The Doctor paced around the controls. "I suppose going to a different realm is a significant moment in time and would possibly be something the Master knew about instinctively as a time lord. But if he wanted to kill Rose, why would he warn me about it through Moriarty? Is he trying to lure me into a trap? That must be it. But... "

"He would have had to come to the TARDIS right about now and then go back in time to take advantage of Moriarty to get to me, right? (He did not take advantage of me. Fucking no.) Right now because now is the time to learn about everything. Just as I learn, he's learning. Then why wouldn't he just surprise me here? Why wouldn't he just meet up with me and try to kill Rose now? Right. It's the Master. He can't just mess with my life he had to mess with someone else's (mess with? Doesn't he love me?) And that is a genius way to do it. Messing with a different realm and creating the perfect loop that tosses me right into his hands. But that means he's here. He has to be."

The Doctor looked around frantically. Then he looked down suddenly. The paper. It was gone. The one with the instructions for how to get to a parallel universe.

I heard a faint laugh come from one side of the TARDIS. I turned around. The Doctor did the same. There he was. Starring the Doctor straight in the face. He smiled.

Suddenly, he waved his hand in front of us and it was clear he was holding the paper in his hand. Then he winked dramatically and quickly brought that hand down onto his opposite arm. He seemed to be wearing some sort of thick, black leather strap across it. His image faded away slowly. His darling face once again disappearing from my life. I wasn't sure how much more of this I could handle.

"A vortex manipulator!" The Doctor cried out, a frustrated voice halfway between a groan and a yell. His eyes grew wide and he reached for the back of his head with his left hand. He scratched it and looked up at me, eyebrows curved inwards and eyes full of confusion. He stared right at me.

"How did he get his hands on that?"

I didn't know what to say though it looked like he was waiting for me to answer. "Uh..." I started, my voice shaky as I was utterly confused. The Doctor massaged his temples violently, muttering "think" over and over, each time getting louder and his face becoming more and more red.

"Think, think, think, think, think!"

His hands flew off his face and opened, his fingers bending just slightly and hands shaking terribly hard. I backed away, not wanting to be hit when he flung his arms outwards. Finally, he jumped up. This jump scared me back even more. At this point I was leaning against the railing hoping it wouldn't break even though I was pushing so hard against it that it was digging into my ribs.

"Of course!" He cried out, "When Martha walked the Earth she used the vortex manipulator to get out of the Master's clasp. Afterwards, she joined UNIT, but the Master must have found out where UNIT was before he died. When he came back, he could have easily stolen it. No one's using it, and UNIT sees no reason to keep it better protected than the rest of their timey wimey things. Bam! The Master takes it."

"But he's only just come alive. He's weak. He's not as dangerous as I had thought... I didn't know what power he would have when he came back, if he came back, if all the rumors were true. That's why I was surprised you know the Master. Not just because, well, you are Moriarty and he's the Master, (um, what the hell did he mean by that?) but because I'd only heard rumors he was back. And you proved he was back. What I just saw before my eyes was proof!"

He grabbed my shoulders. "When you mentioned it I thought he would be more powerful, but I didn't really think about it. Now that I've seen him, I know he isn't that powerful." The Doctor laughed and patted me on the back (which was really weird). Then he stopped abruptly.


He paced around a bit more, letting the information sink in. His sudden jerk nearly sent me toppling off the edge of the railing (I could swear it was getting loose). He had remembered about the paper the Master had taken with him. His reaction was not like mine would have been. His reaction was far more logical. All he said was an explanation, nothing about Rose.

"Oh! That's how the Master found out how to get to a parallel universe. A loop in time." He smiled. "It's clear now. It all fits."

Sure. Yeah, uh no. I really don't understand.