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It was the day after the Ichigo/Grimmjow tie and the mansion was still buzzing with gossip. Ichigo locked himself in his room to avoid all the questions as if the person asking hadn't been standing there watching everything happen the whole time. Grimmjow was in the infirmary and recovering. It hadn't been serious and Orihime was able to heal him in just a few seconds but she kept him there just to be safe. With Grimmjow being held in the infirmary against his will and Yoruichi on patrol, the room was quiet for the first time in a long time.

The dragon was slightly uncomfortable with the lack of noise so he decided to something he would never do with someone else around. He reached into the chest at the foot of his bed and took out a violin case. Opening it, he took out the beautiful instrument. He smiled as he lifted it into it's proper position and began to play. The tune was slightly sad but peaceful at the same time.

He played until he felt a presence approach his door. Before whoever was coming could hear him playing, he stopped playing and put the violin away. Rukia knocked on his door and waited for the boy to answer. She swore she heard a violin playing on her way to the door but it seemed so unlike Ichigo. Though he did draw amazingly and she never thought he was very artsy.

'Guess everyone's got their secrets.' Still, she just couldn't see such a rough and rowdy boy being able to be so good at doing something delicate like drawing or playing a violin. She wondered if anyone knew about his secret hobbies but she doubted it. He wasn't someone to share stuff like that with just anyone.

Ichigo answered the door with his usual scowl on his face. "You're going to miss the meeting if you stay locked up in here much longer." The orange-haired boy turned his head away in disgust and scoffed, "Whatever." Rukia was getting angry with his stubbornness, "Imagine what Captain-Commander would do if you didn't come? Or worse, what would Maki-sama do?" Ichigo stiffened slightly, still remembering the last time he got punished by the phoenix and shape-shifter.

Rukia couldn't help but smile smugly, knowing she had won. She still had to kick him to get him to go though. The two teens walked down the stairs silently as the boy rubbed the bruise that was already starting to form from when Rukia kicked him. "Jeez, you didn't have to kick that hard, I would've come on my own, eventually." Rukia rolled her eyes at Ichigo's complaint but said nothing.


The meeting hadn't been very eventful, until Yoruichi and Hitsuguya came bursting into the dinning hall. Maki stood up when she saw the two. "What is the matter?" "Humans... dozen... coming here..." Maki nodded at the winded cat that managed to speak, "Human alert, all of you know the drill so get to it." Everyone at the table stood up and rushed off.

Ichigo went to his sisters' room and told them to stay there and not leave for anything. They both nodded and tried their best to appear human. Everyone helped the youngest to appear as human as possible and have them stay in their rooms. The boards covering the windows were removed and stored away. Then the elite 20 (plus Captain-Commander and Maki) all meet at the entry way to the mansion to greet their uninvited guests.

Yoruichi, Rukia, Orihime, and Rangiku all dressed in maid outfits and were busying themselves with pretending to clean. Renji, Grimmjow, Ulquiora, and Ichigo dressed as butlers and went about the room with trays of food and drinks for 'guests'. The 'guests' were Kisuke (playing the part of a wealthy merchant), Chad (playing the part of Kisuke's assistant), Soi Fon and Kira (playing the part of visiting nobles Lady and Lord Kashi), and Hisagi (playing the part of Kira's assistant).

The Captain-Commander played the part of Lord of the house, Lord Urichora, and Maki played the role of his daughter, Lady Urichora. Masaki played the role of Maki's personal maid and Hanibel was a hired dancer/singer to entertain the 'guests'. Tatsuki, Isshin, Aizen and Uryu were the guards and they all went up onto the wall to patrol. last but not least, Hitsuguya was the guard dog and was by Lord Urichora's side the whole time.

Everyone went about their roles with all of them (except those playing the role of 'guard') in the entry to the mansion. The 'guests' and Lord and Lady of the house chatted about things such as what was happening in the kingdom recently and other things such as the economy. They went about the act for about an hour before there was a commotion outside.


"Halt, who might you be?" Tatsuki called down to the humans at the gate. One of them, the one in the fancy robes, looked up to the girl and called back, "I am here to speak to the Lord of this mansion." Tatsuki shook her head, "Lord Urichora is entertaining guests and I am to not let anyone interrupt." "Tell Lord Urichora that Lord Kuchiki wishes to see him." Tatsuki narrowed her eyes at the man before turning to Uryu, "You heard him, now go tell Lord Urichora that an uninvited guest by the name of Kuchiki wishes to join his party." Uryu nodded and went down the stairs and into the courtyard before heading off to the mansion to give the message to the phoenix.


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