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It was a week after Maki's arrival and things were returning back to how they used to be. Ichigo sat on his bed and bent over something. His door was open so Rukia walked in without knocking. She walked up to him and cleared her throat to make her presence known. Ichigo jumped in surprise before quickly throwing what he had in his hands under the blanket on the bed.

Rukia raised an eyebrow at his reaction before diving for the object. Ichigo quickly threw himself over it to keep Rukia away. They struggled for a while before Rukia managed to snatch the sketch pad under the blanket. She ran out of the room and headed for her own before Ichigo could stop her. The raven haired girl locked the door to her room before sitting down on the floor and opening the sketch pad to the first page.

On it was a drawing of someone from behind. The person was obviously a dragon from the wings and tail exposed. The hair was shaded in darkly. It contained no color, just beautiful and graceful pencil strokes, yet Rukia could clearly tell it was Karin. Rukia turned to the next page to see a side drawing of Yuzu. Yuzu had her hair down and blowing in the nonexistent wind. Flowers and grass bent to that same wind as Yuzu crouched down to examine one particularly pretty flower. Yuzu had wings outstretched behind her and her tail was tangled in the grass. Rukia could almost imagine that the drawing was real.

On the next page was a horse made of ice being held together by wind. Rukia's eyes widened slightly in surprise, it was a wendigo. The horse's muscles were taunt and ready for action as the ice from its body spread out from it's hooves and across the ground. Rukia continued to flip through all the pages and found each one was of all Ichigo's friends and family in their true forms or partially in them. Each one was so realistic and they all took Rukia's breath away.

Then she flipped to the last page with a drawing on it. The drawing was incomplete but the petite girl was still in awe of how much detail it had. Ichigo definitely worked hard on that particular piece of art. It was a drawing of Rukia, Chad, Renji, Ishida, Orihime, and Ichigo all having a picnic in their human forms; they were all laughing and care free in the bright sun.

Rukia closed the sketch pad slowly before clutching it to her chest, the drawings made her feel so warm and content inside. She stood up, still clutching the sketch pad, and was about to open her door to go and return it to Ichigo. Before she could do that, she was stopped by a pounding on her door. The wendigo knew exactly which little dragon was pounding on her door and she couldn't help but smile affectionately. She swung open the door to reveal a certain orange-haired teen. "Rukia, give me the damn book and you better not have looked inside it." Rukia flashed him a teasing smile. She walked past him and out the door, pushing the sketch pad against his chest as she walked away with a mischievous whisper, "Nice drawings, Strawberry."

Ichigo growled in response to the girl's actions. He gripped the book hard enough to make his knuckles turn white as he stomped back to his room, trying to hide his slight blush at the thought of Rukia seeing what he drew.


"Ichigo, I challenge you. Tonight, instead of training, we're going to settle this." Ichigo rolled his eyes, that damn cat was always challenging Ichigo to fights that always ended in a tie. With a sigh of annoyance, Ichigo turned to Grimmjow, "Don't you say that for every challenge? 'We're going to settle this,' 'This ends now,' 'I'm gonna defeat you for sure this time.' Does it not annoy you?" Grimmjow glowered at him, "This is gonna be different." Ichigo scowled, "Fine, whatever. No use arguing with someone as stubborn as you." The blue haired man smirked. 'I'll show him who's best.'


Maki-sama and the rest of the mansion all stood in a circle around the duelers. The crowd was an assortment of human, demon, and monster body parts making up the spectators. The youngsters were all displaying a part of their original forms. They would've been in major trouble if a human stumbled upon them but the prospect of an intense fight made them throw caution to the wind.

Ichigo stood proudly on one side. His crystal blue wings were unfurled behind him and the blue scales on the side of his face and down his neck shone brightly in the silver moon-light. His fangs were exposed, bared in his opponent's direction. His thin, scaly tail swished back and forth behind him in irritation. His normally brown eyes shone bright blue, devoid of emotion and purely focused on the fight about to take place.

On the other hand, Grimmjow was extremely relaxed and confident. He was in his lion form. The fur was a lush and beautiful golden with, barely noticeable, hints of blue. He casually looked at Ichigo with either a scowl or smirk, it was hard to tell which with him being in cat form and all.

Both dragon and lion closed their eyes as they listened to Maki-sama go over the rules and other official dual nonsense. "Ok, this is i dual between Ichigo and Grimmjow. No one is allowed to interfere in the competition. There will be no killing and only minimal blood. First one to knock out their opponent or get them outside of the fighting area wins. Do you agree?" "Yes," chorused the eager competitors. "Good. One, two, three, FIGHT!" The crowd started cheering at the shouted word.

With a boost from his wings, Ichigo pushed off with his right leg to gain a sudden boost of speed. He was meet in the center on the designated fighting area by Grimmjow. Ichigo, last minute, shielded himself from claws with a wall of bright blue energy. Grimmjow was pushed back a few inches by the force of the impact. Before he could regain his stance, Ichigo raised his left hand into the air as his eyes slowly changed to shine more brightly and have the appearance of a reptile's. Water in the air condensed and swirled around his upraised arm.

The water quickly collected into a stream of water rotating around his wrist at an incredible pace. Ichigo lowered his arm to be parallel with the ground as the water formed a jet of extremely pressurized water. The water hit Grimmjow in the face, causing his sight to turn blurry and disoriented for a few seconds. Ichigo took the distraction to jump onto the lion's back. Ichigo scratched at the lion's fur around it's neck in vain. Ichigo cursed the thick fur that protected the neck from his sharp claws. Grimmjow, finally able to see and having regained his bearings and stance, angrily shook Ichigo off his back.

The dragon took off into the sky before hitting the ground. A lion's and dragon's roar broke the silence of that peaceful night. Ichigo collected the water in the humid air and shot small streams of forceful water in Grimmjow's direction to distract him but the vigilant lion didn't take the bait, his feline eyes never leaving Ichigo. In an attempt to at least surprise his opponent, the dragon dove down, his wings tucked in close to his body. Grimmjow did seem surprised at his opponent's actions. Grimmjow braced himself for the frontal assault when Ichigo swerved to the lion's left.

The lion was unprepared for it and had not time to switch from being prepared for an attack in the front to one on the left. The dragon used as much force as he could, kicking Grimmjow in the side then flipping backwards, using the force from the kick/push-off, and landing with his knees bent, claws dug into the dirt to stop himself from sliding out of the fighting area. He felt triumphant when he saw Grimmjow lying on his side and outside of the fighting area. "Tie!" Ichigo looked behind to see his right foot sticking out of the fighting area.

The cheers were deafening from the rowdy crowd. With a sigh, Ichigo got up and walked over to check on Grimmjow. Grimmjow hadn't moved since getting kicked and that worried Ichigo. He found Grimmjow unconsciously lying in the grass. Ichigo thanked his super-human strength as he lifted up the heavy lion to carry him to the infirmary. The spectators dispersed since the excitement was over, most training to make up for the past couple day's of slacking off. A normal day for the rowdy creatures, but things were about to get even more chaotic when a certain human enters all of their lives.


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