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Four and everyone else are ready to it wit Tris for the first time. They have a bucket of water ready outside her front door.

Four Pov

It is all set up with the video camera and everybody from the truth or dare game waiting out front.

Tris Pov

I planned on hanging out with the group today, we are going to the mall. Four just tested me and said that they were outside so I make my way down the stairs. I open the front door to have ice water dropped on me. I am frozen and then all of the sudden eggs fall on my head. My mind goes blank... wait my friends would obviously do this to me. I smile devilishly but quickly hide it to hide my plan. "WHO DID THIS!?" I scream angrily. I am mad but the yell wasn't true it is part of the plan. Everyone screams out "Four" and I continue to smile inside but look poised on the outside. Then I smile sarcastically and say "Four, my charming boyfriend. Give me a hug" I suggest as I open up my egged body. He looks horrified as I tackle him and rib egg all over his face and torso.

Little did I know the whole thing was on video. He videoed his own take down.