Tris POV


I shut my alarm clock off and roll over. Without knowing where I am on my bed I fall off. I guess I literally woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Wow I am funny in the morning NOT! I get up off the floor and go into the bathroom. I brush my teeth, hair, and all of that good stuff. Then I go to my closet and decide to wear a black tank top with black skinny jeans. With combat boots of course. Once I decide to leave my hair the way it is, I go downstairs to eat breakfast. As I start down the stairs I hear Caleb yell "Hurry up, we are going to be late!" "We still have another 45 minutes" I holler back. I go downstairs and start to eat my muffin. "Come on" I hear Caleb yell from the front door. "I still have 10 minutes" I say with muffin stuffed into my mouth. I get into the car with a scowl. We drive to school in silence.

We get to school and I immediately go to the office to get my schedule. "Hi my name is Mrs. Wu, but you can call me Tori." The nice woman says from behind the desk. I smile. (That is very odd for me to do) "My name is Tris, Tris Prior. I was wondering if this is where you get your schedules?" I say. "Yes... This is where you get them... One more sec... Here you are Mrs. Prior." She says handing me my schedule. I look over it quickly and see my locker number. 1216 Dauntless Hall. We have different sections at this school. I chose Dauntless so I have all of my classes with the same people that chose Dauntless. It is all very efficient when it comes down to it.

i finally get to my locker. When I am just about done this really pretty girl with dark skin says " OMG I get my locker right next to the new girl" I look at her with a weird look and say "yeah, I am new. My name is Tris. Yours?" "Oh I am Christina. Sorry I must have come off weird when you didn't even know my name" she says. "It is Ok" I say smiling. And with that, we head off to Geography class together.