hey guys sorry for not updating high school has been crazy.

time skip to the weekend

(More truth or dare)

Tris Pov

Zeke asks me truth or dare and I of course say dare because I am no pansycake. "Well then I dare too to stay in a closet with Uriah with for 20minutes." I just came up with the most perfect plan ever. "Challenge accepted" I say with confidence. Uriah looks nervous but I give him a reassuring nod.

We get into the closet and I immediately tell him my plan of fooling everyone. "First off Uriah, we are not going to be doing anything real or serious." He nods impatiently. "First we are going to mess up or clothes to make it look like we made out then do the same to our hair. Finally I will mess up my make up and we will start making extremely loud kissing noises.(Uriah is even going to pick me up and while I wrap my legs around him so that we bump into the wall.) We are going to hold that position till they open the door, still making kissing noises and messing up our appearance." We almost fail in holding back laughs as we follow through with our plan. So far we both look like we just heavily made out with each other.

The slam open the door and find his face buried in my neck while I grip to his back, my legs clinging to his waist. I see a look of pure betrayal on Marlene and Four's faces. Me and Uriah start cracking up when we see the looks on the rest of they faces and I literally fall down and off of Uriah. Now everyone looks confused and that makes me cry out of laughter. We explain everything and Four seems much more at ease and even amused. "I don't like being on the other side of the prank" for Four whispers to me. I just smile innocently and kiss him on the cheek.

Four Pov

Tris left but everyone else is still here "we are going to get her back for everything" even Uriah is in on it.