Note to readers:

My past fanfiction started out with typos so I am using the same idea but starting anew. Besides, last time all I had the chance to write were about one hundred words, (because it was last night) so really, this isn't starting over. I plan to take this story far and make you approve of the Mariarty, my ship name for Moriarty+the Master!


He was always there watching over me from the stars. That's what he told me. That's what I believed up until now. But he LIED. He was never there and when he was it never meant a thing. Nothing. I thought that perhaps we were similar enough. He still left me. How could he be so selfish as to leave JIM MORIARTY for whatever else was out there. All he left was a note. All he said was that he had the universe to take over and didn't care what I thought. All he said was that he didn't damn care!

I swear I will rip out his hearts if he doesn't come back to me. I will BURN him worse than I ever could to Sherlock or anyone else for that matter.

Master, if you can hear me darling, I want you to came back. I am dying here without you. We had so many plans! So much to do! No. You just had to go and follow those insane drum poundings in your ears. I'm not saying I am any more sane than you are, but at least I have the sanity to continue US.

All I can do now is think back to our times together. Our first everything's and our last ones before you abandoned me.

This is just my start. I hope you like it so far! Should I keep going?