds before he felt a weight on his chest. Ichigo, not caring who it was, tried to brush them off but the person was agile and evaded his slow swing easily. "Grimmjow or Yoruichi, I don't care which damn cat it is that's buggin' me just get the fuck off." "Is that any way to talk to your room mates?" Ichigo felt another weight on his stomach as he heard Yoruichi talk. Ichigo slowly opened his eyes and looked at the blue and black cats sitting on him. "Damn ware-cats get off!" The two cats shared an evil look and Ichigo realized he was going to regret saying that. But before anything could happen, a blonde haired girl ran up to him and threw herself on Ichigo to hug him. The two cats jumped off, just barely avoiding getting smashed. "Yuzu, what's up?" Yuzu sat back and looked at her brother before opening her mouth to expose her new teeth coming in. They were already sharp but not yet sharp enough considering they were still fairly new. Ichigo laughed at his excited little sister and rubbed her head. "You sure are excited!" "Of course! It means that I'm developing and I cant wait to get stronger!" Ichigo rubbed Yuzu's already wild hair. Then his gaze turned to Karin, who stood in the doorway, "How're you doin' Karin?" She walked up and hugged Ichigo quickly. "Fine, the pain is bearable." Ichigo nodded his head in understanding, "I get that, but I know it hurts a lot more than it looks. I had to go through the same thing." He pointed to the light blue scales on the sides of his face and neck before pointing to the red spots that indicated where Karin's scales would be. A few had already popped up in a startling white color. "I promise that is the only part that hurts when you're maturing." Karin nodded her head. "So it didn't hurt when you got wings?" Ichigo turned his gaze back to Yuzu, "No, it's surprisingly painless." Yuzu beamed at him. She knew she had a long way to go to get wings but she was just excited to know she would have them one day. She still had to wait to get her first scale. (Btw if you can't guess by now: Karin, Yuzu, and Ichigo are dragons). Ichigo watched his sisters walk out of his room and he smiled, they were maturing so fast. He laid back down and finally fell asleep.

Ichigo was awoken by someone pushing him off the bed. He looked up to see a male and a female crouching on the bed and laughing hysterically. Ichigo just growled, "Grimmjow, your tail is showing." "Your scales and fangs are showing, why can't my tail show?" Ichigo shook his head, no use arguing with an idiot. Ichigo got up and went into the bathroom to shower. When he came out, he looked like any normal 18 year old boy. His scales disappeared and his fangs shrank back into normal teeth. Most inhabitants of the castle tried their best to keep a human appearance in case they stumbled upon a human who got lost and decided to ask directions at the big and ominous castle. Others had problems with always appearing human though because not everyone had matured fully since this castle's inhabitants ranged from all ages and all monsters. Ichigo himself had issued. He couldn't maintain a human appearance when sleeping or startled. Grimmjow on the other hand was fully mature, monster wise, but still acted like a kid most of the time. Ichigo stretched his arms up and leaned back, feeling the vertebrae in his back slowly pop back into place. Yoruichi and Grimmjow were no longer in the room so Ichigo figured they were downstairs since the meeting was about to start. Ichigo left the room and headed downstairs to join everyone. The noon meetings and meal was only for select individuals, only the 20 strongest in the castle. At the meetings were Rukia (wendigo), Renji (basilisk), Yoruichi and Grimmjow (ware-cats), Rangiku (melusine), Isshin (dragon), Aizen (sphinx), Ulquiora (vampire), Kisuke (shape-shifter), Uryu (Elf), Chad (inugami), Orihime (unicorn), Hanibel (siren), Masaki (ghost), Tatsuki (Griffin), Soi Fon (pixie), Kira (light elf), Hisagi (shadow person), Ichigo (dragon), and Hitsuguya (ware-wolf). Their leader was by far the oldest of all the rest, he was a phoenix known simply as Captain-Commander. He sat at the head of the table as everyone else sat across each other on either side of the long dinning table. "Now, human sightings are becoming less and less rare around here. That is not cause for alarm yet but we need to be more cautious. Keep the younger ones out of sight as much as possible and don't let your guard slip and reveal part of your true form. We must keep up the reputation of reclusive nobles. Is that understood?" Everyone nodded. The thought of humans getting closer terrified everyone. They had heard of the witch hunts. Monsters were claimed to be witches when they let a human see their true form and it had been tragic. Monsters used to thrive in ancient times when people were too fearful to hunt them down but as time went by, their numbers continued to dwindle. Now only a few thousand lived in this castle. Many species even went extinct. The fear of humans ruled the lives of the monsters who hid themselves inside it's black walls. They ate in almost complete silence, definitely uncharacteristic of the normally rowdy creatures. They all had a lot more to think about now.

How'd you all like that? Detailed monster descriptions beneath this because I know most people don't read about mythological creatures for fun...

Rukia (wendigo): An ice spirit that can take on the form of a humanoid or beast, Rukia is actually a horse form.

Renji (basilisk): a small snake that spits fire and it's touch is toxic, basilisk means "little crown" in Latin referring to the frills around it's neck.

Yoruichi & Grimmjow (ware-cats): I think everyone knows what ware-cats are, people who can take on the form of cats. In this they just take on the form of regular house cats but they also have a unique cat form that is a big cat. Yoruichi's other form is a panther and Grimmjow's other form is a lion.

Rangiku (melusine): a water spirit that has the bottom half of a fish or serpent and can have two tails, wings, or both. They are often associated with love and romance. Rangiku in particular has one fish tail with wings.

Isshin & Ichigo (dragons): Everyone knows what dragons are, Isshin is a wind dragon and Ichigo is a water dragon, simple.

Aizen (sphinx): a creature with the body of a lion and head of a human. They are from Egyptian mythology and were believed to be incredibly wise. Some had wings as does Aizen.

Ulquiora (vampire): everyone knows what vampires are, this particular one has bat wings and a thin black tail.

Kisuke (shape-shifter): he can change into the shape of any animal he touches.

Uryu (elf): just a general elf, he has incredible marksmanship.

Chad (inugami): from Japanese mythology, a dog-like spirit with mastery over black magic, ominous and mysterious spirits.

Orihime (unicorn): I needed a cheerful happy creature to match Orihime and this was the best I could do...

Hanibel (siren): A beautiful sea maiden who's song is used to lure men to them, particularly sailors, and ultimately to their death. These creatures are from Greek mythology, Romans were too scared of the water itself to really adapt many water spirits into it's mythology.

Masaki (ghost): from the little I know about Ichigo's mom makes me want her as a character in my fan fiction so I thought I might as well have her ghost since I'm doing mythical creatures anyways.

Tatsuki (griffin): Body of a lion and head and wing of an eagle. Majestic and powerful, I think it's very fitting for Tatsuki.

Soi Fon (pixie): troublesome and mischievous just like I thing Soi Fon is, (lots of the creatures I chose need little explanation since they're so well known)

Kira (light elf): pretty much the Norse version of angels. Beautiful creatures who supposedly reside in heaven.

Hisagi (shadow person): a living and humanoid shadow that often is seen to have malicious intent.

Hitsuguya (ware-wolf): YES I did make him a ware-wolf on purpose but I couldn't help it! He makes such a cute ware-wolf! His fur is pure white because his wolf form is an ice wolf.

Last but not least is the amazing Captain-Commander who is a phoenix, you all know what a phoenix is right? Big fiery bird that is reborn and all that crap, (hows that rebirth working out for ya old man?)

Thanks for reading and if my side comments bother you at all let me know so that I will know to stop typing them in future chapters.