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Chapter 7

"So who brought you guys here?" Harry asks. He now notices the eighth person in the group. The eighth person is a woman wearing emerald green robes with tight lips. She steps forward.

"So you are the missing one. I am Professor McGonagall. I am the transfiguration professor at Hogwarts." Professor McGonagall says.

"Yes. Sorry I already left, but had an appointment here at Gringotts earlier." Harry says.

"Oh? Well then if you all are ready we will take you all to shop for your school supplies." McGonagall says.

"Okay." The eight Yokai students say.

-Five hours later, Leaky Cauldron-

"My feet are so sore." Kurumu says.

"I agree." Moka says and sees that Harry is not tired. "Harry how are you not tired?" Moka asks her brother.

"I usually work out in the mornings." Harry says.

"Really?" Tsukune asks surprised.

"Yep." Harry says.

"So what do you think Hogwarts will be like?" Yukari asks.

"I don't know, but I look forward to it." Gin says.

"You just want to look at all the girls as soon as possible." Harry says in a deadpanned voice.

"What can I say. I love women." Gin says with a perverted smile.

"I would be careful if I was you Gin. Witches are a force to reckon with here in Britain, they are not like Yukari or like the women in Japan." Harry says.

"Really?" Gin asks.

"Yes." Harry stands. "I'll see you guys later, I'm going back to hang out in the alley until time for bed." Harry says.

"Alright Harry." Moka says.

"Hey Harry mind if I come?" Tsukune asks.

"Sure. I don't mind." Harry says waiting for Tsukune to catch up. The two leave the pub and head into the alley.

-Diagon Alley-

"So Harry what are we going to do?" Tsukune asks.

"We'll just look around till 4 o'clock. I have another appointment at Gringotts if you want to come." Harry says.

"Sure. I'd like to." Tsukune says. The two are walking and near an alley named Knockturn Alley. They get to the entrance and Tsukune notices how dark the alley is.

"Uh…Harry, this alley is creepy looking." Tsukune says.

"That's because this is the alley you use to get black market and illegal stuff." Harry says.

"Why are we visiting here Harry?"

"There are a few businesses I just need to check up on is all." The two walk into a store a minute later and Tsukune tries not to squirm because of the setting they are in, but Harry has no problems.

Thirty minutes later Harry and Tsukune leave the store and back into Knockturn.

"Help!" A girl screams. Harry and Tsukune run to where they heard the scream come from. They walk around the corner to see a man standing over a girl that appears to be the same age as the two.

"Harry what do we do?" Tsukune asks.

"You just watch my back." Harry says as he runs up and punches the man in the side of the head.

"AHHH!" The man hollers in pain. Harry follows up with another punch and the man falls to the ground. Harry runs over to the girl to check on her. Harry starts to crouch, but jumps to the side as a red spell flies past and hits the wall. Harry turns and another spell comes at him, he rolls his wrist and flicks the spell away much to the shock of those watching. Harry flicks his wrist and a spell comes from him and hits the man and his left leg breaks and the man falls to the ground in pain. Harry sends another spell and the man manages to dodge the spell, which hits the wall and puts a hole so everyone watching in shock figures out that it was a redactor spell.

"Secumpestra." Harry says with his wand drawn. Everyone watches as the man has large deep cuts appear on his body. The man bleeds to death due to the number of cuts, all of which had hit major arteries. Harry walks to the girl who shows fear in her eyes as she backs into the wall in fear as Harry nears her.

"It's okay. I am not going to hurt you." Harry says softly trying to calm the girl down. The girl relaxes and tries to move, but squeals in pain. She puts her hand on her ankle.

Harry bends down and puts his hand on her ankle.

"Your ankle is broken." Harry says. He keeps his hand on her ankle and pushes with his magic and she feels the pain going away, which she appreciates. Harry slides an arm under her knees and the other behind her back and lifts her bridal style and she blushes like a tomato. "Are you here alone?" He asks.

"No. my family is in Diagon Alley. I got separated from them." She says.

"Alright. Tsukune come on, we're going to help her look for her family." Harry says turning towards Tsukune.

"Alright Harry." Tsukune says as he follows behind.

They enter back into Diagon Alley and start looking for the girl's family.

"So what does your family look like?" Harry asks.

"Well I look like my mother with the same hair and eye color." She says. Harry nods and looks towards the Apothecary and spots a woman who fits the description.

"Is that her?" Harry asks. The girl turns her head and spots the woman.

"Mother!" The girl yells. The woman and the man with her look and run over.

"Daphne!" The two yell running up with a young girl following behind. The man takes his oldest daughter.

"Careful, she has a broken ankle. I couldn't heal it completely, but enough to not cause her pain." Harry says.

"Thank you." The woman says.

"What is your name young man?" Daphne's father asks.

"I am Lord Harrison Slytherin." Harry says. The four widen their eyes.

"M-My Lord, thank you for finding my daughter. I am Lord Nathan Greengrass." Lord Greengrass says.

"It was no problem. My friend and I happened to be in the right place at the right time." Harry says.

"Forgive me my lord, but are you shopping for school supplies?" Anna Greengrass asks.

"Yes. Me and some of my other friends are transfers to Hogwarts this year." Harry says surprising the Greengrass family.

"Really? From where?" Daphne asks.

"From Japan. Harry you have an appointment at Gringotts in ten minutes." Tsukune says.

"Thanks for reminding me Tsukune." Harry turns back to the Greengrass. "Well it was nice to meet you. I'm sure we will see more of each other." Harry says to Nathan who nods. He looks at Daphne. "Ms. Greengrass, I look forward to attending Hogwarts this year and hope that we can become great friends with our time at Hogwarts." Harry says. Daphne nods blushing. Harry and Tsukune leave the family and head for Gringotts.

Harry and Tsukune enter the bank by nodding to the guards, who nod back in surprise.

:Hello Griphook: Harry greets. The goblin looks up and smiles, which creeps Tsukune out.

:Hello Lord Potter: Griphook greets.

:Griphook I've told you to call me Harry.: Harry says

"Of course Harry, so what can Gringotts do for you today?" Griphook asks.

Harry and Tsukune leave the bank and return to the Leaky Cauldron an hour later.

The two walk into the pub for dinner to start being served.

"Tsukune!" Moka calls from a table. Harry and Tsukune walk over and take a seat and Tom takes their order.

"How did your day go?" Mizore asks appearing suddenly scaring them except Harry.

-September 1st-

"Alright, you guys ready?" Moka asks.

"Yeah let's get to the station." Kurumu says.

Everyone grabs their trunks and head for Kings Cross by floo from the Leaky Cauldron.

"Goodbye Tom." Harry, Moka, and Tsukune say.

"Goodbye and enjoy your time at Hogwarts." Tom says.

"Will do." Harry says.

The eight Yokai transfers disappear in the green flames of the fire place. Everyone is spectaculary sent flying to the ground, whereas Harry calmly walks out of the green flames and wandlessly banishes the soot from his clothes. The others stand and brush themselves off. They enter Kings Cross and are at the barrier.

"This is the entrance to the platform?" Gin asks skeptically.

"Yes it is. You just walk straight." Harry says. Everyone looks at him and he walks up to the barrier and walks right through much to the surprise of his friends. A few minutes later and the rest follow suit with their trolleys. Harry is the only one with no trolley since his trunk has been shrunk. They are speechless at seeing the scarlet steam engine with steam wrapping around it and the carriages behind.

The eight board the train and find a compartment and store all of their trunks. Harry lets his snowy owl Hedwig out and she goes straight to his shoulder and rubs her head against his.

"Hey girl how does it feel to be out of your cage?" Harry asks.

/It feels great Harry./ Hedwig says through the familiar bond. Soon the train leaves the station and makes its way for Hogwarts. Harry and his friends pull out some books to read to help pass the time. They buy almost everything from the trolley lady wanting to try wizards candy.

"Hey who wants to play some poker?" Gin asks as he pulls out a deck of playing cards from his pocket. Everyone joins except for Harry who continues to read the book that is titled: The Dark Arts.

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