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"Albus is this a good idea?" A woman wearing green robes and stern lips asks the man with twinkling blue eyes behind half moon spectacles and white hair and a white beard long enough to be touching the ground.

"Yes Minerva this is for the best and the greater good." Albus says.

"But Albus, I have been watching this house all day. These are the worst kind of muggles." Minerva says.

"He has to be placed here as they are his living blood relatives." Albus says laying a bundle of cloth on the door step of Number 4 Privet Drive. "Be safe Harry Potter." With that Albus and Minerva walk a little ways off then Apparate away. Unbeknownst to the two they were watched. Five minutes later the person watching steps out of the shadows and crosses the street and up to Number 4. The bend down and pick up the bundle of cloth.

"Hello Harry I am here to take you from here." The person says. They turn around as a limo arrives and the driver walks around and opens the door.

"Hello lady Akasha Bloodriver." The driver greets.

"Hello Jerry. Take us home."

"As you wish." Jerry says closing the door behind lady Bloodriver. He walks around and gets in and the limo drives away. Lady Bloodriver looks out the window to see a swirl of colors then vanish to that of Tokyo, Japan. The limo enters a tunnel to the swirls of colors again to come out to be driving through a forest. In the distance a castle can be seen towering over the forest. The limo continues down the forest road and crosses the bridge to the castle. The limo stops at the doors and a servant walks out and opens the door. Lady Bloodriver climbs out holding the bundle and enters the castle and starts to look for one person. She walks down a hall and walks into a large study to where the lone occupant is sitting at the desk. The person looks up and his silver hair falls to his sides as his blood red eyes can be seen to see who his visitor is.

"Akasha. Where have you been?" The man asks.

"Hello Issa. I just arrived from London."

"London? What business did you have there?" Issa asks.

"To pick someone up." Akasha says.

"Someone? Who?"

"Issa do you remember my cousin Lily Evans?"

"Yes, vaguely." Issa replies.

"Well she has been killed and I went to pick up her son." Akasha says and Issa's eyes widen a little.

"How was she killed?" He asks.

"She wrote me awhile a few months ago about a dark lord who was on the rise and after them. She wrote saying if they were killed if we could raise her son since she would fear for his life in Britain as her and her husband to not trust a man named Albus Dumbledore." Akasha says.

"So the bundle that you are holding I take is her son?"

"Yes. This is her only son who survived a killing curse, an amazing feat to survive." Akasha says.

"So what is her son's name?"

"His name is Harry Potter. I found him abandoned on her sister's door step. Leaving him there would have done more harm than good for the boy."

"Very well. I take that you will be the one to watch over him primarily?"

"Yes Issa."

"Very well I will allow it and this Albus Dumbledore I have met him a few times and I do not trust him either."

"Thank you Issa. Now if you will excuse me I am going to find a room for Harry."

"Very well I leave it to you my dear." Issa says turning back to his work. Akasha turns and leaves the study to find to have as Harry's room.

She walks up the stairs to the second floor when a door opens behind her. She turns to see it is one of the servants.

"Hello lady Bloodriver." The servant greets bowing.

"Hello Anne. How is Moka?"

"She just fell asleep not too long ago." Anne says. She spots the bundle of cloth. "Lady Bloodriver what is that?" Anne asks looking at the bundle.

"This is my dead cousin's son Harry Potter. Starting today he will be living with us. He is now an orphan. His parents were killed earlier this day."

"Oh my how terrible! If you'd like my lady I can help with the care of him as well." Anne says.

"That would be great Anne. You wouldn't mind taking care of Moka and Harry?"

"Not at all my lady."

"That would be great. I was just on my way to find a room for little Harry."

"Oh. My lady how about this room across from Moka? It is not being used." Anne says crossing the large hallway to the said room and opening the door.

"That would be great Anne. That way they can be both be attended to." Akasha says walking into the room and laying Harry on the bed and laying the bundle of blanket on him. The two walk out of the room silently closing the door.

"I will check on Harry in an hour my lady as I check on Moka." Anne says.

"Ok Anne that would be great. Good night Anne." Akasha says walking away.

"Good night my lady." Anne says with a bow before making her rounds checking the other rooms with occupants.

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