In a long, long time ago... in a galaxy far, far away.

Star Wars- The Avatar Version.

Chapter four, Save The Princess!- Somewhere in the deep part of outer space the evil and hideous Jabba The Hutt is taking the very beautiful princess Ty Lee hostage and forcing her to be his lady slave, young jedi's Aang & Bumi are sent to rescue princess Ty Lee and put the awful Jabba The Hut to rest!

Our young jedi knights Aang and his best friend Bumi, were rushing to get to the planet of "Outer Rim" where Jabba The Hutt was hiding out, Bumi was driving his large space crusier so dam fast to the planet where Jabba was at! Aang who was in the back of the ship practicing on his lightsaber, yells out to Bumi.

"Be careful! I almost sliced my hand off you know!"

He says to Aang while steering the ship.

"Sorry about that dude! but have to get there in a Hurry!"

Meanwhile, over at Jabba's large mansion he was on his thrown forcing Ty Lee who was also wearing a two piece white
bikini top to bring him food on a platter, she says to the monster.

"Here you go master."

He then grabs her from his chain and says to her while sticking his nasty tongue out.

"Umm... your so yummy in my tummy, after you get done feeding me you'll will give me some pleasure when we are both alone tonight."

Now sticking his ugly looking tongue out, princess Ty Lee went.


young jedi Bumi was now landed his ship on planet "Outer Rim." he spots Jabbar's large mansion and already knew he was inside! but suddenly, an army of Jabba's soldiers had been waiting on them to arrive, by using the force Bumi was flying out of the ship's entrace, he was now turning on his lightsaber and started to fight all of them on!While Aang was using the force to knock some of the creature soldiers on the ground.

Meanwhile... Jabba The Huyt was stiil on his thrown holding on to princess Ty Lee trying to seduce her a little, as he keeps creeping her by staring at her with his big redish eyes out she then try's to break loose from the chain, by hiding a pocket knife from under a pillow on the floor.

All of a sudden, jedi knight Bumi breaks through one of the windows holding on to his lightsaber and says to Jabba The Hut.

"You Monster! let the beautiful princess go, or i'll fight you for it you Scum!"

Jabba now told our jedi.

"Ha, you make me laugh you future jedi knights are just little whimps, back in my dam they were real Jedi's compare to wussies like you kid."

Now furious Bumi by using the force jumps in the air and starts to battel fat Jabba! but suddenly, five hideous guards appear to take on jedi Bumi, while Aang was now sneaking into the back of the manision, while princess Ty Lee was trying to cut off her big chain.

To Be Continued.