Aibu Toki died on January the 4th, 5:49 PM.

She was intelligent, having graduated from her class a semester early with straight A's. She was the type to shelter stray animals and take a homeless man out for lunch. Her parents were well off, with no lack of anything and so she was spoiled, especially considering her only-child status. With multitudes of friends, one would assume that she lived the perfect life.

The girl wouldn't have said otherwise.

That didn't stop her from stepping out into heavy traffic.

They called it a hit and run to save face. In fact, that was what it must have been. Toki would be the last person to be suicidal - she always smiled. She had so many friends. She had nothing to be sad about.

The result of the 'accident' was a broken arm, fractured ribs, severe concussion, lacerations, and severe road burn on her arms, legs, and face. It was survivable. She should have lived. However, she didn't. And nobody could think of any reason why. One minute she had been conscious, carefully transported into the ambulance that had arrived, and the next she was seizing. A few seconds later and she flatlined. All attempts to revive her failed, and the mood in the ambulance was somber. A child, hardly eighteen, dead. Heads bowed.

But then -

A heartbeat.

So fragile, barely there.

Fluttering like a butterfly, a desperate attempt to live.

The ambulance continued its mad rush, now desperate to get the girl to the hospital, to stabilize her. They arrived without further incidents and the doctors and nurses set about fixing her up, wrapping all the open wounds and setting her broken arm. The parents had been called and notified and they paced in the waiting room. The grapevine carried the news and it spread. Flowers were sent. Calls of condolences and well wishes made. But the girl remained asleep. It was normal, good, even - if she was sleeping, that meant she was healing.

A week went by.

Then two.

They began to think that she wouldn't wake up.

And that theory would have been correct - Aibu Toki did not wake up.

But I did.

updated 7/13/15

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